Seth Rogen Talks 'Neighbors': Comedy With Major Buzz

Will his new big screen flick join the annals of great frat house comedies?
11:48 | 05/09/14

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Transcript for Seth Rogen Talks 'Neighbors': Comedy With Major Buzz
-- When money doing and we're throwing a Robert in your party -- I've tax darva there. I mean the flock is to Nero. Watching you watching year old who were you. All -- Sam Jackson you know from Jackie Brown. -- -- Not even yeah -- on like we call the cops to ballad to simply trust pocket we're sorry we called the cost of -- Are you talking me. -- the -- in Maine yes I think I doubt anyone else yeah you don't really -- the. Yes hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn way we tell you what is happening at the movies and if you wanna see something. Funny that's happening you go to neighbors. And it's got Seth Rogen -- and it's got Zack -- minute it's got -- -- that it's got things well. Let's ask Seth Rogen he's right here -- now yet so why is this can be funny stuff or or maybe it's not -- -- I that's what to do it is a drama we did and held news and -- it. We. I love -- I thought the story was very believable. It struggles ideas. That -- you -- nearly totaled a record in the movie about but Catholics such are relatable idea what is that idea the idea -- you -- the public a new couple having a baby. And kind of struggling with the fact that -- tenants due to all the you're responsible spoke that they -- to do like that idea of the was very relatable and and of mine life at this moment could don't expect. Yeah. I mean I think -- this is what's happening to this couple human Rose Byrne and that you're moving next door -- via. It's true that we want you to be in Idaho and I would try to put it I'm too old to do that is the problem I've been saying that since super exactly -- twelfth and I didn't -- -- yeah it's true -- -- for -- -- myself something but. It's -- relate much more to -- the people who wish speaker. Do you know more irresponsible things -- the people do responsible. Haven't seen that we haven't though because it's -- costs. -- that time the babies there which means. You have to and if not grow up pretend to audio gap and years of denial you're really understand the room before ramifications of -- I think to some degree. Because it's also knew as -- and grow their friends' attitudes and you don't really -- what -- your whole life. Is as -- for each song much you -- the Rose -- cared to you why. Are trying so desperately to be cool and yes with the yeah I think that's like a big struggle for people if they don't want to acknowledge and accept that they can't be cool anymore so yeah beginning we're trying to we think we can still go to Reeves -- -- the fun stuff we used to do and we just. -- -- to get this conflict in this movie comes from the fact that you still -- yeah. Notre a lot of people I think everything that's got to the ark of the characters but realized what we shouldn't -- -- So with this when you hear that there's a -- -- We all -- side. And most people we think animal house you know it's like I do well we can't how can be touched. It's true. -- And I think. I think -- -- it's a great movie I think it is it actually like. It's one -- probably the first movies to really make you feel like you were stepping in -- like a quick easy party. Like -- plugged in a lot of parties in movies. You know easy riders -- elbow -- never -- our fallen. Lights. Like why year old party driving motorcycles through houses of like -- is kind of nuts you know. And I think that was something that -- belts. That we really tried to capture is like view the feeling -- stepping in to this. World but it. But I -- reasons not that intimidating -- -- animal house is great and no other great. For movies maybe ever like they certainly -- -- of the nerds and I think it's actually good the first half of old school is very good what happened second. I don't know the go to academically -- like that have been here and there I just -- images some -- -- but doing flips over pummel horse but life I don't know how that plays and -- return view life but. But like quit quit when -- up against two and a half movies over the last like forty years it's it's it's not that intimately affects he's -- -- we'll talk about belt were. In the second from because this sense that I'm saying about you not being that I don't really see him -- in that either. To -- that comfort. It was the deal with the Reuters brought us the idea -- that was their idea in the first place literally you respective. To -- usually -- -- record of anyone else that would be much better at it he. You know the character of lot of vanity. Avoid little crease. Dramatic movies you know. So High School Musical really did happen -- -- what. -- never -- -- -- what I -- I have. But what I was like at that time he was a ballot but what he was a movie like. You know people -- he was kind of doing much more dramatic stuff so I conceded usually try to acting cedars and at madame. And he was like self deprecating pencil away here -- is nice and charming and so. Whenever someone like that