Kerry Washington Talks New Season of 'Scandal,' Work-Life Balance

ABC's Michael Strahan went behind the scenes with the star of the hit TV series, who talked about hiding her baby bump on set.
5:15 | 01/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kerry Washington Talks New Season of 'Scandal,' Work-Life Balance
Okay, have you ever wondered what it would look like if ABC's Michael Strahan played Olivia pope on the show "Scandal"? If you haven't before, you're probably wondering right now, come on. And guess what, Michael met with Kerry Washington for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Hollywood set and the audition of a lifetime. Here we are on the set of "Scandal." I'm going where no camera has gone before. The makeup room with Kerry Washington. This could get scandalous. Come on. Hello! No! What are you doing here? What's up? Hi, how are you doing? After eight long months, ABC's "Scandal" returned tonight. With an explosive season 6 premiere. Do not give up! All of this crazy drama and suspense that fans can't get enough of. Olivia pope. Is created right here on this Hollywood lot. Here we go. Hold on tight. Find your seat belt, sir. I'm like that. Lots of famous movies have been shot here and cool TV shows. "Scandal" among them. So this is the famous Olivia pope -- Yeah, this is behind the scenes. And if you enter into here, it means you're in a lot of trouble. Because you are a client at pope & associates. I'm a client! This is our conference room. This is where we interrogate folks. You two are the absolute worst kind of people, the kind who have everything, but still want more! So if we get you on the show, we'll have your picture up here, because you're a problem. This is Olivia's office. You go in here, you're really in trouble. Yeah, this is the inner sanctum. In previous seasons there's always been pictures up here of people that are close to Olivia, whether it's Fitz or it could have been Cyrus, and this season, you'll see no one is up here. She has a blank slate in her relationships. Nobody's close enough to be a picture on this table. So that is an indication that you're kind of on an island by yourself. I am. I am a little bit. Trying to figure out how to have some clarity in my relationships. Olivia's got some issues. If you want to clear it up, you could tell me right now what's going to happen this season. Think of me as your friendly counsellor. Michael, I really do like you, but I like my job more. And if I tell you, I'll get fired. But Kerry was able to give me a little scoop, about filming the show while hiding the fact that she was pregnant in real life. You could play a really fun game for the first five episodes of "Find the bump." Because we shot five episodes before I gave birth. Behind flowers, behind Prada purses. Behind big coats. Do you know how many people are running that back looking for the bump. In addition to a role on "Scandal," Kerry also runs her own production company called Simpson street. It's not fancy. But you're very accomplished out of this place. What kind of projects are coming out of Simpson street? We started with "Confirmation," a bfilm I did for HBO. I deny everythingr every allegation against me today. It's a film about Anita hill and Clarence Thomas. This is political theater and Thomas just performed. He is not the victim. It's a little bit of pressure, but we're developing projects for television, comedy and drama films, it's really exciting. Since I'm here on set and you brought me to your office, can I audition for you for "Scandal"? I guess. Do you have a monologue prepared? I grabbed? Lines from the show. I've seen you do them. You're auditioning for Olivia pope? No, just trying to show my range. If you don't mind. No, I have time. Give you some of your best zingers. You're being stupid here. I am many things, stupid is not one of them. I am many things, stupid is not one of them. This is not a comedy. This is drama! No, but we are developing comedy. So it's not necessarily a bad thing that you got some laughs. How about this one. Prove it to me, right now! Show me who are, Cyrus bean! Show me who you are, Cyrus bean! [ Laughter Um, that's good. That's better? That's good. I felt that one in the gut. Do you have any others? ??? ??? It's handled. And you know what? What? It's handled. Wait, did we procedure tharecord that, because I should send that to Shonda. That was good, Michael. I got a little -- chills. I quit! I'm moving to Hollywood! Peace! For "Nightline," I'm Michael Strahan in Hollywood. Always good.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"ABC's Michael Strahan went behind the scenes with the star of the hit TV series, who talked about hiding her baby bump on set. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"45082543","title":"Kerry Washington Talks New Season of 'Scandal,' Work-Life Balance","url":"/Nightline/video/kerry-washington-talks-season-scandal-work-life-balance-45082543"}