False parallels between Trump’s legal strategy in this election and Florida in 2000

ABC News contributor Matt Dowd, who worked for George Bush’s campaign in 2000, and senior national correspondent Terry Moran, talk about why the current moment and Florida in 2000 are nothing alike.
6:14 | 11/12/20

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Transcript for False parallels between Trump’s legal strategy in this election and Florida in 2000
Let us be the nation we know we can be, a nation united. Reporter: It's been four days since presidect Joe Biden was projected the winner of one of the most fractious and divisive elections of our lifetimes. This is the time to heal in America. Reporter: And while the President-Elect has offered words of comfort, theng president and his team continue to question the results, refusing to concede. There will be a smooth transition to a second trump administration. Reporter: Since their loss, president trump and his legal teams' latest maneuver, reaching out to republican-controlled state legislatures. In places like Pennsylvania and with claims of voting irregularities. First of all, obviously you're not going to concede when at least 600,000 ballots are in question. Reporter: To date there is no evidence of those alleged ballots in question. The trump team has also filed more than a dozen lawsuits in five states without apparent evidence. At least eight of those lawsuits have been thrown out by judges so far. The trump campaign has begun basically an all-out legal blitz now. Al gore doing this 20 years ago, that was perfectly fine, so I notice a bit of a double Reporter: President trump's strategy of delay and postpone drawing false parallels to the 2000isputed election between president bush and his democratic challenger Al gore. Somen the Republican party are rallying around the president's cause. We have not finished counting votes. There are states that have not been called. In 2000, Al gore wasiven his day in court. We should give president trump his day in court. Let the process unfold. Reporter: But the two situations could not be any more different. Joe Biden has already won Michigan by almost 150,000 votes. He's ahead in Pennsylvania by 50,000 votes. He's ahead in Wisconsin by 20,000 votes. Any one state today is not going to decide the election because of the comfortable lead that Joe Biden has. Reporter: 20 years ago, it all came down to one state, Florida. It was one state, a handful of votes. Just a few hundred votes. And the presidency rode on it. Florida was a battle ground unlike any we've ever had in presidential elections. The entire presidency came down to a few hundred votes in one state. And so you can imagine the fight that was waged over those votes. This being billed as the polls close before the election as the closest election in a generation. Reporter: Election night, November 8th, 2000. By 7:00 P.M., gore seemed to have W Florida. But as the night wore on, the media and the public became more and more uncertain. NBC news projects Al gore wins the state of Florida. A big call to make, CNN announces that we call Florida in the Al gorecolumn. Reporter: National media outlets initially called Florida for Al gore, only to backtrack a couple of hours later. Stand by, stand by. CNN right now is moving our earlier declaration of Florida back to the too close to call column. It was a terrible night for the mass media. All the networks cald Florida for gore. There was a problem, however. A part of Florida, the panhandle, is in a different time zone. And they hadn't stopped voting. And it turns out that those votes, at least then the networks thought, were enough to give George Bush the state. Then they call it for bush. Reporter: By 3:00 A.M., multiple major networks reversed their Florida call in favor of bush. But two hours later, they had all retracted. It is now equally probable that either candidate can win. Reporter: At this point neither George Bush nor Al gore had the necessary 270 electoral votes. Matt dowd was the bush campaign's director of polling and media planning. I knew all along and I relayed to the rest of the campaign that I thought Florida was going to be the decision point of the race. Just from looking at all the polls, looking at allhe data, looking at all the demographics. Reporter: The night ended with no clear winner, and only a slim margin separated gore and bush from the white house. Problems with an tdated punch card system only compounded the confusion. Looked like there were I think 300-some votes separating bush from gore. And therefore the presidency. And so gore decided to take the case to court. But only in a few counties. He wanted a hand recount in four counties. Democratic counties. That didn'tm fair to bush, and the thing got up to the Florida supreme court. The Florida supreme court said, no, just count all the votes. Let's have a hand recount of the entire state of Florida. One of the things they said is, when you're counting the votes, you try to determine the intent of the voter. And that's where you get the hanging Chads. The famous pictures of people lookg at the Florida ballots to see if somebody hadn't punched the ballot sufficiently to punch out the piece of paper, the Chad, and was hanging there. Reporter: Five weeks later after multiple recounts and lawsuits, the bush campaign filed an appeal to the U.S. Supreme court. The state supreme court said, keep the recount going. The bush campaign then appealed it to the United States supreme court to basically say, we need to end the recount. And that's what the supreme court decided on a 5-4 decision, to end the recount. And by ending the recount, they basically decided the election. George Bush wins Florida, George Bush wins the electoral college. Reporter: At no point did either campaign allege voter fraud. And no matter what claims trump and his team make this year, without proof, the votes still stand. A tweet is not evidence. A press conference across the street from a sex shop is not evidence. A wild claim is not evidence. Evidence comes into court and is subjected to the rules of evidence, to the process of an adversarial inquiry, where count on the truth to emerge. And so far, he hasn't made a case anywhere.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"ABC News contributor Matt Dowd, who worked for George Bush’s campaign in 2000, and senior national correspondent Terry Moran, talk about why the current moment and Florida in 2000 are nothing alike. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"74164852","title":"False parallels between Trump’s legal strategy in this election and Florida in 2000","url":"/Nightline/video/false-parallels-trumps-legal-strategy-election-florida-2000-74164852"}