Man's Face Rebuilt With 3D Printer After Crash

Stephen Power, 29, broke his facial bones and skull in a 2012 crash.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man's Face Rebuilt With 3D Printer After Crash
Stephen power doesn't remember of the -- to -- crash that left him on the life support machine and left his skull crushed to shake. Coming out of -- -- not fear. Eighteen months later his body is still full of -- sunscreen use he's -- to trying height his injuries. But shouldn't really be wearing glasses I Wear them to this colleagues. Mike cheek and my -- because with them off obviously you can -- Much she -- -- all the Simoni has sunk. My nose is still thinks. Surgeons -- going to rebuild Stephen's face the -- daily news have come from a printer. Using scams of Stephen skull the team fist changed it's shape on the computer. And then let -- -- -- Printed the -- plates and implants -- in sin city jury. The team and now working with custom printed cutting guides designed to perfectly fit Stephen's face. They'll help them are still a natural symmetry. Every cost is designed to fit precisely. Removing any guesswork for the -- Without the -- it's up to -- a free hand. Decision making on the operating table -- -- if it fits together okay means it's it's exactly. 02 weeks later it. And time to see the results. The difference. Between the two sides one minute. There's still some swelling but the scans -- symmetry has been restored. I describe the CIA -- these people got together in such a way -- It is my imperfect. Stephens place in history has already been -- at the signs museum. The future of 3-D printing could see -- Golden's printed within a decade. This Stephen the technology has already delivered huge -- -- -- in his recovery. -- -- BC news Swansea.

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{"id":22900942,"title":"Man's Face Rebuilt With 3D Printer After Crash","duration":"3:00","description":"Stephen Power, 29, broke his facial bones and skull in a 2012 crash.","url":"/Health/video/mans-face-rebuilt-with-3d-printer-after-crash-22900942","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}