'Crazy Rich Asians' stars, author on making the film, Asian-American representation

Michelle Yeoh, Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Ken Jeong, Awkwafina and author Kevin Kwan discuss the film adaptation on ABC News' "Nightline."
7:03 | 08/18/18

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Transcript for 'Crazy Rich Asians' stars, author on making the film, Asian-American representation
Everyone Stanley is a little crazy. But not everyone's family is crazy rich. Few people aren't just thinks it's okay if they're crazy if people are so hot and snappy. There's Nazi crazy rich Asians this summer's groundbreaking romantic comedy creating a buzz. The movie airing the dirty laundry of the filthy rich in Singapore is the first Hollywood film starring a mostly Asian cast since the joy luck club. That was when he five years ago. I've read that premiere screenings with Asian Americans. Left audiences in tears once it's so emotional a lot of people cried this act can't. They see that Asian faces on screen it means something to. Kids and people to use he. Images that reflect themselves finally became the scene and hurt we are proud off Asian descent it is so nice to see it. All of that excrete. With the box office success of black panther representation. Becoming a Hollywood rallying cry. Production galvanizing audiences of all backgrounds for what the filmmaker is calling not just a movie but a movements. I'm gonna go I fell in love I want America. Critics are hailing it as a glittering rebirth of the rom com with an Asian twist. A John T meet the parents with a one cents there is fundamentally a love story here that's the thing about everything else is just. Additional but but the real core of what people leave this in my feeling is. That love Richland neck house the world but that story just so happens to live and is a wealthy while. Henry holding plays the dashing prince charming with a real life Cinderella story landing the starring role as a first time actor. He once you learn drew me my found in the. My mom. The universe has spoken it into the death. You came off your honeymoon to test for us that's right thousand South Africa how did you explain that to your nearly went wife my wife. That was totally understand mention news kind of group were right on the precipice of something great. So I. Are a veteran actress your costar is a new PE is Ian out front no he really has a natural talent and it was not very hard to. Act like I'm in love him because his charm is just. Effort list even unions like screen testament chemistry you know he's a little Abner best. But even the nerds were liked your nerves were so charming. Constance lieu of the pioneering sitcom fresh off the boat I need to start making dinner and then. The man shot at him and asked Epstein and see and plays his on screen love interest. So your family is like bridge. We're comfortable. That is exactly what super rich Christmas Day. Such a Cinderella story what's it like being able to Don these couture outfits at Paris it's just sound fun. Attend several hours late Kerry your feet are killing us. Snow. I say you get both sides of it the equally fashionable Michelle Yeoh is the domineering matriarch. The global superstar known for her power house rules and blockbusters like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. But in this world. A more refined power. I withdrew from the university would be automatic. Track our troops to help my husband and business into recent and for me. It was a privilege but for you you may think it's old fashioned. Michelle you describe the character as less a tiger mom and more of a dragon mom when he moms all like that because. Dragons protective treasure that treasure the children. I mean she would throw myself in front of a bus if that would save a song Michelle beef penalty that family jewel is your personal ring. Beautiful green. Nick's father hadn't made when he proposed to me I thought it was very important because that ring played such an integral pot. This Carrick to in the movie. A best seller in more than twenty countries. Everybody mastermind behind creativity the topic Evan Klein yeah. Look by Kevin Kwan has sold nearly two million copies in the US this book could be called crazy rich. Black people crazy brits Italians crazy which you name it and why this think it. Had such global mass appeal readers around the world and telling me like we're not crazy we're not rich. We're not Asian but profoundly and so much like the one. That I live. Author Kevin Kwan says he walked away from a pot of gold offered by a streaming service instead take. Gamble to bring it to the silver screen to me it wasn't a choice I felt like we needed a big old fashioned Hollywood opened. To really prove to the world that a movie like this could succeed. And everyone on the cast seems to share that dream like can jump the breakout star of Hollywood hits like knocked out and the hangover. You were saying I'll do whatever role just put me in that company and coach said listen you know war whatever. You need for media it was like a if I'm not ended will support this to the -- I'll be at the red carpet I will I believe in this no way that we're represented in media. Directly reflects how we tree and the world how we see ourselves how other people cheat us. I don't have a better yeah. Tipoff comedian Nora Lum AKA opt for cleanup plays his daughter going platinum for her own breakout movie moments when we get this straight. You both went to the same school. Yet someone came back with a degree that's useful and the other one came back is Asian talent. Now pop up thing. I heard your pop the theme that's amazing that Noory nine young Hollywood yeah and it eats me up and that costs like ten million on he would have been eleven probably has not always like a lesbian I keep you know Tex you know not those young books re. Is lit is lit AS. A heart of this comedy. A universal love story with a distinctly Asian flavor it's just great seeing you like there is a dumplings scene and an act on an assist child making the tree and dumplings. I think it's part of what evokes this emotion among Asian Americans who see the movie it's. So rare to see these scenes that are so familiar to us played out on the big screen and given the Hollywood treatment I met someone yesterday who took a seven year old father to a screening. And he's at I've never seen my father cry before but he private screening. And then he told me you know he never thought his lifetime. She would see another movie like this so it's so deeply touching me that it's found you know so much love.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Michelle Yeoh, Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Ken Jeong, Awkwafina and author Kevin Kwan discuss the film adaptation on ABC News' \"Nightline.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57254796","title":"'Crazy Rich Asians' stars, author on making the film, Asian-American representation","url":"/Nightline/video/crazy-rich-asians-stars-author-making-film-asian-57254796"}