'Motivated' podcast: Staying on track with your fitness and health goals

ABC News' Amy Robach and Gio Benitez give tips that can help you stay on track, no matter how busy your schedule is.
32:21 | 08/07/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: Staying on track with your fitness and health goals
So we get a day with two members of the ABC news patently obscene guides will recognize these two GO Benitez and Amy Roebuck and we're gonna talk all things health wellness and fitness with these two. And were models and really actually go look up to comes to health and well thank you guys have been happy. Totally it. So what I love about this group the three of us is that. We have very kind of different goals different approaches. But it its Allston on the same thing it's a life of genuine and it's not just about here. Could start with you because you know your your quite that the influence there and social media. Your husband there really fit and healthy I just eminently shield looks like with Asher. There weren't certain type. We're some way to. Sharon yeah. Her forever and follow him at thank you. Without your approach account of the basics though you know argue many rules to buy things too eager don't see how often you're what does that profile look. You know the biggest thing for me lately was that I took one hour out entire. And so I eliminated flower within 24 hours just 24 hours and my body look like it dropped 2% in body. Is so it's that inflammation. So inflammation is a big thing for me. Basically work out an hour day you don't need to do more. IA will do weights one day of the yoga and other dale to carrion other day. Now sort of mix up like that. Because you want that's sort of balance you know you don't want to constantly be doing just waits you don't want to constantly just be doing card you. That balance of everything is just really really good. I've eliminated sugar. Added sugar eliminated outage or eliminated editors I just don't touch it and if I ever. Have any sort of you know like we sometimes make these one powerless chocolate chip cookies that are amazing with notion no sugar we say we use maple syrup and sent a and when used maple serpents that the clicking Macon nexus a lot less than that than than regular sugar your body responds to it differently. So we we use that with Allman butter and that's what we make these cookies with an incredible. So that's one of the things that I do is that we eliminate added sugars dares gone. For the most part I I sometimes eat goat cheese maybe but on because it's a little easier to digest but. That's gone and the biggest thing for me is that I start my day with a profile ethics. Because what I've discovered is that. What has changed my body Moore. Has been eating health whatever I've been doing to eat healthier. And make me healthier has actually made my body looked different. And that's what probe by onyx have done and and so what I do is that I'll get even pro by got a rich foods like sauerkraut for example. And I'll put that in with my salads or. With my a I and a pass to Terry and so. Bull will do like Sam and that will put some miso on it that's of pro by out of rich food still on the saddle up and and that really controls ago. Amy you talking could be eliminated flour at a higher or significant I'm Contra is working out to eat. So know why I he had not in any of what she. And you don't have to vote on that I mind and had a sausage. Egg and cheese biscuit since I came up here. I am working out today I do you try to work out almost every day. And try to work out around an hour in the CU but I had uncles and say I do you. Focus on eating a lot of vegetables. Post cancer I've changed my diet significantly. I eat very red meat which I am a girl from. The midwest and so high when I was being honest looking back. And meet. My than four times a week I mean that might sound crazy but from steak hamburgers to top is. If I really was being honest I was seeing a lot of red meats I have limited at once or twice a month. Max that it was a huge drop and it big difference for me and I just increased my veggies so last night I had rotisserie chicken and having start at Q. Vegetables broccoli and rootless so. I just increased my vegetables. I've always been pretty good eating lean meat to check in. On a day to exceed so it's a problem I wish I did again I'm from the last. So my access to really Farsi speakers that gorton's fisherman. Have. Acceptable and so I had to eat fish sticks every Friday which. And so I do sushi I I'd like you do better in. The department I at a say Pete's. And truffle Fries I can never ever say I love that piece I've found that everything I've given up. Sometimes I'll have someone my old favorites and then at the same taste plastic the income growth. Pizza is the one thing holds up it's always as good as I remember island an and so I just. I'm good at ports and I can have a few truffle Fries in one's place appease. And that's how viral because. I don't want to give that up also pose cancer. I really enjoy my life and I'm really injuries something I'm and now how much of what you're doing now enters vegetables and meat is. Inspired to help elect for different reasons for healing significantly. You know. I used to say. My friends who knew me before. I used to kind of tell them before me it means an email just warning you he tracked. So. It's just Howell I've always been in and once I went through my cancer I realized that this was an opportunity. To better because I do believe you are you I do believe. But he crap and you makes you feel like crap and can ultimately lead to illness so. I joked that I still have some of my. Old favorites but I just eat less of it and smaller portions and I added in in that gap vegetables. And healthier food and fresh food and fresh fruits and instead of having a sweet. I'll have fruit. I think sugar person anyway so it is the AC eaters your readers say every year Sherry and I go efficacy for everything and divide it between. Hubbell a French Fries. Depleted