New Pope's Background as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio

Papal conclave chooses cardinal from Argentina as church's new leader.
8:25 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for New Pope's Background as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio
Yeah 000 please. God would you remind them. -- -- -- -- -- -- DC room -- -- he seemed dogging him. -- June Jones -- out of your own. -- federal money can visit -- -- embedded audio. -- CB know many employers are -- -- -- -- -- -- Leo from Argentina. -- -- -- Newly elected Pope. Leader of the Roman Catholic Church. And we'll wait to see -- he will soon make his way out the balcony there. Of the new. And I would like we'll get to. The names that was. Listed as if it was going to be an early election. I think -- a -- analysts. Jessica. -- and -- -- I never expected to flee years. The project good stuff -- What does that say to look to the larger picture. To the direction of the captured. He says. There open to new possibilities and that this is. Great hope and and and it -- a time to change not Lou on the court teachings of the church of credit approach to the -- percentage. The third whirlpool Latin America. For the for the growth of the church. I mean his name. Was mentioned that one possibility. And that is the question about whether they would -- -- jesuit. But he wasn't so to speak on the short list he was sort of -- More on their list of possibilities. That that was mentioned so in that sense. Is that a complete surprise. Since he was always being mentioned but he -- did. Among the top five that one would have anticipated. But being mentioned. Some of the backgrounds. He was born in 1936. Ordained as a priest the jesuit community as you pointed out father and -- in 1969. And that in of itself as a surprise us. Talk -- that they've also very positive in regard to some of the social concerns of the church. That is one of the things I remember having been having read about it when I was reading through the list of possibilities. He is 76 years old age. Not necessarily contributing factor in the decision of the cardinals. -- every three years younger than resting him -- when he was appointed. And and he was he was a favorite was -- -- in 2005. I a very close -- it was clearly -- favorite he was the afraid it. Father Malone. If you goods. Speak to the fact that adjustment has now been elevated from time to the pontificating. Well it's an extraordinary thing he is the first judgment in the history of the Roman Catholic Church to be elected Pope. And without getting into the history of the judgments formed in the sixteenth century. It didn't do it's been -- we've had a stormy relationship. With the church. In some centuries. And it's it's really an -- it's an extraordinary thing. I would also I would refer to it almost as -- A healing moment is in industry god insofar as. There has been that tension between some aspects. Of the Vatican and the Jesuits and I think having to get you -- pats -- And in view of the fact that the Jesuits have been so -- worldwide. In in there. Activity in the missionary activity in the -- In that carry so that I think it would be interpreted -- sign. Rather than making a selection from someone -- closer to the -- -- -- -- so much more conservative movement. Getting -- so I think that is a very positive. As time. Speak to the fact that's the key is that from a what is -- among a small group of Latin American candidates slightly older in fact been the other candidates that -- -- there. That region now obviously being strongly represented in the Catholic Church. They thought I think that's important perhaps is aged to sign that maybe one doesn't want. A pulled for a longer period of time in other words that willing to settle on someone. Who'd been ten years younger and that means -- have the decision you made now. Would last for much -- that time. And so I think it -- straps. I mean what might hopes for the church -- -- -- -- my hope. You know -- that would -- did by stepping down an 85. Then made that if president. From future -- Mean bishops have to resign at 75 but too -- allowed the state eighty. The question would be U wonderful this Sunday -- this. Ministry in the that 85 -- -- time you can get the my following -- for his -- that I can courageous steps and hopeful step down and about 85.

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{"id":18721909,"title":"New Pope's Background as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio","duration":"8:25","description":"Papal conclave chooses cardinal from Argentina as church's new leader.","url":"/International/video/popes-background-cardinal-jorge-bergoglio-18721909","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}