COVID-19 emergency facing medical workers

Hospitals are under pressure ahead of a possibly dark winter.
7:03 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 emergency facing medical workers
Numbers they can often be helpful in showing how we're doing in the fighting us is deadly disease but there's a as a famous quote it's often a German Joseph Stalin. God like this single death is a tragedy. A million death is a statistic every American life lost in this virus is a tragedy every death is a story one of our stories. As Americans. So is take a minute to listen to the story of a nurse in Oklahoma City who lost her husband Kobe nineteen. Three days after losing her mind. So bitterly okay. You can perhaps. On some funny and he ran Ursa and my mom's not also worry yet. And that is when Lindsey and Jennings and her son Braden nightmare began. My father is they're seeing. Two days before you miss sixty. He was fine might do us a line. That's. Rich the life. From their bodies and icu nurse herself publicity and separated her husband didn't ask her mom Linda in different areas of the house. Treated them when she would treat her own patients. No date and time I'll bet and uses oxygen was at 95 Ben afternoon. Just a few hours later. Calls all our us each. Todd say at twenty spraying my assignments. She decided to call 911 and he was rushed to the hospital. While Guinness was fighting for his life in the hospital mom Linda this condition started to deteriorate too. Linda asked her daughter. Zero it is and you're gonna die. I was among so can I have my how else. I'll eat anymore. But the next morning Linda's oxygen was around 78 the ambulance came to their home for the second time in a week. A losing and you spend the she's it needs no regrets Mezan Don full PP he signed a disclosure. To visit her mom in the hospital. You say goodbye. I just want it all older muscular. And others streets and period she left my. I grandmother our dignity. Use. Linda passed away Friday November 20. Three days later on was dance called the hospital for Dennis she shared these intimate photos with us of their final moments together. Now here I love you. Remember our eyes stray notes and he. And I used the Salmonella eco now OK he's. And I think your BC. He denied a few minutes later. It's. Always people it's. Abigail local KOCO five news. Cut to see those final moments for more on the pandemic and it's impact on health care workers joining me now as primary care position in ABC news contributor. Doctor Jay by I hadn't talked about what's your reaction and watching that story an icu nurse losing to the people closest to her. Thanks for having me and and frankly it's our wrenching it's a story that's one too many in the war. We don't need you'd be here on sad and angry I'm shocked I'm frustrated. So many our making sacrifices to keep themselves they found in other states including. Caregivers and health care workers like me and my colleagues. And their so many that are not because they think. This is invincible. This virus is to what brother line folks want to believe. The virus is real on this story house that it's real it's it's taking away loved ones and family member. It's winning if you compete against you'll lose that's what I see on the front lines of caring for patient. And so. Sanitation breakdown aren't because she was afraid of getting cardinal Panama or sister to recently. And it's we know how to win you we've kept positive activity rates down parts of the country. Times during his pandemic. Begins and ends with a masking distancing. Staying home don't gathering birds outside. Of your household and people you don't know. Potholes around passenger capacity challenge to care for Kobe patients are not covered patients in need. This is predictable about a bond makes me so sad. Here again and then takes it. Taurasi let's talk about those hospitalizations because they have passed 100000. What challenges are you in your colleagues facing. When you're trying to care for patients at this point with the hospitals are capacity. We are very dire I mean we eat one. Don't have. The capacity. To get them to carry many people are because they're sick are my colleagues are out MCI debt. People are working longer shifts and they should and then there at the risk of making mistakes because they're tired we're human. Evidence shows a lack of sleep effects doctors just like alcohol intoxication. And middle impairment and judgment and concentration. We do as much as we can and that's not to say it also talked about the mental health soul parts every patient we lose your every patient to get sicker. It's tougher on ops. At least maybe looking for presents its Christmas but we as health care workers are looking for relief tonight's you've got. So the head of the CDC is now saying prepare for the worst months of this pandemic. In the winter so we're not even dare yet what concerns you most when you think about. I think it's absolutely right I think the next exit twelve we are going to be very challenging with so. Increase garlands with the holidays. Folks not doubling down on the public public health measures we know were and we know that when individuals go. Into a home or family members or loved ones or friends. And they may be having Kumar beauties are over 65 Brothers and how conditions are putting them at extreme risk. So shouldn't handwriting indoor public spaces where anyone's unmask because I'm your bringing that. Omer your work laser. To others around you we're in a very dangerous place. Because the baseline right now the limit hospital capacity. Earlier surged no compromise care as well as overall capacity and I just had difficulty getting occasion. Yesterday good abdominal pain. Her valuation she critically needed emergency or I had difficulty getting accommodation deteriorating and exit she needed. And it takes a lot together and hands and every American understands and he understands your risk of not doing things you know we're and I doctor Jane thank you. Thanks so much trap me.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Hospitals are under pressure ahead of a possibly dark winter. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74527437","title":"COVID-19 emergency facing medical workers","url":"/Health/video/covid-19-emergency-facing-medical-workers-74527437"}