Pro Morsi Supporters Take to Streets of Cairo

Protesters storm 6th of October Bridge, calling clashes in Egypt "Friday of Rage."
12:33 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for Pro Morsi Supporters Take to Streets of Cairo
This is a special group. Report from ABC news. So when I'm -- -- -- York with this ABC news digital special report -- Friday of rage that is what pro. Mohammed more C supporters are calling today's clashes in Cairo. With the deposed president still in military detention. His supporters took to the streets storming the sixth of October bridge. And now that violence. Is spreading you're looking at a live picture there and we are joined from the Egyptian capital might -- -- Smart port on the phone. Alex what is the latest on the ground situation. Good afternoon didn't look just across the river from where I'm right now -- -- taking place on the October 6 grade. If that's what it's for you -- -- it's not clear where would that you know. India distances apart if you will of the protest not just two years ago but -- several days against president. Welcome aboard The Who would doubt that on Wednesday. By the military. I would -- -- spot is between supporters and opponents. More -- but it took a different firing guns throwing fireworks show. But also -- -- barricades you know we haven't seen any sign of the military port security forces. At least six people have been killed in. Nationwide protests today that you mentioned they had been told that the Friday at -- -- -- -- -- it. That credit -- -- in of that military to hundreds of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters that would be political party. It turned out across the country -- furious. Again the deal with paper. Disclosing what the they see him as a legitimate president he was elected and create their elected there who. Furious that he has been out it's been about that they didn't beat it and get -- -- they don't -- but the. And Alice I was we see the situation is much different than what it was on Wednesday on Thursday. Obviously it's become a much more violent you know and a much more chaotic situation that we have a number of the casualties so far from just today's demonstrations. It is we're hearing is there. But it goes. What it will Morton protesters -- supporters -- it was still type holders outside of their military compound. They were protecting at this compound there was there are looking forward because. They said that more -- it would be held inside that compound soldiers opened fire and killed three people. -- -- Hampton this is the height of the violence that we vehicle a few days when they -- they were relatively quiet -- Generally I would go to and you're -- the side it is that particular weekend -- holy day. Bill after Friday prayers people or -- the most independent -- on public disturbances quickly that -- It will be -- didn't type of behavior so. It is this what they expected. It didn't do well in time but you know what is going to grow that it will continue -- candidate. What is the balance in the crowd there and more pro or more anti more -- supporters in this in these clashes. Right now it looks like it is very much. And they'll probably -- that nobody figured the light -- Peace protesters. On both sides supporters. And opponents that he kept us very far apart. You believe -- you more to be protected between it's not clear where. It didn't really become that -- be. It -- -- -- been -- -- a little bit farther out in the city. Next the Obama told about that we did in the first -- we've seen them coming together they -- the few hours ago we started these guys moving across the October 6 grade. Is looking for what -- saw what looked like the fight. And admit that they've got what we've gotten here though it has been very combustible if you're very dangerous. And -- and -- it could get being violent. As the military is not -- with a statement there but what about the Muslim Brotherhood Diana forgive me if I'm asking this question you had mentioned this earlier but had they made any kind of a statement. About these protests. The the beginning -- morning so we've wanna be -- Muslim Brotherhood official who said that he is calling but what's called. In it that bother me and popularizing. -- can -- certainly has violent conflict cases but there is this thing that -- -- -- peacefully. Politically but uprising across the country going. Their -- sustain the street its players. They know what it is not completely. But it back in the presidency. And I didn't do it here -- the leader whether there's there's very populated. News that you've been directed but that appeared on stage it didn't -- the -- oh but -- freedom. And if you are just joining us you're looking at a live picture Egypt there were clashes have started to intensify just two days after president Mohamed Morrissey has been. This to post a by the military there Alex I want to ask you why has the sixth of October bridge become the flashpoint for all of this fighting. -- -- Don't get it right it's not clear what -- -- really ticked off to an active ago. And the crowd hundreds of that you really. The gathered to the boat that it would be the city that has -- the pot when you get indebted to him at center of any sort of let it get any sort of let. But until the night that in the in the body see in these what you -- And they'll win albeit a -- well today by the vote would be back. Coming out that you would get that the military could be it really only gave it to them that come in the downtown Cairo. It is good that their voices that would. They cannot -- that way but it's not clear where we understand they're -- you. -- state TV building Egypt has. A state run media. This week it -- the military would be getting takeover -- that over the TV station. Though it it's -- very. Not that he would not that deep in the area at -- very symbolic area as well. This scene looks so much different than what we saw