cupcakes and a different. Six back that was cupcakes are I thought I outcry and I can't even in my. I get I get and I think when its pilot boat to idea but it's no contest like this I like the salty. But I just think that. I feel better I feel more energized. And the exercise is huge for me and what kind of exercise so I'm a big runner. I run. Three times a week and I'm training right now for. Why is it half half marathon so exhausting. That I didn't seven miles yesterday and and I hated every line on its listeners and get on sometimes and Batman I've found that running from me. Has always that thing I can do wherever I am so each problem lot for art jobs and sometimes you don't have access to region and I can always rotten. And I love running wife it's my meditation it's like to south's. Our question and answer the traveling no question that I all the time you manage to fit and exercise or eat well when you are traveling in the busy schedule. I've two little kids you have to that you LT extended. Great Atlantic and I have three. From 1413. And eleven in the apartment alzheimer's an eighteen year old witness 120 worlds news I'd get three step sons and and cute daughters but that there's always lots of it. And and you you're always on the road you're traveling and it's hard to stay on track Israeli hard so how do you manage that's a question a lot of people have the people's life is real and it gets in the way. You know. Most of the time even if he got elected Denny's for example most of the time they can customize these things you don't have to order directly from the menu you can just say hey can you give me a little this movie yet little Colorado you can throw in with these you know with this armed looters of the and and that kind of thing will help the and most restaurants will do for the most part mostly. But if there are truffle Fries I don't. I quit beyond not annexed. But the stress of being on the road or being up against the tide planet where every letter ran Jews eating crap. You know drinks start low and I mean how do you manage that when you're not in your element. Well like any I don't just totally eliminate when I say eliminate for the most part if we're looking at my life and my diet may be 80% of it. 90% of it is great but that 10% I'm gonna I'm gonna not just slip itself that I want so you're doing it exactly right. But you're also feeding your body with all of these vegetables and all of these great fibers those are that's really important. But but if I found in a situation where I'm eating for the most part healthy and this one day I'm traveling and I just can't. I can't find something on somewhere where everything is fried well I gotta to sort of figure it out and just do it. I'm not gonna star. I'm not an and not yet I don't know remains bright and but you're also lucky because at home. Your husband pretty much lives of same lifestyle yet parents are you have that support right right right and that's really important is how do you support it would be terrible you always have someone across from you at the dinner table eating what you really lusting after and year after serving of vegetables and chicken. How do you manage with the kids are they out in eating street. I I have absolutely. Enforced. My eating happens on them and I think it's worked. For the most part I knew that when they walk home from this from school. One day a week. My two daughters stop at McDonald's and I told him they could only duo once a week but they do it. When I'm not bear and you know there kids that they want to how one day so I pick one day. And you can have you know XYZ and they use their own allowance for it and that's kind of they're cheat the aid basically and the rest of the time were eating pretty good and we went to a diner. Two nights ago and my daughter got a grilled cheese and I wanted it so all that and I just made myself a quarter this and it's islands and. Which is extra been agreed it was good aster can just one bite of York. Sees us he said essar. And it was so that it is buttery means easy interest and I just had long and it was so I able steal a fright from their Clayton. If you're I would read about supporting control because from for any gotta know yourself a break a rule number one. For me that slope is slippery its steep. One by turns and says right so like I know that I have won by I can BC she did and I'm OK but I know that's not done and again GOU you mentioned that in one of the pre movies too didn't you used to be this. A yes and that was it that that was a thing that's something that motivates you today. Is a well it's funny it's it's it's motivated but it's also been this way told roll. Nightmare in my in my head because I was so skinny I was the only real time in school and I even had a kid it was a kids in school he was a baseball players one of the jocks at school in middle school. And he he looked and means that do. If I were you like to a thousand pushups a day righteous kill mice. And I never look at that I'm 31 years old I have not forgotten that state Clinton and so I was cat scan. And then I just started I that's why I started working out that's why sort of but then I started when I said I was eating before for that now a meeting for health. Before I was sort of eating to get taken muscles this and that and although what they call the broad sides. And I was doing all that stuff that actually wasn't good for me it wasn't healthy for me but my body still wasn't changed. And so was when I started eating for help when I started sort of adding many more vegetables and that's Turkey. Vegetables are magic. I wish I had known that a long time ago yet and there's this unit as this new trend is Quito diet we're actually working on a story about that basically the new Mac right. We eat is few cartons possibly one of the people that where we're profiling it's fifteen grams of car today in the form of one vegetables like like literally that one's stock you know one clump of broccoli here would have can't I just feel like vegetables at a camp it's carts and mean vitamins and everything I don't fiber I don't count that's when I'm when I'm looking at carved. I'm gonna eat as many vegetables and I want vegetables are just so delicious I'll get carrots get this to snack on that. I don't even count it I didn't even log your food. I do I do because an and that's actually a good thing for anyone took to sort of start doing just at the beginning just to sort of see what you're eating because I think that's very helpful. And and you'll be shocked you'll look it's a really revelatory oh my gosh you'll you'll look at it and a you know use an apple my phone and went after he my fitness fell. And want free stuff and you know that you couldn't overs and pay for Cisco on the air and and use that but if you look at it and your dislike. Oh my gosh I was eating. 