As Fotis Dulos civil trial wraps, Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance remains unsolved

Jennifer Dulos’ estranged husband, who pleaded not guilty to charges related to her May disappearance, faced a civil trial for lawsuits filed by his mother-in-law.
7:32 | 12/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for As Fotis Dulos civil trial wraps, Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance remains unsolved
Reporter: It's been a little more than six months since his estranged wife went missing, and now making this strange statement outside of court. I wish Jennifer and her family a happy holidays. And I just pray they give my kids my love and best wishes. Reporter: She first went missing in may, her home considered a crime scene. Her blood found there and in multiple locations. He and his girlfriend arrested for evidence tampering and hindering prosecutors in connection to her disappearance. But this week, dulos' court appearance wasn't connected to those charges. He was sued by his mother-in-law over $2.5 million. We're talking a civil case. It involves money damages, a fight basically between dulos and the family of his estranged wife. Very different than the charges related to her actual disappearance. Reporter: They say they lent him money for their home loan. He says it was a gift. By 2010, their relationship did not have any promissory notes, no obligation to pay any of the funds that was advanced. Reporter: Jennifer filed for divorce in 2017, but dulos said he still expected her more to continue paying out the money she and her husband had agreed to. You expect the mother of Jennifer to be giving you gifts, $14,000 a year, even after Jennifer's missing, and you've been accused of criminal conduct in connection with her missing? I don't expect anything. I know what the agreement was. Reporter: Testimony revealed that dulos took traconeis and at times her daughter to trips. You didn't pay alimony, did you? It's not a yes or no question. You think this is funny? No, I don't. Reporter: He isn't expected to appear in court again in this civil case. A judge will rule early next year whether he needs to repay the money to his mother-in-law, but the criminal case is still ongoing as investigators are still on the hunt to solve the disappearance. It started in new Canaan, Connecticut. It was a Friday morning in late may, almost the end of the academic year when Jennifer dropped off her five children for school. Surveillance camera shows she returned to her rented home around 8:00, then vanished. We love you, and we are doing everything we can to bring you home. Reporter: Hours later, worried friends called the police after she missed several appointments. Her disappearance sparking an intense search across state line, making headlines in the national enoughs. New developments in the case of that missing mother of five. Reporter: Drones, K-9s and a helicopter scoured the area. Her vehicle found near a wooded park, but key evidence discovered inside her rented home. The police affidavit released back in June revealed that authorities found multiple stains on the garage floor, multiple areas of suspected blood spatter and evidence of attempts to clean the crime scene. Look at the affidavit. It says blood spatter. Spatter. That's significant. Reporter: That affidavit showing that Jennifer was the suspected victim of a serious physical assault. Jennifer and dulos had been in the midst of a bitter divorce battle. In court documents, Jennifer seemed to fear for her safety, claiming in 2017, I am afraid of my husband, I know that filing for divorce and filing this motion will enrage him. I know he will retaliate by trying to harm me in some way. Dulos strongly denied any threatening behavior, calling his wife incapable of parenting because she allegedly was taking anti-psychotic medications. I've seen it so many times, and every time it's heartbreaking. Jennifer said at the time the split started, she was afraid. She was afraid to file for divorce. She was afraid her husband would seek vengeance on her. Reporter: Little more than a week after Jennifer's disappearance, the first arrests. Her husband, and his then live-in girlfriend Michelle. That police affidavit in June found clothing and sponges stained with what appeared to be blood in the trash. Surveillance cameras capturing a man appearing to be dulos discarding more than 30 garbage bags, his cell phone showing pings in the area at the time. The blood confirmed to be Jennifer's. Dulos and traconis appeared in court on hindering apprehension. Three months later a similar scene. Dulos was taken into custody a second time and again charged with tampering with evidence in her disappearance. There's not much here that we haven't heard before, and I question the wisdom of these charges. We intend to plead not guilty these charges. It's an exhausting fight. I love my children. They do, but where's the murder charge? Reporter: Traconnis was also arrested, facing that same murder charge. Police released a detailed, 38-page warrant, complete with surveillance video, cell phone data and DNA analysis, showing a trail of suspicious activity in the days following Jennifer's disappearance. Crucial details, including traconis admitting she hadn't been truthful during previous questioning. Detectives have slowly built a circumstantial case. Reporter: She said she and dulos took a shower together the morning she disappeared, providing an alibi, but she later admitted she didn't see him that morning. Instead, police believe dulos was at Jennifer's house lying in wait. The big question is to figure out what Michelle knows and whether or not she's going to testify against dulos, the big question for the defense right now is what risk is there in making Michelle the key witness. Reporter: Investigators say he borrowed a co-worker's Toyota Tacoma, DNA in that car matched to Jennifer. Something they brought up in August. She also was asked about why that truck was taken to be washed in detail. And she told the police, well, you told me there was blood ,so it must be that Jennifer's body was inside that truck. Reporter: They have both pled not guilty. Will we eventually see a murder charge in this case? We don't know until the state continues to investigate and hand over more evidence. Reporter: For her grieving family, they released a statement, encouraging acts of caring and generosity, adding "Hug your loved ones close." Dulos will be in court again next month in the criminal case.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"Jennifer Dulos’ estranged husband, who pleaded not guilty to charges related to her May disappearance, faced a civil trial for lawsuits filed by his mother-in-law.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"67538500","title":"As Fotis Dulos civil trial wraps, Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance remains unsolved","url":"/Nightline/video/fotis-dulos-civil-trial-wraps-jennifer-dulos-disappearance-67538500"}