A holiday tradition: inside the success of heartwarming Hallmark movies

The undisputed queen of the Hallmark universe takes us into the booming holiday industry and good-hearted critics of 'Deck the Hallmark' break down why they're so beloved.
4:55 | 12/20/18

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Transcript for A holiday tradition: inside the success of heartwarming Hallmark movies
You just know. We used to know each other a lifetime ago. Reporter: It's become a Christmas. At a small-town bakery. It takes a little love to make something special. Reporter: Or on a train. You're next to me. Reporter: Of course they fall in love and live happily ever after. It is that time of year again. Hallmark for the holidays. The wildly popular marathon of addictive Christmas movies that have all the makings of a perfect guilty pleasure. That is beautiful. Reporter: Hometown hunks. Holiday high jinks. And plenty of romance. I'm prince Leopold. You're what? Reporter: Don't forget those Hallmark Channel holiday queens. Actresses like lacy from "Mean girls." Laurie lochlan of "Full house." Something big is coming. What is it? That I can't tell you. You girls are friends in real life? Oh, yeah. We're all super good friends. We're not competitive with one another, we're all rooting each other on. Oh my gosh, it smells so good! Reporter: The network's undisputed queen bee is Candace Cameron beret of "Fuller house" name. I love being in these movies because they make people feel good. A lot of them have a very special meaning to people, and that's what keeps me coming back. Action! There are so many wonderful Christmas traditions. Tonight we'll begin in a town of Santa Claus, Indiana. Reporter: We caught up with Bure on a shoot for the hallmark special "Christmas across America." In the hallmark universe, movies are a dime a dozen. The gift that keeps on giving. There's a lot of very similar story lines but that's also another reason why the fans come back. You know, there's the snowball fight. The almost kiss. The making gingerbread cookies. Reporter: And while some might call them cheesy, and they are definitely predictable, fans cannot get enough. It is a phenomenon. We are on track to have 85 million people watch us this season. Reporter: Michelle Vickery is in charge of programming for the network. This year we'll have produced 38 Christmas movies. We start with the hallmark brand blends. Emotional connections, traditions, celebrating the season. Reporter: It's a winning formula. Over the past five years, the hallmark holiday brand has skyrocketed. And it's not just women. Men make up a good part of the hallmark holiday audience. Hi, I'm brand and I love hallmark Christmas movies. Reporter: Brandon gray and friends Daniel handoff and Daniel Thompson. Hey, I like hallmark Christmas movies. I'm Dan and I despise hallmark Christmas movies. Reporter: The voices behind the hit podcast "Deck the hallmark." This is the deck the hallmark podcast. The first time you meet me, let's go Christmas caroling with my family. Reporter: The men look like they might be better suited to be reviewing pas at the local brewery. Don't let that fool you. So I love these movies for a few years now, so I said what if we did a podcast where we review all the movies? They're like, we're in. We love the idea of love, small-town charm. Here I am! There you go, Willie. I despise the hallmark movies. They call me grumpy Dan. For me it's filmmaking quality. Some of the basics of what makes a good film go out the window with hallmark. They use the same establishing set twice, but that's has-been, we don't need to bring that up -- Reporter: The podcast is a runaway hit. We're not necessarily the target mographic, we understa that. But one of the the things that can appealo men in these, fun stories that include a whole host of great themes. One, two, three,go! Reporter: The warm, fuzzy feeling that keeps fans tuning in year after year. It's not just a movie, it is an environment, a place to feel a little bit better about your community, about the world in general. I had a man e-mail me after last year's Christmas movie that -- he told me his wife had passed away, and he said one of the special things that they always did together was watch a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. So he wrote me and said, I was having a hard time during Christmas this year, but I made it a point to sit down and watch one of your movies. And I felt like my wife was right there with me. I'm going to cry. Me too. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Marci Gonzalez in los Angeles. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The undisputed queen of the Hallmark universe takes us into the booming holiday industry and good-hearted critics of 'Deck the Hallmark' break down why they're so beloved.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59925317","title":"A holiday tradition: inside the success of heartwarming Hallmark movies","url":"/Nightline/video/holiday-tradition-inside-success-heartwarming-hallmark-movies-59925317"}