New Year's Eve Celebrations for Under $75

Buzzfeed's Christine Byrne and Rachel Miller share creative ways keep costs down when planning your New Year's party.
3:31 | 12/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Year's Eve Celebrations for Under $75
David and I are trying to be tough. Sara is going to show us how to celebrate the new year in style. We got the secret to throwing a bash to remember without breaking the bank. Here to help us plan an amazing new year's party for under $75 our friends from buzzfeed. We're starting right off with some yummy -- delicious food. With the food, right, so these are pizza pops and champagne pops. No utensils necessary. The cake pops are just cake dipped in CHOT lack. It's super easy. You can make them with your kids. You do have to have champagne. If you want a cheaper party, you can ask your friends to byob. How much those ring up to? Okay, S far, not bad. Not bad at all. Okay, and we've still got some food going on. This fun dip. It's a champagne cheese dip. Happy new year. You can use beer if you want to, just three ingredients, cheese, you make it in your slow cooker. You can do it ahead of time. You can serve it right in there, too. Okay, this stays in. Let's see the price for this. You're literally making my menu one item at a time. It's not bad. Now, we have to drink 37. Absolutely. Here's a great way to make your drinks even more fun, glitter ice cubes. Beautiful. This is so cool. This is so incredible. More sparkly than regular glitter. You can get it in a cake store, make ice cubes like regular, sprinkle the glitter up top. You want it to be clear, boil it, let it cool, boil it again. You're promising me we can eat it. Absolutely, I promise. Can it be on your tongue? Yes, but it's new year's. So, how much is this? Let's see. I feel like I'm on "Family feud dts wsh we got to decorate ourselves as well. Party hats, a new year's must. You let guests fill them up. They're perfect conversation starters. Cut them out, tie them on with ribbon. Also something that you can get the kids in on. What is our price for these hats? Okay, wow, that was almost as much as my champagne cake pops. We got our glitter, our pops, our dip, our pizza pop. Our hats. We need to make sure we said we would stay under $75 and the total is -- $70.99. This is for 15 people. Party is all funs and games until that went off. Thank you to our friends at buzzfeed. You can get these recipes on our website. We send it back to rob

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Buzzfeed's Christine Byrne and Rachel Miller share creative ways keep costs down when planning your New Year's party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35972339","title":"New Year's Eve Celebrations for Under $75","url":"/GMA/video/years-eve-celebrations-75-35972339"}