Amanda Knox Convicted of Murder... Again

Italian judge sentenced Knox to 28 years, but will she go back to prison?
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Amanda Knox Convicted of Murder... Again
Good evening. Tonight, Amanda Knox is once again a convicted killer. It's the latest twist in a 6 1/2-year saga that has transfixed people on two continents. Nearly 28 months after Knox, a college student from Seattle was acquitted of killing her roommate during a study abroad roommate in Italy, a court ruled she is, in fact, guilty and belongs back in prison. So what happens next? The 24-year-old Seattle student. In a case with more twists than a Hollywood movie, an Italian court has once again found Amanda Knox guilty. This time it was an appeals court in Florence that after 12 hours of deliberations handed down the verdict. 28 years and six months for Knox and 25 years for her former boyfriend rafaeli she released this statement. My family and I have suffered greatly from this wrongful persecution. This has gotten out of hand. Amanda is upset. We were all just shocked and upset. But we're all ready to fight. Reporter: Within hours of the verdict, Knox's parents sat down with us near their home in Seattle. Were you expecting this? No, I wasn't expecting this. Absolutely not. They got it right in the first appeals trial where they found her innocent and allowed us to bring her home. They've gotten it wrong and they continue to get it wrong. Reporter: In an interview by guardian films broadcast by the bbc tonight, she participated a guilty verdict. It would feel like a train wreck. This ongoing saga has unfolded over the past 6 1/2 years, starting when Knox came to parussia to study Italian. It was just weeks after her arrival that her roommate was brutally killed. Knox and her boyfriend of just one week, rafaeli were arrested. They were found guilty of trials. But there were no eyewitnesses and no physical evidence. The prosecution pinned his case on minute amounts of DNA found on a kitchen knife they claim was the murder weapon, a fact that was sensually ruled out in the most recent case. In the end, Knox was sentenced to 2 years in prison. -- 28 years in prison. They spent over $1 million fighting the chargers. Anger, disbelief on how a judicial system could even come up with a verdict like this. It's beyond me. This is completely unjust and I'm in complete shot. Knox pleaded with the court in a last ditch appeal. I'm paying with my life for something I haven't done. I am not what they say I am. In a stunning move, the appeals court agreed. Citing shoddy police work and a lack of forensic evidence and throwing out her conviction in an emotionally overwhelming verdict. Knox was released from prison, her nightmare seemingly over. She glflew back home in Seattle. What's important for me to say is just thank you for everyone who has believed in me. Reporter: She signed a $4 million book deal and told her story to Diane sawyer. To get to it, did you ki kill Meredith Kercher? No. Were you there that night? No. Do you know anything that you have not told police? That you have not told in this book? No, I don't. I wasn't there. But just as Knox was beginning her new life again, Italy's highest court overturned her acquittal last year. She couldn't believe it. I'm going to keep fighting this. I'm going to keep fighting this and I'm not going to stop fighting this. That's all. The truth will come out and that's all. In fact, one truth that is known is that this man, local drifter Rudy guide is in jail, convicted for the murder. He sits in 16 years in prison. And I might add with good behavior, he's allegeable and will probably receive daytime release this year. So while Amanda and Raffaele is being convicted trial after trial after trial, the real killer is going to be out of jail. They searched that crime scene for two months and they were not able to find one nanogram of Amanda Knox's DNA. Are you excited to see David? The statue of David. Oh. Long gone is the fresh faced 20-year-old who originally set off for Italy with big dreams. Really looking forward to actually getting a place to live. Is she different? We're all different. Yeah, I think. Every single one of us. Today, Knox lives in her own apartment and can be seen on the streets of Seattle getting coffee between creative writing classes at the university of Washington. She's scheduled to graduate this spring but her future has once again been thrown into doubt. Italy under an extradition agreement with the United States has the right to ask for her to return in order to serve her prison sentence. But her American lawyer says it's too soon for that. The question of extradition is not yet in play because under the Italian system of justice, a person is entitled to a level of appeal. Amanda will avail herself of that appeal. And we have to await what that final or next stage will be. Reporter: Reporter: But extraditions to Italy are very rare. In fact, more Italians are extradited to the United States than the other way around. But tonight, Amanda Knox's patients say they are dug in for a fight that will likely last years. They plan appeals beyond the Italian supreme court to the european union and elsewhere. You feel like this is purely political now? Absolutely. Not based on the facts of the evidence? No, no. Even in closing arguments they don't talk just about facts of the case. If they did, they would have found both Amanda and Raffaele innocent. They talk about restoring the police's reputation to find people guilty. You know you're not talking about evidence anymore. You have gone and stray sod far away from justice. As for Amanda, between fighting an international legal battle to clear her name, she says she wants to write a children's book. Our thanks to Neal Karlinsky. Amanda Knox will be live an

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