Michigan now has the third highest number of coronavirus cases

Gov. Gretchen Witmer updates us on how Michigan is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.
2:47 | 04/08/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan now has the third highest number of coronavirus cases
Well for weeks ago Michigan saw their first case of covad nineteen today. They are the third highest state with corona virus cases and governor Gretchen Widmer has been urging that the people of her state to stay at home she's joining us now for an update. And how Michigan is coping. Welcome to you governor with where we want to begin with. What you've said Michigan hospitals are three to six days away from running out of critical supplies can you give us an update on what you meet. Yeah so let states across the country where Creighton to get our hands and every entity act master that you're recruit gallery every. Let alone at current events later we know that here on the inputs in the do you see her here and that our taxes easily be weeks away. And so Kazmir and an already have those state. We know it's incredible mean is is is real I'm we've got 360s is huge assortment we remember our. Yeah you know you have to stay ahead of it yesterday the Michigan senate voted to extend your emergency declaration by twenty free days. You last for seventy days how are you feeling about that extension. Finally does it's usually the worst ever doing a get out I would he seat legislature can be highly. The traces you know now we are read here we're already out there in the country and we are earlier trajectory hopper. The combatant released it could be under the racists and it's Cannes jury all the medical or grace why. I don't control legislature in Berkeley and then their slates but we. Expect the. Are in terms of protecting Michigan hears this week your state will begin posting data on the number of people who have recovered but. And this is pretty alarming there are reports. That say in Michigan African Americans represented nearly 40%. Of corona virus test but only make up 14%. Of the population how can that information help you in your fight against the virus. I think it's going worker people who know how serious this is sending out this iris raise and what isn't. Oh it is not sure in Michigan where his true cross it sooner receded and oh yeah Louisiana's what's the scene weird but few seats that are releasing this kind of data there. Allergic and everyone needs that music country can caucus. Slowly the fierce political opportunities. Here for I sat in Greece the only poor. Haitian he and a offices. We're you know premier who are United States and real jokes. In terms of the that there are real equitable opportunity in this country. No we thank you and applaud you for your leadership during these times governor Wentworth thanks so much for joining us this afternoon. Think he really stick.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Gov. Gretchen Witmer updates us on how Michigan is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"70044652","title":"Michigan now has the third highest number of coronavirus cases","url":"/Health/video/michigan-now-highest-number-coronavirus-cases-70044652"}