First-ever global mindfulness lesson

ClassDojo holds a worldwide moment of mindfulness to improve children's mental health.
4:50 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for First-ever global mindfulness lesson
Skies may if you didn't know we've been talking about an a lot but may is mental health awareness month on its under way and there's a big shift happening because lots of celebrities and people of influence. Our letting people know that it's OK to get the help that we all need. The royals are a big example of this this week they launched a new amazing tech service called shouts. It's basically a service that allows people who are feeling suicidal. Or facing a crisis to chat privately. With a trained volunteer to listen and guide them so that's amazing that they just launch that especially since baby Archie was just born on they're still working away. And in the mental health practices you know they need to start early it's critical and today there's a really really awesome amid going on. Millions of classrooms around the world today are taking part in the first ever global mind bliss lesson. There were an app called class dough Jones a take a look at this. Imagine a shift in the ocean. Pure emotion so like the waves of war and every now and again the strong emotion comes along like a big way. You can isolated take you for a wild ride. All beating captain and take control by steering yourself through. You'll deeply mindful press will help you take control. When you feel a little out of control let's give it together and put your hands on your belly. And take a slow news deep grand jury on this holding for a couple seconds. Then slowly breathe out 30 miles. Higher rates so you see it there I want to bring in the C oh this incredible app class Dojo his name is Sam Chowdhury. A Sam thanks so much for joining us I'm I'm very excited about this can you just tell us a little bit more about the and then. Happening today. Day relievers out of me. Weeks I. Am. The man who obvious importance its greens aren't seeing. They were excited to help a million tons and hundreds auctions half this the World War II biggest web. Adams accused all right well. Objects shorter in this lesson. Your parents will be but reading it societies and is in discussion questions oh. It's starting at 11 AM local time receipt or a walk. And I think Chicago are. Yet it's really amazing I just want you to explain to people why. Mindful nests and the teaching on meditation is so important for children specifically. Yeah absolutely and there's a vacation consider that your teachers and children are and so we work with. We're children armies to all of the walks mutual more. Leonid and telling us there there's something bigger and more what what are the action seems to be in miss. And should see so much stress and anxiety. Low mental well being. And is here as prisoners tool to bad enough but every experience. To an in this region police. Not leaders and teachers and he has the schools to teach my. 10%. Were. We went to even get. It and yells from intelligence. And ritual and this has been shot and hope and optimism. But it is a stress levels also true rule. And while he. So we will sit and he's short lessons which are now being given. Tons and is well. That's amazing so the idea is that men soul wellness in classrooms is as important as the class worked yes. That's exactly right into 60% of teachers and erroneous release data Center City about the mental well being is at least as important school. And just make sense. So what I want to ask you is then the event that's happening today it's happening in. A 180 countries. All over the world is this something that you planned to replicate or is it just for today. Ruling from the stewards is irrational still is today we're about this and she learned and all of these together. And actually reasons they knew who was being released an. Arm. And each thing. It's how. She shares whole incident and armies though this is locals deal. All right Sam Chal street from class Dojo thank you so much very important work so we appreciate you joining us.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"ClassDojo holds a worldwide moment of mindfulness to improve children's mental health. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"62963313","title":"First-ever global mindfulness lesson ","url":"/Lifestyle/video/global-mindfulness-lesson-62963313"}