Superstorm Sandy: New York City Post-Storm

Josh Elliot on how the storm has changed the city that never sleeps.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: New York City Post-Storm
If you don't -- if you don't understand the geography of manhattan, imagine a line cut across. You don't have to go far to see you can be in the same city but an entirely different world, literally, from block to block. It's at night when you can see the difference. Manhattan split in half. Those with power and those without. The moment it happened, captured on this time lapse. 48 hours later, in midtown manhattan, the lights shined bright. People shopped and enjoyed dinner out as if sandy never happened. People packing the restaurants and the stores. Out in force, again a night like any other. Almost to believe that a five-minute walk away, we'll be walking in total darkness. That's where we just left. The lights of midtown manhattan. But we've found the line of demarcation. This building alit. That building in total darkness. That building, like all of the buildings of lower manhattan tonight. Here, with the help of night vision gear, you can see figures on the sidewalks. One holding a candle. Another wearing a head lamp. You can see, store front after store front, apartment building after apartment building, all completely dark. Chrissy germany is living among the powerless conditions. It's scary. You have to make it work. Reporter: We're 20 blocks from electricity, from civilization. But here, it feels like a different city. There is really an eerie calm here. The total darkness broken by the flashing lights. The sirens blaring. Yet, in darkness, we find families refusing to give up on oween. Do you have a sense of how different it is to the north? No. We haven't been in civilization for a while. Reporter: Is this your favorite halloween? I guess so. Reporter: Would you like it if they turned out the lights every halloween? Yeah. That makes it more spooky. It was like walking into another world. That group, so many cut off not just from power and lights, but also from information. Have no idea about the storm. One other thing we should note, we've been noting it, the temperatures are falling in the city precipitously, sam. Yep. It is getting colder and colder. That's going to be a problem we this weekend if they don't get the power back on. I'm in lower manhattan. I walked into my apartment. It is really cold. You think this weekend, it's going to get even colder. For a lot of everybody. Trying to keep blankets and sweaters on. Another controversy in the

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{"id":17615293,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: New York City Post-Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh Elliot on how the storm has changed the city that never sleeps.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-hurricane-sandy-2012-york-city-post-storm-17615293","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}