Stunt driver dies on 'Deadpool 2' set

The star of the movie, Ryan Reynolds, said in a statement, "We're heartbroken, shocked and devastated," after a stuntwoman lost control of her motorcycle during filming.
2:34 | 08/15/17

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Transcript for Stunt driver dies on 'Deadpool 2' set
Deadly accident on a Hollywood set we're learning new detail this morning about the stunt driver killed while filming did pool to. Just the latest in a series of on set accidents and TJ Holmes is here with more good morning people pay good morning straight handed this stunt actor was billed as the first. African American female professional road racer she raced motorcycles for living but her family says this was her first time working at they stunt actor on a film set. Now the questions this morning about how did this happens. The actor went through it no vehicle or something. No actually control what my streak over her through glass pane window legal bill across street. That's how emergency dispatchers described the deadly crash on the set. Of dead pool two in all you obtained by TMZ after a stunt woman lost control of her motorcycle during Truman. Just black guys know where this done actual airport to elect. We people confirmed that the stunt woman was joy Harris nicknamed exchange Paris scene here in a competition and Tony fifteen. Was a professional motorcycle racer from Brooklyn. Jews pronounces dead on the set in Vancouver where the movie has been filming since June. She reportedly have performed the stunt successfully four times before something went wrong on the fifth take. This was purportedly tour harris' first major film roles. Dead pool to with a follow up to the Tony sixteen hit that broke box office records. And included a number of thrilling action sequences. Dead pool sore Ryan Reynolds paid tribute to the stone woman on Twitter. We're heartbroken shocked and devastated. But recognize nothing can come close to the grief. An inexplicable paying her family and loved ones must feel in this moment this is the second death of a stud actor this summer. Production on the AMC hit the Walking Dead was stopped after a stunt man fell two stories onto the concrete below a month ago. And the dead pool accident comes just one day after Tom Cruise slammed into a building while attempting his own stunt while filming Mission Impossible sixth in London. Accidents on film sets happens all the time deaths are relatively rare one is too many of course. But lot of questions about what was going on with George Harrison don't believe she is wearing a helmet because the character in the in the movie would have been wearing a helmet possibly update on Tom Cruise the sun is now reporting that he has possibly. Broken bones in his ankle were so that Christian town production for awhile was gonna raise a lot of questions now about safety on field seems like this country getting riskier and riskier because he had to have bigger stunts. That has big audience now expects them bigger and then louder and gore more action.

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{"id":49222804,"title":"Stunt driver dies on 'Deadpool 2' set","duration":"2:34","description":"The star of the movie, Ryan Reynolds, said in a statement, \"We're heartbroken, shocked and devastated,\" after a stuntwoman lost control of her motorcycle during filming.","url":"/GMA/video/stunt-driver-dies-deadpool-set-49222804","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}