Robin Roberts' Reboot Camp: The Bone Broth Diet

"Bone Broth Diet" author Kellyann Petrucci shares why she believes the diet can reboot your body in just 21 days.
3:00 | 01/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Roberts' Reboot Camp: The Bone Broth Diet
Now to part two of our re-boot camp this morning. Time to re-boot our bodies and here now is kellyann Petrucci. Yes. I said it right. I know. The bone broth diet. Which you sent me some recently. And? I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, but tell people because it's not con sunmme. It's not one you throw in the cart at the store but made from bones of chicken, beef, Turkey and simmered for a long period of time and when that happens the magic happens. That's when you get all those nutrients, the protein, the mineral, the amino acids all fuel your body and your broad craves this. Are you coming in here, Sam, everyone. You said you would taste it. Come on. Stay here. You snooze, you lose. So -- Double fisted -- One is chicken. This is beef. Very tasty. Delicious. You know what, also I found it to be very filling. It is. And that's what makes this so different. That's what makes this diet so different. If there's one thing I want people to understand it's so rich. It's so nourishing that it really does warm you down to your toes and not hungry. You don't drink more water and fills you up. This is even better. It fills you up, no calorie, no carbohydrates. Any down sides. The only thing I can tell you is that if you like soup, this is even better. This is even better. So if you're that type of person who says, you know what, I like soup. This is even better. Down side really is I can't think of any. It's not salty. This is what I expected. I expected to not be able to do it with someone with high blood pressure -- Are we cheering? I tried them both. I prefer the chicken. Is there a difference in value. No, just a milder taste. When you are first starting out, start slow, work your way in and -- he likes the gusto. Some recipes in your book. We only have 30 seconds left. There's dos and don'ts about food. Not depriving but swapping things out. It's not about doing without. So I grew up Italian. I love pasta. I got to have pasta. Zucchini pasta. Made with a vegetable shredder. Superle simple. Easy, very low in calorie. Tastes amazing and pizza, you got to know you can have pizza, right. This won't make you feel like you swallowed a bowling ball. Cauliflower and it's simple. Easy, delicious. I promise you will not feel like you're doing without anything. Now we know how to cut the pizza. Kellyann, thank you very much. My pleasure. The bone broth diet. 21-day program available now. Yes. We'll attacks,

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Bone Broth Diet\" author Kellyann Petrucci shares why she believes the diet can reboot your body in just 21 days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36234113","title":"Robin Roberts' Reboot Camp: The Bone Broth Diet","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-reboot-camp-bone-broth-diet-36234113"}