Miracle in Thailand as rescuers find 12 boys and their soccer coach alive in cave

Twelve boys and their soccer coach were found alive in cave in Thailand.
8:13 | 07/02/18

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Transcript for Miracle in Thailand as rescuers find 12 boys and their soccer coach alive in cave
Hey there welcome ABC news live we're following breaking developments on that story out of Thailand rescue crews recovering. Thirteen people alive we know that those Thai officials had been searching for a soccer team that went missing after they were playing in caves. And that cave was consumed by floodwaters are taking. A look at that search effort and now we know the good news this ad today that those thirteen people were found alive after a week. Buried in a cave ABC's James Wong man has been following this hunt for those. Those twelve soccer players and their coach and James joins us now live by the phone Jane I know you're on the way to where they may have recovered you know and the people all of. I. Yeah opportunity carry out the truth out pretty extraordinary we would. We have a group Geiger. Greg how they're job knit UK when we had big news is that important component yet but we re hearing we're McGraw somehow the boy look around look a lot of repeated and I didn't think he could get culture about. That it actually more reports came in and then we had a governor confirmed that yes indeed buried ordinance that records. Impala actually now in a bond on outweighed we've stopped near the entrance but people polygamy get out there and I'm wrong tool. What I advocated for liberty feet of the jungle will be achieved a bit earlier on. Attic caught at a extraordinary but Mike right but. Week will stop. People always what I and a dry Apollo public aid much. They're down then we had previously on this big. He had a critical retired beach which UConn a bit higher cabin this July at all. All of the K net what. But he seemed to be rescuers were working a lot quicker than anyone imagined I Navy SEALs who inequity equals seven most of them actually let in by the eight. And to get in any shape the key like getting working nine day. To get forge ahead inside it a lot of the leading right to pull themselves bored in the current. But he never walk up to date there have been let range which it meant that they'd been able to make more progress. I would get bidding yeah Colorado the way you're that we can all quickly luckily that we. Some of the guidance. And which means that we can buy all while Moby. Very heavy security hated around it'll the police. Are outside the united tried Logan I think they're letting your analogy trying to make a way down that got track towards. Do with the case. Fayette that I think you're. You try to get people are out now but we know I did but conditions and rendered benign day and they winning could be a that all young eleven typically men bet that kind of did not much older 25. That is unclear what. How won't say they'll be in LY. They are you going to be now not a race. We do think that what we know now pulls them out oxygen for the Honduran side. It out and walked up what kind of threw debate how would them when they looked up. Legal questions that we're gonna find out our city. But we right now but said. Or how way that we can't wait Brady succeed in jubilation. Now account because a thousand people were involved. In this century the IE people had come from what I but the country to help the development airing may come out I'm out pretty Russian. Medical supply adding it would come out in the open an account you may be like would you like retreat brought to unite their coat. Would you like united did all the right to judge optional but the important people all of them Craig. And being different in look. He and James he took the word right out of my mouth jubilation were watching the lion footage right now that Thai government announcing this real miracle were watching unfold. I had an I think really beat the clock as far as the weather goes I know earlier we were talking about how the weather conditions really have played a factor in this search effort. And they were worried about the upcoming. Rains that we're to be expecting can you tell us a little bit about the terrain that these rescue workers have been working through and also. What the weather could have done though it and in that inhibiting this search effort. Well we all right on the border there is. Sunday not me on my work what on the war in line on but it basically half of the jungle. And where you go to date hey did you go I thought that the that the money like. And you find itself in the kind of opening. Just been prompted its. And it's been a map not been body that are big mouth and all around where they grow coffee in the bottom I'm not up big comic connect. K networking this sort of action by the boys had been playing an outing on May come and we Don and number of time doctor of chiropractic clinic like now. But the rain had made it all I area. Just. Slow Monday sending me torrential rain at all he week. I turned it played in three. You know and you know what month it basically we do here on beyond. We need badly complete Ned LaMont Gary well Paul duke but could you walk around admit. In the field just outside the attention to the tag in its lap. The nightly fee. You nineteenth at an op gold with tools and booted by ambassador being. I had unfettered. It was really of whether that was a major bank locals sculpted this whole thing been torrential downpour that that meant that this beat can look up in a amendments and debate that little bit there's been little. And that in this tropical climate doctorate in out country club and the opening for about now and then it normally comment made all of them all. EBay. Like last week it had really summed it down it might not with the problem and it meant that. Be the be carried itself from being completely flooded well accommodate big and it would be not much rain and big dot really wondered how. What it help the situation (%expletive) greedy people witty and beginning to be huge number all. Rescued. Let you professionals do their content. But died as well on the well pockets sitting in what we're a garbage from the United States from Belgium. There are guided it more straight here from the United Kingdom come redirect Becky from around the world who really won describes a beat biggest. That you met UK definite that he'd ever seen and nobody had ever being. I'm sure they see culminated in the you have been equally under the courage to delete these children. I gains it really hearkens back to those Chilean miners when they were rescued and it's just tremendous to see these images playing out any indication from authorities about how long it could take. Before we see some of those those kids and their coach come out and I case. Article just yet and it bury Al you remember that kind of two mile into a cave. And it took rescued this long to get to them it's a nine day to get. You know it is not just a straight its leg where you can run on the it is a period of peak controls who. And keep it that rock climbing that need to be done inside it's a very very beat it burying our inflate its a cool. Much of it is that Gilbert might have been ruled that he employed. Beyond that found it pretty ugly kind of scuba dive deep period Eldred been weakened by block nine bag in the eight. The why are people. Partly gays and make sure that they are in stable condition. I. Bad apple sued in the war that the heat. Oh well neither they may stay the night when they often do no one night at that point it is such. I need a Wagoner on net and out let me get that I think. Of course being the end the priority will be to get amount to up to be done after the bloody and upbeat on. Of course the knowledge that much of that it is them on the war it still will be active. The mind the directorate argued that their candidate admitted this week a couple of dates aren't. More rain hit schedule and if I happen. The tunnels flooded again battle to pump plucking an actual about them happen but it the amount of rain pool that well just the week you guys. And they could be in trouble studied yet. They're gonna take thirty but I really do need to get people adopt a.

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{"duration":"8:13","description":"Twelve boys and their soccer coach were found alive in cave in Thailand. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56318820","title":"Miracle in Thailand as rescuers find 12 boys and their soccer coach alive in cave","url":"/International/video/miracle-thailand-rescuers-find-12-boys-soccer-coach-56318820"}