Martin MacNeill Trial: Tough Case for Prosecution?

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the trial of the doctor accused of wife's killing.
4:58 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Martin MacNeill Trial: Tough Case for Prosecution?
And joining us now from the courthouse in provo, utah, where she will be covering the trial tonight and every other night on her show, is in nancy grace. And in the studio with me, dan abrams. Nancy, this case took years to come to court. The two daughters, the two older sisters, really pushing police for a long, long time. They believed from the very start that their father was guilty of murder. Will this be a tough case to make? Well, I think that there are a lot of obstacles for the state. And the biggest obstacle for the prosecution is that the original medical examiner who has now sadly passed away by breast cancer, ruled the death natural causes. She was not privy to the facts surrounding the case as we are. When it was opened up, reopened and other medical examiners looked at it, other medical examiners believed it was not natural causes. Medical examiners now believe that she was drowned in the bathtub. The defense has just come out with their defense is going to be alibi. And I've got a lot of problems WITH DR. MacNEILL'S SO-CALLED Alibi. WELL, DR. MacNEILL HAS Credibility problems. He's a conman. He has a long history of swindling money from the military and other organizations. Lying about other parts of his life. This is a bad guy. I don't think there's any question about it. The question is going to be how much of him being a bad guy is going to be in front of the jury? Some of it the judge has excluded from evidence. But I think nancy's right, in the sense that the key to the defense here, is this idea that maybe she wasn't murdered at all. I don't think the alibi's going to hold up. They're going to be able to knock down the alibi quickly. The question is going to be, can they prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was a murder at all? But when you actually take a step back, this is one of the craziest cases I have ever seen. It really is. You covered this, as well. The number of facts about the way this guy behaved, the lies that unraveled. And you have to give the daughters so much credit. These are two, young women where the police are saying, sorry. Case is closed. We're not investigating anymore. And there was a suggestion, you're just upset because your dad was having an affair. A lot of people have affairs. There is so much evidence now that's unraveled about what a bad guy this was. And when I would talk to those daughters over the years, since their mom was killed, i would look them in the eye, with no doubt in my mind that this case was going to be reopened. ALL I CAN SAY TO DR. McNEILL, IF He's watching this morning, he better be glad they're not seeking the death penalty. Here in utah, they have the firing squad here. This is not a death penalty case. But I think it is a very good shot at a guilty verdict. And this is why. Within two or three hours, hours after his wife is pronounced dead at the hospital, he's cleaned out her entire closet. Her perfume. Her antiperspirant, her shoes, her pocketbooks and put it in bags. The daughter comes home from medical school, where is mom's stuff. It's been three hours. I think it's more important -- you can make an argument there that didn't want the stuff around. It brought him bad memories. Even though it's three hours later. I think it's more trouble that his alleged girlfriend, gypsy willis, he brings into the family home as the nanny. As the nanny. And she doesn't cook. She doesn't clean. She doesn't take care of kids. And she comes to the funeral. She comes to the funeral. Honestly -- hello. Brings the girlfriend to the funeral. And gypsy is on the witness list. Yes. She is no longer the GIRLFRIEND OF martin MacNeill. It will be interesting to see what her testimony will be. Bottom line, both of you, how effective will the daughters be? That were the ones who pressed for the prosecution of their dad. They're going to take the stand. Do you think taking the stand -- it's going to be very effective. One is a doctor. She went to medical school. And she just gave birth to twins. She's going to appeal to that jury. The daughters that are on to him are very, very powerful. And I just want to say, before you go to break, one more thing that I think will come into evidence, they had eight children. He tried to give back four of them that were adopted. He tried to give away his children, after he got rid of his wife. And he was convicted of identity theft in connection with one of them. But -- how about that, dan? Tried to give away the children? You're not going to corner me on this one. Dan, nancy -- I'm not defending this guy. Yeah. Time, now, for the weather and sam champion.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the trial of the doctor accused of wife's killing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20595946","title":"Martin MacNeill Trial: Tough Case for Prosecution?","url":"/GMA/video/utah-doctor-martin-macneill-trial-tough-case-prosecution-20595946"}