2-month old Boeing jet crashed early Monday morning in Indonesia

Search and rescue teams still trying to find "main body" of the plane.
2:39 | 10/30/18

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Transcript for 2-month old Boeing jet crashed early Monday morning in Indonesia
Asia aware that jet crashed into the sea just moments after take off 188. People on board. And no survivors Bob Woodruff has more. And the latest some Bob I know the plane was new but apparently had some problems. Yeah that's still a mystery exactly what happened on this plan but right now this is the port and in Jakarta and this is where the ships have been coming and going these are the the search and rescue teams have been going up by C are actually diving down to the bottom of the sea to try to find any kind of evidence. Certainly looking for any possible survivors of those 189. People there were on that plane. None of them self have been have been found alive but what we have seen out of the ship. David coming out of these big plastic bag some of them orange and black those are filled. With what body parts and then all of these big white ones that were filled with debris. You can see the debris right here behind me still those are still here on the on the pavement they're kind of spreading out the investigators are looking through them there drying amount. And other taken photographs putting a little plastic box backs two take take those back. And test for elements they want to figure out where exactly they came for from and what and what happened and why they ended up as debris. As for they'd be the human parts those have been taking. By ambulance out of this area to what we're told the hospital a lot of Fallon members are hoping and praying that some of them might be found. That has not happened yet of course but anyway this is going to be a research distribute investigations to be going operas for time was this a pilot. Mistake was this kind of technological failure but was it some type of terrorist attack. All of this is unknown but again be investigating this intensely for the next couple of days and maybe even further beyond that. And I can't Bob what do we know that the plane. Well we don't know exactly what brought it down and it does have a history just not long ago there was another problem with the planned that was they say it does earlier today that that was fixed. So did not have the problem that they knew about when the plane went up. But again they'd this thing was flying at about a thousand feet it was asked to go to a higher got the permission to do so on a shortly after that they lost all contact with the plane. What happened after that they don't know today weather out there on the scene right now all night at 5 o'clock they stopped the diving. About going to the bottom the start that again at 5 o'clock in the morning and then hopefully we'll have some of this mystery answered by that time. Just devastating for so many famines Bob Woodruff forests from Indonesia about we appreciate it thanks.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Search and rescue teams still trying to find \"main body\" of the plane.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"58856771","title":"2-month old Boeing jet crashed early Monday morning in Indonesia","url":"/International/video/month-boeing-jet-crashed-early-monday-morning-indonesia-58856771"}