400 grams of carves a day or something right where you learn a lot about your pattern lot you learn a lot and in fact that app if you if you plug in your goals it'll sort of sit just FT and it's not limiting I 840 grams of count of car today. But I love is it shows you the week if you want you can get the weekly view and you'll see you like my money in Friday's rate and an ex Saturday. Life in they've outlet and I got. It bites you you have to line. You eat or write EU make better choices. Because you have to it's an inner real way where there. You can't deny it's written on it. Though that for me you know what I and I take this from experience for so long and being overweight. I wanted to do the right thing I was working hard but not Smart I didn't have the right information to make right decisions. I'm really big on information and logging is a form. Because if I see me 600 calories and snacks after dinner. Then I can make a very simple chain of closing kitchen down that we do and kitchens she says but it's convenient it's. Literally. If anything that there's an inner wheel they say three hours before that he doesn't have anything. He sent. And my daughter's pop pop pop can. I think like biggest it's hard for. The agent. A little bit about commitment spiritual component and he recovering from something. And for a year here and away. Your approach to amendment spears. So. For me it's changed dramatically I think all of us in this room and so many people who are listening and watching work hard and we have goals and I think that's all of Mary Corey. But I was so focused on getting somewhere I was an appreciating where Ari wise and so when I had. My breast cancer diagnosis. I was forced to live. Minute to minute day by day and even still now I am cancer free in fact yesterday was three years. From my last cancer kept. So that it its industry as celebrate those milestones because it is something to celebrate but I also know every six months pregnant the doctor. And they take my blunt and they see your clear your not answer every six months. You know I have Strasser honest day's rain on getting tested to see if my cancer. May have returned and slightly and six month increments and while that might sound horrible it's actually a tremendous skipped because it is 86 month reminder Fermi. Twice a year that. All we half. Any of us has rate. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow today is again tomorrow is not guaranteed and that's why at least they were all in the same. I'm just extremely aware of race and because I'm aware of it I live my life very differently and I talk about enjoyment enjoying my food. And join my exercise enjoying my children. Enjoying my life and I even enjoy spending money away used to worry in and I still safe but I try to see myself what's the point of feeling guilty or stressed rate now. Just enjoy. These moments and while we get to do each and every day people wheat to spend our time with it to choose that. In awaited in reaches your life not the diminishes in its I've been able to make smarter choices about. Who way. Have fun who'll die a work with and and how I choose to react to things. One of the biggest lessons I learned and I think a lot of this involves when people turn to food. Or get depressed and to sit on the couch and don't get up and exercise when you feel like you're out of control right I mean that's when people stress heat that's when people just go into a ball. Into a corner. But when you start to realize. That you're not intentional none of the served until it kinda funny that we actually beeper controlling anything because we're not. The only thing you can control how you react to angst and soul when life gets top and it always does in little ways and in big ways. It's how you react to it that you have control and when you really put it in those terms in your head you think about it. And even when you feel yourself going negative if he saying L I can control. My emotion right now and choose a look at what's positive about this how like an honest how can make this batter and that makes you feel. He's that allows you just EB. And so that's that's been the biggest help for me and it's it's it's changed how I. How sleep how my vacation. How I work. It's it's affected everything and it really is the only gift to that you get from cancer. -- and not just cancer any late threatening illness or or any life changing moment where you realized the fragility of life. And once that tissue and a personal way and unfortunately it will to everybody at some point in their lives. You you have that com moments and it can be a beautiful thing. And I you know but we also argue going through your treatment and the I will tell you made it look so easy and I'm sure it wasn't. I mean I can imagine what Andy and I read your book I mean you were going to aloha which you were. You we're handling it with this with this poise and is calm and this keys and you were showing up to work every day and Killen as you do and looking fantastic it. Mean what where your strategies for coping with such a stressful time while still managing everything else. I think when you have kids especially. You've rise up and I wanted them to see their mom