Extraordinary Video From Inside Tornado

Video taken from a tornado intercept vehicle gives a unique perspective of the storm.
2:26 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Extraordinary Video From Inside Tornado
Boy, the cruise industry is still -- that's right. Now a wild weekend of weather. 341 storm reports including 22 tornadoes and everything from deadly flash floods in texas to three feet of snow in new england. Some of the most extraordinary moments all captured inside a powerful ef-4 tornado on monday. Ginger zee in for sam. Has that incredible video. It is dramatic. Of the 16 reported tornadoes yesterday one was west of topeka, kansas, and these guys deliberately went inside a preliminary ef-4 tornado. Take a look and listen. This morning, a rare moment caught on tape. This is what it looks like inside a powerful tornado. And this is what it feels like. Ears are popping. Your ears pop and then you just have that loud roar like that jet engine. Reporter: Listen as the pressure drops and tornado engulfs storm chasers brandon ivey and sean casey. They hold on and ride out the unbelievable storm. They're fully equipped tornado intercept vehicle known as the tiv is made for this. What we experienced in the vehicle is pretty much the maximum winds we could withstand. If that tornado would have been any stronger wind could have gotten under the vehicle and really allowed that vehicle to become airborne. Reporter: The pair crossed the amazing 175-mile-per-hour winds eventually the tornado wipes out their anemometer tracking that wind speed. Even though we've been chasing for a number of years and have plenty of experience doing it and I'm getting close to the tornadoes, there's always a little bit of fear in the back of your mind. Reporter: Now, I've known these guys for years. The storm chasing community has to be trained and you have to be experienced. They are and that armored vehicle made for that. Don't try this at home. More incredible storms happening in the center of the nation, unfortunately, again, the setup, the jet stream digging in and almost hitting backward. We call it a negative tilt. That is going to be trouble from oklahoma to kansas to missouri and beyond. I'll have the full severe weather outlook and the nation's weather but now back to george ann. Have you ever gotten that close. I've been very close and nosing in. Sometimes you choose to go in because you think you can do it and sometimes you stay out if it's too strong. Yeah, ginger. The ladder. Now to that alarm in midair. A man on board an alaska

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{"id":19269274,"title":"Extraordinary Video From Inside Tornado","duration":"2:26","description":"Video taken from a tornado intercept vehicle gives a unique perspective of the storm.","url":"/GMA/video/tornado-video-2013-extraordinary-video-inside-tornado-caught-19269274","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}