London commuters speak out about bucket-bomb explosion

ABC News' Mike Kay talks to residents in London on the evening commute following the terrorist incident earlier Friday.
9:34 | 09/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for London commuters speak out about bucket-bomb explosion
That's what they've heard this news in West London today the use of sunscreen the the chew well so places previously. 112 royal look to be jumping on the on the issue. He has trouble but I have a Switzerland the fury will be dismal reports annoyed but. All just wanted to give you pay a little sense of the Qian. As like at the moment and Parsons green improvised explosive device. Went off this morning around 820. And I'd go so given that some today is on the fraudulent. The chief stations pretty NC is conceivable unknown just went for the young. Achieve to a roll life and comes this. Since you like him and so excellence that's taking announcement and be expecting a fraud in Russia. Well let's be a lot more foot traffic the trains complex and pretty good traffic. We'll so much I let go and help him make its way. Currently yeah. I'm how did your values. From the I mean more more people who consume news today's social media. To the Cleveland. Yeah. That it what does that say. But the world. My homeland's was limited exposure. But so would you go to what would you do if you need to get it like BC. Just do. What history. It seems say that in terms of the second best in the business of blood lust major event. It's serious. Oh. So you knew you kind of fuel supplies today. All right she Dunning. When you travel only computer. June June by the spiritual team. He's alive but today we just weeks. Even though even though. Defense but some. Is that what you're grill. Giving up hope. What's your biggest should be pouring. Below the young she loved ones we got. We like to go. Video. Speaking to news. It's. Yeah. Narnia. It's all the busses. Well John I think. What about the young investigation. So that was in the look. Fundamental. Yeah. So is this point they help us. I'm. That Americans. This ritual. Yeah. Devices. The latest and thus. Looks like. He was happy to. We'll shoot. We'll discuss. It's post. Responses and six I was. It was okay. Sloan left. So they weren't. Like me. Then look. Some of the man what's together. It's just want drama today. It's. A muscle us. The incidents. Neglect but it's on wheels and my kids dressed and we'll isn't certain women. This post but the third thing. So essentially the damage. Right into the buses. Trains starting. But it. And and played much. So most of us. The major companies. Com didn't notice. Notice. The London. It's. Life. Okay. And I know. Maybe it's a relief. Okay.

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{"duration":"9:34","description":"ABC News' Mike Kay talks to residents in London on the evening commute following the terrorist incident earlier Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"49882185","title":"London commuters speak out about bucket-bomb explosion ","url":"/International/video/london-commuters-speak-bucket-bomb-explosion-49882185"}