Inside the $35K per night Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace

ABC News' Genevieve Brown tours the exclusive Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
16:00 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Inside the $35K per night Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace
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Just let him. They would at one point that these. Bill when not in her and it was more you know. So we aren't we. Hassle me can see here thirty pounds and dollars and and you're able to put at the end points when he's not content itself after its last night and it went very thousand dollars against this girl is okay they're here. Let's hear. Yeah. Me. In. Here aren't OK. Ma. And yeah who. He hear. It no and walk beautiful bugging me here. Threat right hey yeah that there a lot of people who come. Exports of Alaska is via me. In some help but no importance to horses here is how he added that the marine engines. Crap yeah. And this freedom. Some dollars and the room he also it. Singer. You know you're in for a big surprise if you actually are asking her own not. 100. Square feet of space here OK but it comes with your balloon. Wash were okay you beautiful room for shore here Paul okay that we couldn't take a look and act and master streets out. The person. Could do it is presumably. 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He hasn't been any recognition from the restaurant in the coming for police as well any a hotel experience absolutely. I sat. Know women who've seen it still. Ask her own room and everyone. Why either I care. Where they had how well people you know we know you will all. Change when people thought to calm her. In doing things here. OK that this and he evening. I have planner. Let's lock on the murder. This way. Words yes it is currently in therapy treatment needs a little OK so let's block. From here carry so. Tell you ask him to snap scare you don't it is nine. It would see him Rockwell and look at the home. And he's actually inspired by him each. I'm happy Easter egg eater so if you look around the villain with our current. Natural materials used. And he behavior. A tank now. These beautiful. You play. Yeah. And me see here. In this year's I'm. CE. And here's. Seen them. Here a lot of it but I definitely that you and I. I know little piece. A little bits and pieces so we have we heard that your parents iris and beavers stayed here to DEC Anthony stay here. And importantly Jennifer Lopez who's at her big very big party bash your. So isn't enough energy and it's definitely. Not. For the rest I'll absolutely. This is still just gas XTE. Paxson. Outdoors it's me take a look at. You're ready. Or anything yeah. Thought right there we hear. I Julie me. Good luck. Okay. Last how happy you out. Treatment kids look up 40000 square rally here wow so did. They haven't been out here and that's texas'. One lens. Actually they're here. Yeah I notable languages it all right let's eat crap that went. Through your dog party. And you just want relaxation. The happy they are warning yeah. Traditionally Jack EE tired he ran. We are. I'm in Everett I've seen everything it's. Here. So naturally so Hudson and company. Honestly you know yeah. I pray only. Why yeah. Read your yeah. Yeah. You'll see you know lifting I think I know you're not. 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{"duration":"16:00","description":"ABC News' Genevieve Brown tours the exclusive Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"46896453","title":"Inside the $35K per night Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace","url":"/Lifestyle/video/inside-35k-night-nobu-villa-caesars-palace-46896453"}