'Newsies' Dance Workout in Times Square

Disney Theatrical Productions' "Get Up and Go" uses dances from Disney Broadway productions to encourage kids to stay active.
2:19 | 07/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Newsies' Dance Workout in Times Square
I'm so excited to see this and share this with you. The fantastic cast of "Newsies" is here to give us a broadway-style workout. Disney, the theatrical production launched their new fitness and wellness program called get up and go and dance just like a news si and the Tony award winning choreographer is here to tell us how it's done. This video is geared towards children but this is a great workout for anybody, correct? Oh, yeah, we designed it for kids but we made it interactive so they could do it with their friends, family, anyone can do. In the video we see Mrs. Obama, the first lady, so this is right in line with her program. Absolutely. Yeah, we wanted to jump on the campaign of trying to, you know, do things to keep you physically fit and thought dance could be a really fun way to introduce that to kids as another option of staying healthy through exercise. We want to see ginger do the dance and everybody, you say, this is not hard for people to do. You can do this. You're going to show you. We'll show you and with the support of the magic of healthy living and Disney theatrical you can see this video and from "Aladdin" and "Lion king" in the upcoming year. So work out. Put it down. Here we go. Go. Left, left, right, left. Twist, left, twist, slide, slide, da, da, da. That's a workout. Whoa, whoa. Okay. Cross. Oh. Up. Up. ? Whoo! Yay! Fantastic. Fantastic. Great job, ginger. You may have noticed we had a little microphone. How was the workout. It is good. I can tell you it's nice and hot and humid out here. We're getting a nice sweat on. Thanks to "Newsies." It will play its final performance on Broadway, I cannot believe it, such a run, August 24th and will launch a national tour in October. Congratulations and thank you for the workout.

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{"id":24661586,"title":"'Newsies' Dance Workout in Times Square","duration":"2:19","description":"Disney Theatrical Productions' \"Get Up and Go\" uses dances from Disney Broadway productions to encourage kids to stay active.","url":"/GMA/video/newsies-dance-workout-times-square-24661586","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}