National Anthem Protests Grow at NFL Games

The Seattle Seahawks' game saw the team's coaches, employees and fans join players in protesting during the national anthem.
7:00 | 09/12/16

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Transcript for National Anthem Protests Grow at NFL Games
We begin with patriotism and protest across the NFL the first Sunday. Of the football season coming on the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 not stopping some players from taking any raising of fists during the National Anthem. ABC's can whitworth is in Santa Clara. Where the 49ers and quarterback or cabaret will take the field tonight that's where it started picking up the morning. Robin good morning of course supporting our toes the rams here tonight and we some players across the league show their support for Colin Capp critics called and racial inequality. But on such a solemn anniversary we saw some teens unify and how they decided to handle this movements. Overnight to a wave of and that some members joining Colin cap for next protest against racism and police brutality coast to coast player supporting the movement entire teams making unified decision to stand. But linking arms in solidarity during the National Anthem. C. Use see. Seattle sideline it wasn't just players but coaches employees even fans following suit hopefully some of our country. To where there's a message that needs to be heard. And so. He heard us. Now listen to the Kansas City cheese doing the same. But their quarterback grabbing headlines after raising his fist in the air to patriots players also reaching effects this as over the weekend NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke out about tempered ex movement. Not a supporter of Reuters speaking out on issues that they think need to be changed in our society what. I do believe they'll lose the respect for our country. But making a statement has come to cots for some players like Deborah bronco Brandon Marshall the air academy federal credit union dropping the linebacker saying while we respect Britain's right of expression his actions are not representation of our organization and membership. But for some cap critics movement is opening a dialogue this former player who is also agreement great says that while he was initially angered by the quarterback stance over the last two weeks his feelings have their fault. I thought what. The Seahawks ended up doing was very powerful not only because. They were all together they head coaches and are mixed and a lot of people in the stands for doing too that's what it's supposed to be all about. Bringing us together and we're trying to be part of the answers instead of just protesting in some way and expecting everybody else to fix the problem. Now Boyer says it's not inspiring and let these players actually become agents of change is encouraging calling cabinet and these other players. To get involved in their communities and not just financially. But by donating their time as well Robin. Kane a thank you for more we're gonna bring in ESPN's Stephen A Smith so much happening on Sunday in week one of the NFL first are your reaction to you today. Quite a moment when you saw players coaches fans all joining arms like that linking arm. All would definitely especially in Seattle mean everybody was locking arms together. And it was they would just basically reminding the country of what you know we are who we're supposed to be you call obviously uses fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 and think about that day how tragic that day was the was for all of us as Americans but at the same time. It also brought us together because on that fateful day. The bottom line was is that it wasn't black it was a white we will all Americans that we stand in this one with what somebody else we're attacking us as a nation itself the Seattle Seahawks in particular because that's pocono a few people from that organization. That team in particular wanted to remind. The world that we are all one we're all supposed to be about being together. It's about it's supposed to be about together in this and that with the kind of message that they want it to send particularly when it daylight yesterday and I thought they succeed. A lot of what you saw in the football stadiums across the country just really. Gosh it was quite a moment but that one in particular linking arm standing together. What about the protests the the kneeling the raising of the fists in the reaction to that. Well when you think about it don't don't just take about the stars Michael Bay that thing about the play due O believes it's up pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. To republika which stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice ball. And so when you see African Americans like colleague captain and others speaking up kneeling raised in the fist like here we are forced to we took in the eccentric. What this saying is that you know everything it's supposed to be about justice for all and that simply is not the case. When it comes two a lot of African Americans in this country history shows that. It's undeniable. And do what they're saying that in spite of everything that's going on and it's quite about willingness to all be together. This flagrant ineptitude this flagrant you don't unfairness is taking place in this nation and it's something that has to be addressed that can't be forgot and in the roles of all of this that's going going yes we live in the greatest country in the world and there's a lot of things that come with that that are incredibly beneficial as soon. All of us but at the same time they are still issues that need to be addressed and they cannot be forgot and that's the message these athletes want to make sure is hit home which is why they talked about violence against unarmed African Americans and others that's just how they feel. And they are you know very fixated on him. And there have been some consequences as we heard it came as report Brandon Marshall. Of the Denver Broncos losing one of his sponsors and then you say that it's sending the wrong message you believe that. I absolutely believe that I think that it reeks of hypocrisy because if America is about everybody if it's about the land of the free and the home for the grave that it's about freedom of speech. Which is in the First Amendment of our constitution. How are you going to punish a guy for expressing himself when he did it how many body he didn't impede. You know anything that was going on the games was still played eccentric ages shows that we know when they say that you know you have freedoms you don't want to gain you don't necessarily have that because you lost an endorsement deal that somebody saying. We don't want you to be a part of its it's un American as far as I'm concerned because you basically asking him to quell his speech. His rights as a United States citizen and that's really something that we have to work on as well I thought it reeked of apocalypse. Look before you go by Jesse sitting here as well. The patriots. You know Tom Brady's backup comes at a more talk about the same spot. I don't and I did I would do that he. A lot of close grades but what about what we saw with Tom Brady and his beautiful wife Gisele you know he's been busy doing this four game suspension what do you make of that what broke the law. Has the has his wife at home and who with him and she's the cheese is ultimate supporter and an ending in kudos to hawk. But we all know what's coming Tom Brady is going to come back after the fourth game of the season. He's gonna come back would major attitude and he is going to wreak Havoc. Upon everybody says he's pretty peeved. That he is not play in the fact that he plays an AFC east. Also helps because even though he was that they it. The patriots would only team within the division that actually want so it's just you know it's just a prelude to our area com that knew it would pages when the division. Yet again I get to the playoffs they got some chuckles from Georgia recap. Rick yeah. Hey I can't answer questions today through and that's the truth.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"The Seattle Seahawks' game saw the team's coaches, employees and fans join players in protesting during the national anthem.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42025760","title":"National Anthem Protests Grow at NFL Games","url":"/GMA/video/national-anthem-protests-grow-nfl-games-42025760"}