Steve Carell Talks the Making of 'The Big Short'

Carell appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and reveals what it was like behind-the-scenes with the all-star cast of the film.
16:33 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for Steve Carell Talks the Making of 'The Big Short'
How many loans you write each month. Six. I was bartender now own boat he's. So how how many of these are adjustable rate mortgages pay about 90%. The bonuses most Kyra for a few years. Just hold about a minute so do applicants are forget rejected. It is. Do you well my my firm offers that ninja loans no income no job corporate doesn't care. BP's use one homes the companies don't verify. I write alone on Friday afternoon big banks plan amendment which. Yes and it. Could you hold on. Second. I'm. Finding confessed. I. They're bragging. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a terrific movie out right now called the big short. And it's about the financial bust in 2008 which means you're probably saying. Now can't understand that well. You can because our guest today Steve Correll who is just wonderful in this movie. Is he here as basically a professor of finance to explain it all to us this deep. There's going to be a lot of questions coming in and we want to know what trenches are we want to know about CDOs and will you answer everyone and help them do their taxes yes. What's Hillary would like to know I really I know do you know what did you feel like before when he started. Why you're seeing now you're implying some. Years years old lying was a personal attack him. Yes that you believe with a personal attack and I had to learn enough that I could improvise and nuts on a complaint completed. That's how much gentler I had to learn sort of a cocktail conversation. Level a vacuum that's all we really need denies it yeah I think in most things which you did a great job because it looks like you do know. So can you at least explain for us who you play because you all say yes you made up the name and that you played something right. And we based our real guy on the name of the character plays mark bond but he's based on a real guy who had a hedge fund. And I met with the real guy and that is families you know and he came to set a few times. Just you know tried to model it after him. Well what do you think he liked it alive he is seen he was that the premier. And he walked up to me and said man I was really scared like why and so I thought you make me look like. That wasn't the intent. On somebody's lights and oh well try. I know yet yeah that's how you lead off its work now but he was used I think quite pleased he thought they thought it was a very accurate. Depiction of the world as well so that made everybody happy. Well it did I wanna say that it's a very entertaining movie but I would like to see view and your co stars. Ryan Gosling and bad period increased bail on ship. Yeah I mean I he headed off here. He's a weird thing I. We were doing we've done some feelings for the movie and I remember one guy at the end stood up and and ask the question is sort of as mark anyway. Are we supposed to like these guys are they supposed to be our heroes. You know on what are you tribe you know where he trying to pull here and Adam McKay the director says it will that's exactly the point that if there's a gray area there these guys. We're doing their jobs they're not necessarily heroes but they are trying to uncover the truth of the situation. So he do you have that in their. And maybe in context of all the other people who they were dealing with may be. Maybe game heroes of that. Why. They stand to gain an incredible amount on the failure. The economy. Which means you know they're betting against fast they are bidding against they are I hit apple is short that they are betting against the US economy here betting against the banks they. Varied that the failure of the banks and people losing jobs and homes is there a war. And that's how money so it is a little bit insidious but they're conflicted about it at the same time. And I thought that was. Thousands are seen in terms of Katrina character because there is a conflict there's a moral dilemma there. What do you do now when you're faced with. A 200 million dollar pay off. But you know that it's you know that. In the money it's news. You know when I was doing a thorough research and yeah. I'd love to do each time you hear what you keep calling herald I called that and I him today I started calling that r.'s Steve. You're DG. Right and I like the sapphire name. But when I admit that you in the post and exceed that hair. Is that something you grew and styled did you plot that. Now like that there's Donald EU ones and I guided. I think the real guy at a huge here. And he told me the only reason is way. As here. You add that had to do with are the hair and at the time he was quite a bit heavier. And let well. And it. Since that Oscar nomination for fox pictures actions yes it's just everything and it's O pretentious. Should crossed my lakes differently now creation. Like it kind of thing back. Never. Just four years I'm gonna look. Oh. Like. Now I won it is and I won't go back theories this the end of this. Too much but I want to catch people up two because there was the own sub prime mortgages. It. I've read anything sure when take. Come indeed break. And each is I know all about that's an watch this movie and I'm shocked all world. It's it's a it's disturbing. And I know much about it time. But in reading the book obviously. Looking at the script. Adam McKay director. We don't expect you know he's he's known for doing anchorman and step Brothers he's comedic. At writer Saturday I've known since second city. So we go way way back when anyone who's known him for a long time knows that he's a perfect. It is. He's very very Smart and is certain sensibility which I think. Falls into this story quite well because it could order tell. Such a dry as you open you know sub prime mortgages and trenches it's. It's hard sell by it he makes it very entertaining but is not condescending. Way. Actually points to the fact that it's dry wit in the movie makes fun but in this movie you'd. You don't work with me every soccer's. Now like nothing happening that it there's nothing but ride cost. Who you're with increased. Its theme to be something going on I like teaching. I'm I happen to love Ryan Gosling the keys paying great actor and a super super guy so. I was really happy and it. When Adam told me rise in the play hard. Just fine you know he's on actor to work with because he's a free improvised. I don't think many