Nelly Releases New Album 'M.O.'

Nelly's seventh album, "M.O.," features Nicki Minaj, Pharrell and 2 Chainz.
1:21 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Nelly Releases New Album 'M.O.'
He'll be performing live in a few moments. With help of a special guest. We'll keep that under wraps for you. First, "m.O.," What can we expect? "M.O." All of my projects have been diverse. Very versatile. And I owe that credit to my fans because they allow me to do a various range of music from different beats, different rhythms, different styles. It's basically that. It's my method of operation. It's where I'm from, in the show-me-state. And me being who I am at all times. Shoutout to missouri. Indeed. And you mentioned different styles. Florida/georgia line, huge hit. Collaboration is a big deal for you. Yeah. Definitely. I love to collaborate with people and have as much for what it is that they do as I do. And I love to make people like if they have an idea, they may not think they're going to like it. After they hear it, they love it. That's gratification. Where do you find the hours? And can you leave something for us? He's got a tv show. And the cheerio's pitchman.

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{"duration":"1:21","description":"Nelly's seventh album, \"M.O.,\" features Nicki Minaj, Pharrell and 2 Chainz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20456814","title":"Nelly Releases New Album 'M.O.'","url":"/GMA/video/nelly-releases-album-mo-20456814"}