on Wednesday when the president was deposed by the military. What we saw those so those shots of tahrir square at that time there was a lot of fireworks going on Imus that hundreds of thousands of people had been packing the square. And just as this is kind of focusing and you can see some rocks it looks like maybe some some of the kind of heavy objects being thrown around. Are people using actual weapons or is this just kind of like a running gun to grab whatever is on -- street. It is mostly to grab whatever on the street put that it the what -- being firework smoke rock. We have heard them let them report that -- being fired. There have been a lot of fireworks you mentioned. Tucker square being used mainly in this laboratory fashion. I think what happened then Wednesday is that the Muslim but it had been sitting in order. -- -- They're -- because it was decapitated that it would it would take it off and directed several other their leaders elected that it took dilapidated. We do things and -- last -- you know these big but that today they announced today. By the undated you don't -- by the millions of their ability ability of any right now when -- think it's going down. An -- and that they had not actually -- tahrir square but what about outside of Cairo itself -- -- Nasr city or Alexandria has that. As -- fighting spread to other parts. Believe we are getting reports. It -- it yet but not died. Like I was like alligator argument that he -- this city it is that you get from the outskirts. Of parents didn't the focus of where it believed -- brotherhood has been. -- That it -- they're -- in the only by the it would be in Cairo. Now has been in in in the under windows boat came out of the city -- out of the area. Weird but would -- people have been -- that -- You know they ought to get in -- the -- -- -- now had been celebrating unpopular where. What the actual size of the protests and know that you said that for those that are clashing right now seems to be kind of evenly split but but the physical that the size of the amount of people isn't about the same or smaller than what it was on Wednesday. If it's about the stage and if you look you can farther back with the mandated budget is defeated but that we've ever seen it is it is -- -- even Wednesday it was -- than that -- There's it would be right now in the square apparently been going -- over that bridge is eighty you do that are fighting -- the -- A microcosm. Not. -- it but that -- -- you know a lot these days but that the country really. It's been very evenly divided its -- people but it very evenly divided. It sort of that -- support for president -- didn't -- it -- get over it -- percent of the vote. Even if you he's lost some of that he would need to be popular them orders especially -- -- the more he of the Muslim implement. That they didn't motherhood isn't so what are called these that -- that they're they're old they're conservative. -- that that really what the issue. It's going to be very hard predicted. Even at even and perhaps win a -- president elect is upheld that someone didn't didn't really. A majority. Of support them but you get -- the debate he'd he'd he'd be divided country. It seems as if everyone is walking in one particular direction and it is is the push got to take over tahrir square. It doesn't look it really considered a third. -- -- really is to be part of it and cut off. Violent outbreak by by certain backseat on the outside. Where I'm at it picture right now -- -- -- it is quiet. Problem is that they've -- toward the back seat that is not take particular doctor where they're now than it depends about it. It pockets where obviously that would be a big throw it for them it -- -- -- over that would be a lot of elected in the coming days I don't get the feeling. That was yet. It boat but right now -- did -- Mostly young Kenny the gators -- 940. Who are really bad behavior but based in because. -- -- on it if it did deductibility of those cities thought that it is the market but it. And they did it that -- -- -- activated -- -- people off the that he didn't know they argument in the city -- argued in the -- -- but it -- -- that he. The public but wouldn't it warned that some of the more extreme that but he is. Couldn't get on violently will respond violently I think that part of what was -- right now but I think. But it might be immediately -- most illicit but it's certainly not that simple to get -- We've we've also been seen reports about sexual assaults. Earlier this week it dozens maybe even hundreds of cases. When you've been down in tahrir square in the surrounding area what was the atmosphere what was that like. Well good part about that but what -- hope is that they -- an implement it goes. There's been. You laboratory. Part of the not. That -- -- currently -- tonight and it in it would and there was still a lot of violent a lot of that -- -- That night even though it was -- that include the back into doing the people. There were were celebrating the fall of president foresee is getting that -- an issue -- He could have been grappling could not just. In the history during this this upheaval during a takeover by the military -- something. That honestly have been for quite some time to have a huge problem. With sex. All right ABC's -- -- -- in Cairo Alex thank you for that and obviously be safe as well. Of course we have a complete write up on Now just two days after president Mohamed Morrissey. Was forced from office and an interim president installed sworn in this morning. For now I'm Dan -- in New York with his ABC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":19589983,"title":"Pro Morsi Supporters Take to Streets of Cairo","duration":"12:33","description":"Protesters storm 6th of October Bridge, calling clashes in Egypt \"Friday of Rage.\"","url":"/International/video/pro-morsi-supporters-streets-cairo-19589983","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}