fighting and strong. But of course I had those moments when I crumbled I think having his schedule for Meehan going to work I never understood people who were. Battling illnesses coming to work Arab looking it up of people thinking. Why don't you just stay home and get better. But when you aren't. A different way I wanted to be anything other than a cancer patient still needed to be me. I needed. Have my job I needed to be a journalist I need to be a mother I didn't just wanna be a cancer patient as a so important to meet to maintain who why was and not get lost to the disease. And so for me that was my motivation to keep going and I remember man's house just told me. When you wanna take a nap try taking a walk instead they'd stop killings are appears often don't be a victim. And I know everybody handles easings differently and I don't want to impose how I dealt with it on anyone else because we all have our different physical. Limitations in reality is an I was young. And I went three rounds of key now. But I had different chemo than other people did a mine was CN math I lost about a third of my hair I didn't go completely bald there are things I didn't deal with the other. Cancer patients deal with an every once cancer is different but I do know your attitude has a huge impact. On how you get through it and how you get to the other side and fear is the hardest thing to deal. With throughout all of this and it remains still the hardest thing post treatment. How do you handle fear and how do you. Not let it take hold of you and crumble you and history and so that's been the biggest challenge for me to to be brave and to be a warrior. And to not let the fear consume me but instead you know just to put one foot from any other and be a partisan thing I think getting. Just giving back. Working hard and and and just living out loud I think that's the best way to describe pilot pilot and live my life out what he and I don't want to say wow what a condition the I didn't wanna do he yeah. That live in the moment in big magic in her book big magic Elizabeth Gilbert says that you know she knows that fear is sort of always there are sort of always there. But instead of letting it consume you she looks at it and she says okay fear. I'm gonna go do this is. Do it to do but I'm gonna go in this direction and I and I love that that's your mentality absolutely loved it and I think there's if Oprah we're here she's there with the tweet tweet moment. Thought about about the idea. That you that your the year what was the use that you just now at night. Oh well I remember that means. Fear the A the other saying that I love is if if you're afraid to jump and jump scare off. Love that courage is not the absence of fear now it's. Acting despite it. Which I think is in because when people see others. The rioting infatuated they off they know that you know that your Tracy Ellis Ross another one of the diva is she says don't compare your insides to someone else that outside so you may be feeling a certain way your comparing yourself to others are presenting themselves correct that they maybe they think that I am theater probably are as well it's just we are present differently. I can't remember that we treat and it was that it if you that you're so focused. On trying to get where ago and they you don't appreciate where you are now that speaks to so much that speaks to everything fitness I mean everything. That speaks to and I laugh well and and speak my honesty any kind of spiritual woman tool in practice that ties with mind body. You know so one of the things so with the Yoko what I do with the yoga and medium maybe you know three times a week. And annals of it at home ultimate at home you can you can download also slippery absence of and what I'll do is that'll do yoga that. Actually helps me meditate so I don't actually sat there and do the full meditation thing. But in the yoga itself you can incorporate meditation because it's just that time alone to yourself and I do yoga sometimes just my eyes closed. And doing it and it's slow and steady. And it's just. But it is for him moving meditation again to you and you mentioned earlier here your big name and media. What are your resources you're going to use technology resources for helping you in apps you any. I just started using this this yoga app called yoga studio. I think victory box or something and that one. Is the one that I just sort of hotel rooms go wing in my apartment. And it that'll just guide me through yoga practice and you know but there's a but there's a bunch of them there's so many of them that's what I. What I've found is that on with you go to the App Store and it's like you know you don't even need to have a yoga studio anywhere near. And you'll sort of learned you'll do a lot of learning Yoga Journal dot com. That when helps you learn a lot about you know yoga poses and how to do it safely in right because it's so important. You know and I just eyebrows over the web for a lot of research. I've been researching a lot spirit Leno lately so all. At a scoop of that into my morning protein shake you know and and that's. It feels like it gives me energy but. Apart from that there's so many benefits that are well researched I used the national institute of health web site. I use that a lot. I don't ever use something and not look up what it is they're weathered skin care anything I look at what the research actually. And. Forms and and it's only just go there need to an immense or presbyterian. We talked about this before how getting enough protein as you finding that the challenge in Egypt the only eating fish in terms of animal protein. So so what are your what are your other sources printing. So what I rely on a lot is plant protein. So some days I do total vegetarian is where I'm just eating light. Plant based stuff and I I don't like to go for highly processed stuff I I don't do tofu for example because it's. Of the processing. But a lot of people can deal with tofu just fine it's not that it's bad it's just I've choose