it seemed like they could be -- if -- awhile. It's just. Yeah well I read an article somewhere where you quote -- or he was saying that when you did meet. You were really shocked that you liked him and said I so wanted to hate you do it -- yet yeah wanted to hate him for what reason. My own prejudices of like at Disney's child's all right just assume -- Buick and obnoxious Jewish. And he wasn't all the abuse is very nice. You know and he robbed me of the opportunity -- -- -- with terrorists there. It's it's I think it's much better on the movie when you can -- year -- you actually personnel. But you would -- are just constantly to get working on everything and -- and right now. One of the biggest things -- you can look at on YouTube or anywhere aren't you and Franco doing your version of the Kim and -- Around media. Yes and I thought you called the bound to and now -- found bound 2.5. Via. Where -- you can see. Did video of -- -- next to the one that -- Steelers we as a brilliant it a shot cyber shots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I saw his video we started filming hers and of the arts -- about what sixties after others -- -- was Wilson's team it's. And I think kind of great that you basically appoint him. So yeah so that you at first it was the other way around we really like that might have expressed respect for what he that and if you can do that he's asking -- five border and we do have a list. So what was the reaction. People people like it everybody I don't care about people -- -- They really liked it -- actually saw her like. I saw both of them within a couple things each other coincidentally in two different places in the -- they both of them. Which was fruitless but look at the responsible. Grown -- -- -- testified. I do what congress -- I don't know how many showed up to two -- again but. What was that about. My mother in law has alzheimer's. What. Also what what -- -- are looking into what could be done about it we found that. Literally nothing could be done that we start to look into what what the government was doing about that and we found. But the answer was very little -- An eyewitness started to Tyler very organically we are illegal put on a comedy show we're going to charity and then we start to realize like -- we commission -- a lot of attention for this and hopefully get people talking to the point that the government -- start to put a lot more money into it -- people start to. Taken more seriously but it all was because I was like -- effect. The want to like. It was incredibly. He inspirational an incredibly discouraged -- -- All -- one because they said we sympathize but we can't do and they say it was a of the Bayer like having that level. It was June and will -- -- islands that as a member of the government you were in no way expected. Almost the opposite you were not expected to attend any of -- things that you would they're getting paid through its. Like you don't have to go to -- you have to go to that stuff like the prenatal infrastructure and so like people can appeal to that are represented. -- elected officials but. Meanwhile they made that no elective officials actually have to show up to the things were people are appealing to so. Again I been I think the government what's the next guys so we urge you there factory floor UC UYE it sucks so bad -- like -- this -- when he becomes stupid because we're paying people's salaries and not only. Are they not expected to show up like I'll I basically got criticized for saying I expected the deep and it like it which would that the greatest job on earth were given code of honor the -- People defense -- Right to not show up to your jaw like Ed you're you're you're you're considered by -- were expecting them to show -- -- somewhere with somebody said about you he's this wonderful combination of knock around humor and a tasteless insensitive. And it's -- I think. I don't -- -- that it will. It's a great combination that now that it's a good thing. I think it makes it. -- beneficial I think is only 100 which is -- semester -- you're able to do you have able to do it. There are so and as always -- -- yes. So I'm sure you've been thinking about it. -- in your head what you're -- think today Bowman something that inspires neighbors or was inspired by Buena. These the song that we use blows these -- the people in your neighbor. In your neighbor. The people that -- -- each day. That's so wonderfully mister Rogers if they don't be in you being a father me do you want to become well no -- know -- Upset yeah but how homeowners about how your whole life is less -- Yeah. You're paying attention that you were all I really took I took that message this is wrong people. -- -- This tasteless instances activity but it's why we. After -- music. That.

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{"id":23656233,"title":"Seth Rogen Talks 'Neighbors': Comedy With Major Buzz","duration":"11:48","description":"Will his new big screen flick join the annals of great frat house comedies? ","url":"/GMA/video/seth-rogen-talks-neighbors-comedy-major-buzz-23656233","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}