Sofia Veraga Dishes on New Season of 'Modern Family'

The actress talks about her life with her husband Joe Manganiello and the new season of the hit ABC comedy.
3:38 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Sofia Veraga Dishes on New Season of 'Modern Family'
On modern. I believe they've never knew what Americans. Thank you so mom I'm Lauren he didn't know good morning hey happy to be here and you New York so we're happy here in down. We want to low let me read to you got married to my friend you're have been out Joseph I hear the all that red hot. And. He had a couple of meetings to attend and then I got really excited because then they get to go to the restaurant isn't being that I. You know all night Long Island New York what want to know more than you got me to my birthday. Yes you got. Yeah I saw that I was like well I'm the kind of love this I feel like you know we have meaning that an enigmatic love park that's great luck look at me. I think that's. But did you know one thing you sit this quote you have learned Joseph have learned more about Colombians. Then what I have learned about Italians so what's up the did you learn about you have to YouTube got married. All my god he learned way to Avery got married if not he wouldn't have been able to get married to me. What was the biggest surprise thing that he left thumb and onions and about you it's a lot of themes first solo the most important things our our nightlife news or coffee harassing the morning you know he. Shouldn't help communities where I had and yet. Thank god so that CBS something important that don't need for it bring miracle opportunity is there room happening. The giants manager could not as serious coming up at crowd yeah. I think but you know what it does his uncle amid have a lot in common you know we're we're very fan Erie ends in a very loud it. And Bay Area you know fashion have a themes he's not only the company meet that end he's Ozal like. Armenian and Jeremy and then he has like Donna Meeks soul I'm more in the I want to ask you buy your son's twenty would give between pearl suns 95 you just Internet Ponte to say that. Yeah. Right now I want it's no surprise scene and an idea so I'm Mexican fiesta for him. And that he really had a great time hiding act chief would have broad. You know Manny and has like that apple promised to show up. And I rented that got did not understand that that attack came it does not all of them I know I love celebrating I think you know where they. Everything is that at a time for me you are pregnant excuse. Disintegrated people that I live senior and then at Danny's past and you usually have your entire thing again I don't anymore. No I don't see you on the 25. People not night just back and aren't well. You have to totally get that the expenses. We have suddenly they're by the sad about premiere of modern badly. Yeah yeah. Your. Okay. Everybody take a she's going to be some agendas and others who knows that I am not very successful business woman aren't your 400 bucks in the horn of thinking you think this looks thought I was walking up for dinner general has subpoenaed. And he he's thinking very much. Larry I would never do anything like that through my son now. And Gloria let me love you please name me. And I. Can I. Nine A.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"The actress talks about her life with her husband Joe Manganiello and the new season of the hit ABC comedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42229659","title":"Sofia Veraga Dishes on New Season of 'Modern Family'","url":"/GMA/video/sofia-veraga-dishes-season-modern-family-42229659"}