Pope Francis Elected: Papal Conclave Concluded

Cardinals have chosen Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina to be the new leader of the Catholic Church.
3:00 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Pope Francis Elected: Papal Conclave Concluded
And so the part of from Argentina and now -- with the chosen name Frances. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could have ended it. Game. Doing is something. If you guys in this collateral you know that this -- the complete list of views and visions of home. And that puts him -- he didn't know my fellow cardinals. And we. Getting guys doing that Williams. -- -- Good morning thanks. Pennsylvania school. And I think. -- -- many took those. -- -- Nobody in his identity is -- they must have its -- may terminate the city's Jason. But AM on. Locating -- CNN. Generally less often different I mean you know my gloves and of course of these. You know it's a nature -- father. Seattle -- -- doing now hello people I'm inning guys who have a union. Meehan can -- lower than a million communities. Believe. Humans and other cousins and have done and it is that today our daily grind -- you know. Forgive us our trust us in this community mind you know things we forgive those who trespass against us anything that you the latest on its interpretation team that in my. But -- -- from me. In my idea. And I areas full of grace -- united the lord is with -- -- -- -- -- that art -- amongst women through lessens the flow of asylum Jesus son. Holy Mary and the mother -- and pray for us senators. -- -- And a million. The -- -- to the father has two sons -- to the holy spirit. And he's here. It was in the beginning. And maybe you always room to grow all the -- -- payment. -- -- -- so -- Nino risk hopeful -- to -- amount this voyage. Religion and people you don't chip equipment -- -- team that shares are -- that they Houston which is the one that precedes you know. Get all the others. That morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And mutual trust him. -- -- let's pray always for each other stadium and put him on that's let's pray for the whole world. -- May there be a great brotherhood. PO ago. -- I wish that this voyage K always been true channel -- mean that we begin today. New credit ignited a patio speakers and that he will become my cardinal also -- -- visit if -- did he says -- and it. -- with that that the minute as successful in spreading the gospel. And this wonderful city. So. And now. Monday -- -- any Sione. My FEMA I would like to be a blessing in public first union in this old man -- ample room. -- for the -- us is that people. Yet it's the united and immunity at the end of -- Kid in them and each benefits on ways I would like he'd like to upgrade to the lord for the bishop who's about to bless his people. I telling speed and -- -- -- a year the ability. -- -- Let -- -- silently. In this prayer for me. On -- the name. Conscious call the holy father Francis is aimed to you -- to all the people president's going to be shown me and -- those decisions for us on your -- good afternoon. You by -- of the radio TV news and all the new technology its own shady Indonesia and it's happening again. Enough power for his sake that an accused the culinary indulgence and -- -- and -- within days. It goes straight talk -- -- -- -- dikes and maybe he won't help you -- -- in guiding the church and accused. To doing and give peace in unity to the church throughout the world. This city Saturday to an employee. Now this is a blessing of you won't and the whole world view on what. All men and women of good faith. Thank you put it. Who -- household -- made them that he. -- -- you know eats them. And -- -- -- before god ridiculous that made it yet in my ideas and meetings. But the -- there in case there. The minds -- -- -- -- he would. It. And that's that things Peter and Holland on the if you -- Eyewitness News. If he meets the if he -- us and -- -- sins forgiven uses pieces he then that. Mean Jesus Christ lead us to eternal life. And human on him because. Intelligence communities and our commission malls and bus and and things. It's in investing in -- -- -- -- the -- is the the whole experience. Standing bones -- view anyway. Of new weapons and -- -- -- picking. Have all -- there's inheritance you and blessing. In the in. -- -- It's -- this time in the name of the father in this sort of spirit it mine it stand. Descend upon us and remain always.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Cardinals have chosen Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina to be the new leader of the Catholic Church.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18722059","title":"Pope Francis Elected: Papal Conclave Concluded","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-elected-papal-conclave-concluded-18722059"}