Hunting exotic animals at some Texas ranches said to help conservation effort

The industry rakes in around $2 billion annually, according to the Exotic Wildlife Association.
9:45 | 07/20/18

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Transcript for Hunting exotic animals at some Texas ranches said to help conservation effort
Reporter: It is a breathtaking scene seemingly ight out of Africa. Jestic, exotic animals, some even eangered, appearing to be at peace. But this issn't Africa, it's texas I dve in the first thing I saw thiamazingly beautiful giraffe. A lot O people just enjoy Ng seethe ans.ey're pre Repr: Jason malitaruns the ox ranch, a sprawng 18,000-acre preserve home T about 60 diffent species of im most of which areexotics. That are not native to the united es. Thecimi, Arabian, attox -- Repr: While se come to admire the thods animals, others come to hunt em. How does I work here? If you want tohu, each animal has a price. And the price is kin determiny supply and demand. Reportehat pri T can be exagant, an E muchlt, one of the least nsive, will cost $100 to hunt. A grants gazelle goes for $10,000. Aeasn twice that price. $35,000? For ingle animal? Yes. How do yofeel about pain for that buck? I fee- I totally fine with it. I lov here. Reporter: 22-yd hunter Pelham has come for his birthda in such of a black buck, an animal that has eluded himor years. The first time I hunted it andidn't getit, it was probably about six years ago. Reporter: The professional bmx racer no stranger topeed and aenaline says it's also abouhe thrillf these. Coulde out therevday and not shonything and I'd be happy. It's authekill, it's about the hunt. Rtes he eats everything he S. I don't want T be a trophy hunter.I'm not a trophy hunter, I L to H for meat. Reporter: Meetunter before dawn ready to tck THA buck. Are you excited? So ok. So stoked, yeah. Rea excite Look at that smile, yeah. I don't want to get uphi early fo reason. Reporter: Te's hunting with sophisticated bow and arrow. This is a pretty incredible piece. Reporter: Er's look for a mature M , that his guide says ieao culled from the herd. Another day in paradise. It's going T tight. Reporter: They set off in this small blind. Their silent waitie begin. There's a black buck right at the back see thisning right here? No, that's not the black buck, never mind. The black bu . Eporter: The midday heat send the buck to seekshad hunter will have to wait duflk. Some huntingates argue the money paidill sold animals goes towardsing the specs as a whole,ping to keepir overall populations thriving I know a lot of pe are crital because we dount and harvest the excess males. But in opinion, we are doing Thor the anims. We feed them, we take care of them - reporter: T Dallas safari club's Corey mas sayshose hunters'ollars G toward land management and conservation prects. There's many tughts THA conservation is funded throu general T dollars that's really not the case at all. So it begs the questioof,ow do the biologists that go O D wor with private , how theynd? Hunters' llars. I've H people say, you're bringing endgered animals from Africa so some fat cat hunter don't know shoot them and have them on his wall nothing's rther from the truth. It doesn't come from Africa. We wld neverunt an animal to extinction. Reporter: The ox ranch has a St breedin program. The youngls raised in the pens until they're ready be role onto the ranch. Whoa! I've never seen a kangaroo this close. Reporter: Fire who's fathered many of the ranch's kaaroos, lives here too. Critics will Y, a breeding program, they're breeding thesenimals sohey can hunt more of them who you say would be responsible Irresponsible is getting tare or endangered animals and then just tuem loosend not taking care of them. Orter: Thela buck I not endangered, butany others here are, andequire a federal permit to Hu. Cimatar,ed ledgeway, Arabian was,barrasinga, all wildlife. Even though they're endangered, they still need culling? Yes. Without Monet value on these animals, they WOU seals exis What is the ranch's argument for why what you guys do I a good thing? We are expng the population of these animal if you too many males a particular species, they' start T fight, kill each other anyway. Reporter: In order to hunt these endange spec the U.S. Fish and wildlife vice Tes "Nightline" that they ise hunting permits on T ndition that a percentage of the income derived from T hunting must then be donated for conserva of the species and/or its habitat but over the years, hunters have experienced backlash for killing exot species both in the U.S. And overseas. Du a 20 trip to Zimbabwe miesota dentist waltealmer sparked international outrag sing a beloved lion named Cecil. Just rectly social media lit up with foets toe from last year Tess tally shog a giraffe in South Africa. In statement to ABC said part, this is called conservaon through game management. Shootg an ao save other anils doesn't sou logical. Because itt. Reporter: Kitty block of the humane society of United States S hunting is never a fo of consvation. If you want to help conservation, there areny wa to do that. You can give tonydifferentd organizations. It'ser a way to protect animals by bringin them ur ranch and having them for funding. Reporter: Hunting isne part of the $2 billiear exotic industry in texas.according to the ecdle sociation. In all there a 5,0 ranches in Texas wit exotics. Most of them are not hunt ranches. I don't derive any revenue at the ef gun. Reporter: Ryan gi, under of wdlife partners, isn't against hunting but he hasaery difrent approach. All the ren W generate is generated as a re of selling LE animals. Ane'reot selling them for the purposehuntg. Wee selling them for the pue of breeding. This area thae're is broken into severalll pastures -- at this ranch. We raise roan anpe,ape Buffalo, whiea wildebeest, bongo. I could go . Reporr: They ss they've made $30 million inevenue over the last two years breeding and llo hundreds of clients. Which include landowners and priv investors. We sell wildlife for thenefit of enjoyment. And it's theirs they can do what they want with Reporter: W those animals reproducbrian'sompany buys back some of theirnglling them tother custers. . We've got some young offspring that we're G moving to another ran- Reporter:s day they get a requestor a blessbauk. In theicopter wve got a gunner, he's got anquilizer gun. So the helicopter will fly overherdey'll idenfy because ofhe yengs, shoot animal to go to ee Reporter: When takes up, it will be taken to the client. Ome of the customers, owning a rare exotic species is a status ol. No different than buying a luxury ca Why does someone buy a Ferri? Th LE pulling into the gas station and someone says, hey, nice car. It's different when you own nch in tex and you pull in thgate, G a herd of zebras, yods ooh and H a they think it's great. Reporter: That wow factor also come with a tax deduction for a who owns an exotic. Brian argue that's incentive, the oduct,consva hen you create an enronment where people can claim ownership ofwildlife, and they beef finanally from owning them, they go to great lengths to protect them. Rorter: Back at the ox ranch -- Let's go get 'em. Reporter: Hunter is not giving U Allright, that's another nice Rorter: Thi time hoping he'll have luck in another blind. Got som black buck coming in. Goto get quiet. Repter: Armed with just one ar he finally sees his open Is that G yes. Shoulder. Shoulder. Perf whoo.ect shot. 'S beautiful, man. In we did it. Patie patience. How's it el? Feels awesome. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Well done. Reporte dving back to the L about it. Goo looking, Hu WHE people here say T what happens isoo for animals, it's goodhe population, do you believ in at? Is this conservation for you O? I think so. I think that how much money is poured into something like this, it's a heck of a lot better than a zo in my min

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{"duration":"9:45","description":"The industry rakes in around $2 billion annually, according to the Exotic Wildlife Association.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56705807","title":"Hunting exotic animals at some Texas ranches said to help conservation effort","url":"/Nightline/video/hunting-exotic-animals-texas-ranches-conservation-effort-56705807"}