YouTube Star Can Whisper You to Sleep

Internet video sensation Maria has made a name for herself with her soft voice.
2:28 | 12/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube Star Can Whisper You to Sleep
An unusual story to share. Next up on "The gma heat index." The youtube star who has made a name for her because of her whisper. Her voice helps her fans sleep. Curbs depression. Hello. This is Marie again with you. Reporter: A youtube sensation. Millions watching maria fold towels. Flip damageses. Or tap her wooding brush. Her fans hanging on her every quiet word. Unique soft voices. Reporter: A whisper feels intimate. It is. It almost sounds like you're part of something secret. Reporter: What the secret? Why would anyone want to watch this? It puts you in this yeuphoric, like bubbly in your head. Reporter: She's driming autonomous sensory meridian response. For people like her, there are certain sounds or images that trigger a sub lime sensation. Do you explain this to people at a cocktail party? Most of the time, I give them a video to watch. Reporter: This video of her pretepiding to be a mup artist. One cheek, it feels very, very realistic. They claim some powerful results. But, again, this is untested. It's unvalidated. And it's really largely unresearched. Reporter: Now yet there are more than 1 million videos designed to trigger the asmr response. Thank you. Reporter: Maria says it's her turn to help others after the videos helped her destress and overcome depression. I'm trying to break the barriers of the camera. Reporter: For "Good morning America," bazi kanani, ABC news, Washington. Quit screaming, bazi. You're creeped out. I'm relaxed. The turning of the page sound, that was, I did find myself lulled. Water. I don't want a whispering voice, too. Sara, you fall asleep when I talk, right? Most of the time.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Internet video sensation Maria has made a name for herself with her soft voice. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27761266","title":"YouTube Star Can Whisper You to Sleep","url":"/GMA/video/youtube-star-whisper-sleep-27761266"}