Unauthorized ‘Saved by the Bell’ Movie Reprises Hit TV Series

Sara Haines reports the latest news in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
2:14 | 06/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Unauthorized ‘Saved by the Bell’ Movie Reprises Hit TV Series
"Saved by the bell" is back. Lifetime announcing they're working on a new movie that takes you behind the scenes behind the hit TV show called "The unauthorized saved by the bell story." Not what went down at bay side high but all the drama that took place once the cameras stopped rolling. A better show as we know. A whole group has been cast to play your favorites including sack Morris' mark-paul gosselaar, tiffani-amber -- They should bring screech back. A comeback. He would. Lupita nyong'o has just landed her first "Vogue" cover and looks incredible in a purple Prada dress. The glamorous photo shoot took place in Morocco. When doesn't she look gorgeous? We have yet to see that. The Oscar winner telling the magazine about her meteoric rise saying the red carpet feels like a war zone except you can't fly or flight, you have to handle it. She looks like she's hamming it with ease. "Vogue" hits newsstands July 30th. I love Lupita. Comparisons never work but she's young in the business. She'll learn and she looks beautiful learning. And "Thelma and Louise" on the run again. Check out this new photo. It's going viral. The self-proclaim ed -- taken a mere 23 years -- They look the same. It looks like they ditched the polar I had and updated to a smartphone and Susan saying inventor at the #selfie at it again." That is -- Yeah, I think it's one of the first you saw make the big screen. Yeah. It got easier for all of us. Looking forward to that. Polaroid filter so you can make it look like a polaroid. You have to wait for how long for it to come out. 30 seconds shaking it. Still shaking. Thank you, Sara.

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{"id":24227761,"title":"Unauthorized ‘Saved by the Bell’ Movie Reprises Hit TV Series","duration":"2:14","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest news in the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/pop-news-saved-bell-movie-works-24227761","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}