not to do that. But all all on the usually look for products that have liked. I just ate a burger before us and it was a key protein burger interest delicious. And soul do that. But it's really been just so easy with with the seafood because it when you think about a piece of fish. When you when you think about piece of salmon I mean you're gonna get like 45 grams of protein for most people that's not. What do you important in the target for protein. Yet something like 150 grams her exits high up there with a little more than the corpse. I don't eliminate the car I MO yeah. How quickly about sleep. Which is really a struggle at ethnic dress and our jobs because we often in early important times. On the plea to such a huge thing former health wellness I've found that most of the time I am craving something that is counter to Michael's combat forces. It doesn't you know I want that candy bar one you know ice cream and really neat and if you're up at what time. For which actually is horrible. Work local news for so many years were tied it to third case of four is sleeping and and on the Arabs. I need to do better due correctness. Hate sleep I will that it. Fulmer always always like Ike it's the forestry and always prided myself on that it's not healthy and it's not an it's but it's it's kind of it's. It's what I go back to beacon is just want to miss any. Going to speak public when he does anyone else like I'm the last person on the dance floor of her. I do I get. Driven home by waiters. And RS like you need to go to bed now because I need to. And an I I wish. I see it people can play at home and it's it's so counter. To me because I just doing and see in dancing and I mean. There's a microphone handy anywhere. And stage you're not gonna get in Iraq what is that area well. But but so for me sleeping has been something that I have to really focused on and I've been trying to do better. Apple has that you reap at time asleep EC. How little your sleeping so. Yes and it and it will value and so you know I'm on 5698. And then sometimes on the weekends I will admit I honestly if teenage year. Tilt it. Warnings and I like. You're back for me it's like jet. Back up you know getting four then. So I that is my biggest. Problem there is sleeping and I I nailing need to better my mom is on mean she she casinos mean she's. Seen acting and and how girls again and I would argue they need. Recently still he feel rested. And I'm pretty it was six hours on adult I'd feel pretty rested and I can't take naps I'm not now bar. He had never been my week up by angry and groggy and disoriented it just doesn't work. So I don't get high 100%. We are polar opposite. And I value so I don't make any apologies for violation could help it did Biden get a nap and I'm gonna nap and tell the world don't convict him taking in an an internment and because I feel like. It's so good for me it. But it act like an athlete. You know even on vacation that after couple days you've slept in and you think you should be caught up until succeeded. In is like a nightmare to me because I'm what are we doing where are we going. I could not gonna make together. I. Don't want. Kill me. I woke us up and went to Hawaii at locus of a 4:30 in the morning because I just decided at 4:30 in the morning that I wanted to go on a sunrise hike. I did this month and we definitely the two of you on gays and I actually have been I don't I don't answer that let's go for ride after. The line. The allegation that he can no prevailing rate now that it's anchored cry. I I I need to be more like you. I want to be more waiting we can learn something from each other because and sometimes I think and am too far and yes I pilot the sleep at a U. I looked asleep I do but I only just started appreciating. Because I also was this go go go go go and then I just really started feeling sluggish. On the particularly when I started. Changing my diet when I started eating less calories and all that when I started controlling that's. I started feeling sluggish on and so I realize that my body needed something else suppose going to be eating this way. My body needed to to -- sleep a little more site I try to it's always a strong how much so you get each time I try for six. Texas Texas a Texas and is as what I try for but I I still get up early even if I'm not on the show in the morning I'll still get up early and you know getting to sleep early this whore that's what I really. I don't like going to that's why I especially in house and my kids are passed me I can't stand I've made myself. Go into bed at 930 that it's painful for me I don't like on the same hate when Ammann right now but I do like waking up early. The line now the back I'm so that India and I am for even. And you know and with the technical we're both like and why. On my in its fifteen month also having newborn is very fresh in memory. Even with a new named for a day. I wouldn't when he which is there but he tells you do I knew I had to sprinted out. Somebody could sleep like these people and so Andes where every Lar. Aegis eyes and my talents on this table. And I could sleep for six out of my. Mind on a flight from wheels wheels I'll like and how do you do it it is my gift in my Eckert I want one he's he's wearing here if this. Team. That's not a problem he kicked me out of his office for the upcoming apple had trouble with you could. Bottle that give me I wouldn't you can I. Actually I'll take on a plane that I am going to be complete I'm not when does the media can sleep. For a few minutes here and there but I'd cannot sleep. It's dairy can't I just can't it's so hard sell or congress will listen thank you guys summit can have this conversation with the odd thing I really look at Tivo as is kind of mental physical spiritual help people and and our viewers to that thank you for your aunt married Smart. Do you guys and Amy the book is better Ngo work about why is Graham at Geovany toes are paying much appreciate it thank you. And.

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