Mother's Day Party Planning Tips

Celebrate Mother’s Day in style with tips from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.
5:24 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Mother's Day Party Planning Tips
This morning we're having an early Mother's Day celebration and ginger -- -- we have a special guest thinking. We deal do you dying physically is done. -- my mom now are the guys aren't always he's CN NIC -- -- -- different -- their comments the last time it really officially. Introduce you mom so -- -- -- teaching right to me and should I get -- laughing and I oops I gave them a copy break. And I am. -- -- -- this when she was here just a little while that we're looking at pictures of you and I did little and it's me and my mom. Yeah accused Monday ever. -- -- Oh I'm so sorry I can't be with you this Sunday -- its -- nice to have this public chat. Yeah I -- I'm -- can be here either yes well for you can't be here. Happy Mother's Day -- my name got a lot of other kids that'll make you feel very solid doesn't really matter that I'm not saying you have a really run faster and the fact that. -- she needs her more. -- -- Yeah have been backer of nine ounces -- -- my sister yeah college season -- public not the little time for you know you're right you look at an eleven year old not I was like yes so Smart cookie cookbook -- Mom I'm so what -- the house class dying the students. Being good this morning this is this is older students by the way everybody that yelling -- -- -- it. This is a college group -- victory saying they didn't their first morning. And then I -- I get the -- when I can be every one of their mothers. Well how nice and I love that eight game it's a fun one they can keep -- indeed the interns around here I could be their mother's well. No no John it's true I'm had a huge amount not pregnant yeah money -- social screw with us because we -- Mother's Day tips that are pretty -- Yet gasoline they just have her voice and -- some I think that feel like that's a life you're going on lately that my -- any will be exactly how well this is so -- they have created it as well a couple of things but for my mom and while she's still on the phone. One of the special treats would -- you. Antique and all different little teacup -- EU ROK ago. -- -- Bright I collected -- for about forty years. Yeah kidney collections dozens -- full stuff as always has put it but -- -- I'm starting to see determine that but. Theater of hasn't been -- nearly a mark yeah. What can you tell us about this beautiful spread -- Read so what we're what we're talking about his of course in hotels how we really listen -- our clients and our guests and kind of findings from their family traditions we -- little bit about. Here military here -- ginger so. And also the amount blood DIY stuff so now we're what we're doing is kind of I think -- Look so we. Have thank you notes that you read at. You know when you I'll sit down and -- -- -- -- the cards -- they can. Break them I'm excited just kind of a fun thing -- that we -- -- dress it up a little bit with. The -- that some of that can tone color of the year recovering dollar -- about. Rating -- and then this is more of more of a modern look -- -- -- -- together reading your -- Ginger you can hear I know patriotism to -- very important -- -- -- grandmother and Paramount initially did that to us enough and the beautiful paper into. And -- -- sent to looks because of -- -- but I know that you like to so my grandmother that that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- exactly. And that our last over here on the far right very fun at a lot of families -- -- -- -- hotel and they have a favorite heirloom dish and so I don't think its funding corporate and heirloom dish or something into the centerpiece and then we outfitted -- right place cards with. Your family's names on them and then another mismatched keeping and -- -- here complex mismatches not mismatch but did GG right and I think we kind of showed how. And as fast as -- president and out about this -- and it. So -- can make it looked kind of fun together and then Johnson talked about. Here food ideas that. I like this -- I'm not -- and a mother of the -- diet. So I don't know that this is something one attempt -- with that this looks. Eight. A every we took some of your your your childhood in and year in memorable favorites that you had. We knew that Sarah loves chocolate cookies and making and that's sort of thing Sylvia this triple chocolate to Perkins -- very blue we. On China and India and users chocolate chip cookies tarts the well -- -- a -- -- -- home office and then. -- the analytical leave and then occasionally reminded all that don't need at this point that I'm making exceptions have been on the other side we -- that that -- ginger had a passion for for cherries and then baking and so we can sort of thought of but no but it waited to think of mom but some. Heart shaped -- -- with fresh cherries and in -- -- Car and a cherry pie bars. I sent my mom because we have the baking. You don't really have that cherry trees and feeling out of making -- a bunch of different things -- big enough that these two ideas for SMS sent to the recipes that are clearly all right. So we're at a time during the four seasons hotel 57 east 57 street we have so what's happening this this Mother's Day. And very excited -- -- celebrate everything to do it. I love that finger on the four seasons hotel for making -- so luxurious haven't really didn't Univision. Yeah. He and.

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{"id":23639095,"title":"Mother's Day Party Planning Tips","duration":"5:24","description":"Celebrate Mother’s Day in style with tips from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.","url":"/GMA/video/mothers-day-party-planning-tips-23639095","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}