people that's early about him but he supervises on story in character completely on point. Which I think is the best way to do it never looking for a joke girl laugh but whatever he does its money's very. You guys you've cracked up yourself when your in this scene or you just super cute you know. Well you know me and super serious yet all. We. So high and again. I think that the stop laughing year act. Needs to be theories. Yes it is the most important thing he's. Right. If you know why the nomination. Killer. And I always told you this long before you head but that he something dangerous. And votes. To. Hi could you growing more and more. Channel choke you rate. You don't expect to one of these interviews them and do it. But I'm just going to build up that. So there will always be an ailment it's. And lurks within me if it keeps people off guard. And it sure and coming to you and it's so close to doing like. One more than that could just take over the top I'm looking at oh. Again you're Niki it's only right. And that's. Well we talking before it about you growing up in Massachusetts. Year that you EU wide law and rules we did. I'll acts like a good time. It's terrible. Also would never make any money if you want to make money to not buy it store. You buy store in Marshall messages and like you because I thought it was sort of the door of 150 year old store. And it was up for sale and I thought I want I wanted to preserve it. Because I love places like look gathering spots and there aren't any of them the local hang out. Where people in that part you know Marshfield ago. And have a couple coffees on the front pork. It's lawfully and so that's why it certainly wasn't. Money. What to call Marshall. If it really plan it part of commercial. I think it's. People. You know coming up asking. What did. I should the little Booth. If you. Went after two could strangle question. Public that three thing you've done as a professional. And it's not. It was probably porn in there. Because it's. The three things you mean that three things done by television news now I don't care about and I'll. In the in a cat that you'll learn them. Calm not that they Ebert. And if you don't. Like the ones that I like a beaten. I've learned a lot at second city. Because you had the freedom every night to. It was disposable. And you had a very appreciative audience every night that was there to support. And courage. It's trying stuff. Com and so dare I learned to. Try things and you know they say that repetition is the best training just doing it over and over overeat you never really get good at something done whatever and thousands. I don't know if that's the actual statistic but it is it's and that isn't and yeah. That's it that. But. I think I think it's helpful when you get a chance to to do it over and over and over and and figure out what you're doing wrong. Try to focus in on what seems to be going writes about was it being. Learning thing The Daily Show is being. Learning curve for me because it to five. You couldn't define what we did on that show because we weren't really actors but we sort of war. We were kind of playing characters but they were also partly not certain we go out we do these field pieces. Sort of kind of pertaining to be journalists which we ward and analysts were. Trained aside. And we also had to have our ear to the ground in terms. Yet politics and culture. And that was an eye opening experience and it was. It was a test and really fun but it involve things that I'd never done before and slams on. Maybe the office and palm. Be at that again and sort of like second city just hating real freedom to. To explore and to be in a in one character for so long. It's tricky B is we in a movie you get to create sort of a finite version of that character by. On that it it kept going and you needed to find out. We're discover more things about that character as you're going so it didn't get to rid itself so that was that was a challenge. Because not mentioning a movie I mean right from forty year old virgin you know which you or of the co writer wearing Jeddah to. So I would think that would have been something that you have said why why. The law that was do I mean and that was valued and safety that came a little bit you know the office those were like the first three chronological order. But yeah. I think doing fort year old virgin. Co writing something. And watching the process of pitching something writing it having made and then having come out was. Really eye opening and it all happened so fast I thought oh it it's always connect that this is just how it goes. You write a movie and then a year later it comes out and it gets good reviews and it's a big hit a perfect that sounds like a good job to have. All right in order to end the show and few both produce something that will end with my strangulation. I always ask for song now I have to say the last time you are on the show. You did it Taylor swift's did shake it off and it became. Just went by. Taylor's with guided bomb laden everybody's I don't know what kind of pressures on them. How did you switch from Taylor Swift to Adele found someone else but it's not just the ordinary asking for this long as it. Everybody's kind of waiting to see what you're doing that I know it's and I thought about it this morning like licensing and it's Christmas time it is crystal on the saying. Holly jolly Christmas and as you lock down that street. Say no load of friends in though and every one you meets. All hope that the missile oh where's your gaze. Thumb. And he waits for you kissed her once wore me today how big jolly Christmas and engage you did in year. Hope my golly have a holly jolly Christmas this year I'll it's too bad Steve that the Grammy nominations are already 90 wow well that's just says that next year happy holidays to you my friend you that it's incredible. Lap with the that goes viral for Chris can I do my. My resolve impression would I would love. I think Larry felt that means. Wow. Now you youth yes that still what Byron bed next. Instead it's years I have to just talk to begin. At. All right we'll take like a holiday picture this sections in decorated for. I just think it's not that sat.

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{"duration":"16:33","description":"Carell appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and reveals what it was like behind-the-scenes with the all-star cast of the film. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35719331","title":"Steve Carell Talks the Making of 'The Big Short'","url":"/GMA/video/steve-carell-talks-making-big-short-35719331"}