Oscar Pistorius Describes Discovering Steenkamp's Body in Court

The Olympic sprinter on trial in his girlfriend's slaying testifies, even takes off his prosthetics.
3:00 | 04/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Describes Discovering Steenkamp's Body in Court
Breaking news -- the -- the story this trial the stories describing on the stand with great emotion the exact moment of the -- Much of this happening right before it went on the -- on the West Coast -- Beckham is in Pretoria South Africa right now now with the latest. That's right George I was here in court as -- stories broke down for the first time talking publicly about that night he be gets its job as you described. Finding his girlfriend's lifeless body those jobs turning to -- heated. Buried his face in his hands and crumpled onto the witness stand now the defense would not allow that to be shown on video. But hearing him was enough. -- long ago. If it's a small consortium. It was a -- moment in court. The story -- begin solving as she described the moment he found -- -- camps bloody body in his bathroom and unless it's a really -- nonprofit. -- -- Well you know I'm always. It's good school. Those were his last words in court today -- -- -- rolling into waves of agonized whales to passengers heard abruptly judged a -- Obama's -- but stood up. Walking out of the court trying to get these stories the chance to compose himself these stories would come back into court. I cannot responsibly obstacle to him. Depending on today earlier he had described the moments before the shooting hearing what he thought were intruders. But perceived to be somebody coming -- to the toilets. He said he called out for his reality star girlfriend that night three times but was never answer and when he thought someone was coming out of the toilet cubicle. Controlling -- -- -- four shots at the pool. Why is there really -- good instead he thinks. So shots at advocate good shots and -- is to fill in the convenience. And another dramatic moment in court the defense asking these stories to take off his -- he was wearing compression shorts and a long sleeved T shirt. As he -- -- round in court. On no stunts we heard audible gasps now you'll be back in court tomorrow to continue his testimony. But he may have opened himself up to ferocious cross examination. Telling the court. If he'd asked for Revis dean camp to call the police three times.

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{"id":23236362,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Describes Discovering Steenkamp's Body in Court","duration":"3:00","description":"The Olympic sprinter on trial in his girlfriend's slaying testifies, even takes off his prosthetics.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-murder-trial-testimony-describes-finding-steenkamp-body-23236362","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}