What It’s Like to Travel With Kerry to Iraq

ABC News’ Alex Marquardt talks to the secretary of state on his surprise trip to Erbil.
3:42 | 06/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What It’s Like to Travel With Kerry to Iraq
Dedicated -- Kerry John Kerry is taking big here irbil the capital. Of -- Iraq's autonomous region of Kurdistan. The trip of -- secretly be announced when he landed about two hours and there is. I'm talking political leaders that he didn't Baghdad yesterday but it -- -- to keep Iraq. -- falling apart. So I'm waiting for my interview with secretary. Kerry usually when the press -- -- -- -- -- hotel room this is certainly one of the more opulent press files that I've been to. He's doing what are called round Robin interviews to networks which means each network it's a sit down with him one on one but each interview is only seven minutes long. Mr. secretary. Is Iraq already in a state of civil war and if so is there really anything that the US can do about it. I know I don't think -- mean -- in civil strife I don't think it's in civil war. It could kept there clearly. But at the moment. The Sunni leaders that I met with the current -- -- met with this morning. And even some of the -- is that it is ultimately yes they are all determined. Two follow the constitutional process to try to form a government that can be a unity government. And that can pull people together so there's this shot this opportunity for Iraq. To come up live its own choice. That would avoid actually falling into civil war -- there is obviously the invasion of Beisel. Which is -- terrorist organization that. Is. Pulling some people towards that potential and our question. Former ambassador Ryan Crocker has called crisis al-Qaeda on steroids al-Qaeda itself. Has rejected -- as to extremists throughout his ice is more of a threat to Americans to the world. Then al-Qaeda and some of -- long before 9/11. I don't want to create something out of vices is not yet is it a serious threat yes it is. Do we take it seriously yes we do I don't think we need to make one comparison or another they are a threat. And there are a threat to the region as well as to Iraq itself and integrity of this country we are committed to try to help Iraqis be able. To fight back. But we need to be able to know that we have a government in place. That is not going to exacerbate. The sectarian. Divisions of this country. We need to know there's a government that's prepared. To pull people together share power. End the sectarian division and focus on my -- and on the long term future. If that happens then the Iraqis themselves have the best opportunity to be able to regain this -- Good the world it's not just -- hours here on the ground now we're getting back on the C seventeen. For a five hour flight to Brussels where secretary Kerry had meetings -- NATO leaders. Airfield in northern Iraq and -- -- Barbara -- C.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"ABC News’ Alex Marquardt talks to the secretary of state on his surprise trip to Erbil.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24289243","title":"What It’s Like to Travel With Kerry to Iraq","url":"/International/video/john-kerry-interview-21014-iraq-avoid-civil-war-24289243"}