Calls for Judge's Resignation After Sex-Assault Sentencing

Montana judge sentenced ex-teacher who rape a 14-year-old to one month in jail.
1:49 | 07/27/13

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Transcript for Calls for Judge's Resignation After Sex-Assault Sentencing
Judge she was under fire for his handling of a case that involves the sexual assault of a teenage girl. Hundreds of people are now calling for his resignation in Montana. Protesting his light sentence for the criminal and his comments suggesting the victim was also to blame. ABC's -- Davis is here with that story good morning Lindsey. Good morning Elizabeth prosecutors asked for a twenty year sentence with ten years suspended but -- judge sided with the defense. Effectively giving a former high school teacher found guilty of rape the equivalent of a month in jail. But this it's it's not just his sentence that -- a judge in hot water this morning it's what he said about the teenage victim. Montana district court judge G ton bomb may be seeking -- election next year but this morning he's fighting just to hold onto his job now. Burden of responsibility. Off -- the adult in May be young and pretty girl. The backlash against ball began after -- -- this man 54 year old Stacy dean rambled to fifteen years in prison. But -- suspended all but thirty days of it. Rambled pleaded guilty to having a sexual relationship -- -- -- morale is back in 2007. Which began when she was just fourteen years old and incapable of consent according to the law. A few weeks shy of her seventeenth birthday while waiting for the case to go to trial she committed suicide. But it's not just with some see as a light sentence -- -- the community but what the judge said as he issued I was shocked. -- handling the teen's mother says -- told the courtroom her daughter was as much in control the situation as rambled. And seemed older than her chronological age. The idea. That he couldn't. Come up where -- -- older than her chronological age 1414. This week and -- judge apologized. What I said was demeaning to all women not what I believe them. And hero of up to this. But his apology it hasn't silence the outraged. Online more than 36000. People have signed a petition demanding -- resignation. Thirty days for the rape of a fourteen year old by -- 49 year old teacher is not only not appropriate it's a joke. There are several petitions online not only demanding the judge's resignation they want his ruling reversed the judge says he stands by his sentence and plans to more thoroughly explained his rationale -- added to the -- -- this -- can't imagine what that rationale it's and he's saying it wasn't forcible and that's what he's thinking. From defended himself again on Tuesday and Wednesday at a much legally unable to give back and less access for goodness thank you.

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{"id":20116545,"title":"Calls for Judge's Resignation After Sex-Assault Sentencing","duration":"1:49","description":"Montana judge sentenced ex-teacher who rape a 14-year-old to one month in jail.","url":"/GMA/video/montana-judges-comment-teacher-student-rape-sentencing-provokes-20116545","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}