When looking for love on dating apps turns dangerous

Police believe 27-year-old suspected murderer Danueal Drayton used dating apps to target his alleged victims.
8:41 | 08/02/18

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Transcript for When looking for love on dating apps turns dangerous
victims through online psc's Ariel escad killer's hands. Orter: Hewept her off . Almostee like the dream guy? Yeah,lt like a wonderlandh him. Reporter: She was he was a handsomeharismatic conversaist she me dating ap eked so muc we had so much in common. Seemed like a good Y. Sad no idea her lif. Oueverake up on and be like, my boyfriend I'ming is going to falling for aed king her, threatening I'llidnap T [ bleep ] -- Reporter: And 'll D any! Reporter: Nearly choking her to deh. We're learning danielayton icted murderer and rapist, accuse of killing 29-year-old nurse santha srt month, and luring a nbe of women he met on dating sites into sg of heinous assaults. Ze dan contacted her on the app plenty fish novem la year sh says W even looking fo hitefor two days stight pay it mind. Ial d.from thereonversations went every Reporter: They strp thatly turn T romance. He wanted lot in life, he had need flags, nothing to comp itas a del to talk to him at How D you seeh other? Every day. Was not a day we D theyated six months.drayton met her young son. Perfect guy. That's be. Reporte aells went F when she saw anoth lling hisphone. She picked up. Was ,ow did you meet him? She said, through the app. I said, plenty of sh?she said, yes. I was like, ok, did mention to you he has gi? No,eidn't mention that at all. I told him to GE out of my car. That was thingsed going left from point reporter: S says broke it off. But hepeis pleading to get her ba even trying to contact on social media usinge aliases. Did thisrt to spiral? Ry day he'll keep hitting me up. Wait outsi my sleep outside spendhe night up watch ambiguous window. When you STA realizing there might an threat to you? Theight heated outde house, I N' the particular day, it was in June. Reporter: Says he S throw roc at her one point sneakg inside.hat's WHE he place latter through my windowause I would let him in. Orer night S drton waiting out front. Laims she gan to recve killing texts and calls threatening T harm her son. L kidnap that ! What you're going to do? I'll do anything! Word to mep grave, my . You will do what? I calledou to The -- 'R do what tmy son? Sit next and I'm going to , Up my and has T go Reporter: June 13th, thing escala Hert off W blowinmy phone U usual. Callingme calling me. He was like,an up? Iust want ttalk to Yo I'm out to go to California for a job. Reporr: She reluctantly agreed to see him ey met lunch. He he asked if she couropm at a. Come into the. I'm driving like is. I actually pull up exactly right here. That's when he proceeded to are we still goingoe together, areeoinge back together? I said no. Reporter: She says he refused to get out of the car. That's when he look ate D jumped across. Had by his K on top of my S my seat btas stillon. He got to his hands and stuck his and I've got a mark to this day. Did you thk, this it? When he wasme, I can't dhefeeling. I ling, this is it. I kepthinking about my so Ave tn, I out. Reporte in the very spot where happen shews us W she narrow escape so I couldn't brthe. At thatoment I had no choic but totse my door andpe it. An got I got out, fell like this on the floor. As I looked up seen three men come out the parking T. Reporter: Three workers, stress, rus to . Y was all right, trying to save me him. Ly cameartrying tttack me again. He kept saying he waoing to kill . Orter: The men call police but ayton takes off. Those three men didn't appear, I wouldn't be re ray latere was arrested eventllyed trespassing and strangulatn. But a Nassau county judge later granting his release. Turns O already Ed fourears I a Connecticut prison on charges. Including second-dre strangulation, unlawful restraint,lating a restraining order. The Nassau cy court telling ABC new there was way the judge could H known. The judge did know there was an out-of-e C story. Weeks after his let nurse, Samantha Ewart, is dead in H woman raped. Police uncover both had gone date with ay Common denominator S, one being a murder, being a rapesing websites. How concerned WER when you fou out he ha been releasedftincidentyou? I was scared. I found out he was released wh th pronounced he may have Rd young lady. What can a do to pct he son? The T California. Ndependent investigations, as they aged our individual. That individual across. Police eventually trackim down in north Hollywood. Arreg week hotel where theyhad ped and atmpted to kill a wo he wasding hostage. Pleaded not G drayn allegedly told inst he had committed as many as seven murders. Thoughts now itigating. Point in time a moments that he's made to us Abt his participa I other crimes has notified yet. Butre is a lot of work to do. R intview with "The New York daily news," ayton speaking outrom bed bars, heid choke Z zenea, himself a goo claimed he was hg to get caught Bau didn't wan anyone else to GE hurt. T zenea says that man she once fell not be underestimated. No, I literally believe would kill. His eye T ev he's capabhing. Do feel guilt felt guiy see the signs? Rzeneae's swearing offal all those dating for good.has this changed yr outlook O onlineating apps? Coletely.I deleted every singleon Rep Los Angeles detective Trent Thur B gates crimils using on drey on tir ct Onl dating easier to somebody. Tingonline take this slow, do your resear Checking T internet, there's a L of inf out there,ackground checks are good if you're wli go theextra mile. Reporter: Experts say youan reverse sour D to see else T pto pops up.d trust your gut. To in that's the time to cut it off and move on. Reporter: For zenea,er harrowing experience has forced painful N T share her sty as a warning for others. Do you feel luckyhave Feelhl blessed. I thank god every day a it. Cause -- relive itvery day, ynow. It just do Next we switch we're gog to talout T

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"Police believe 27-year-old suspected murderer Danueal Drayton used dating apps to target his alleged victims. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56982428","title":"When looking for love on dating apps turns dangerous","url":"/Nightline/video/love-dating-apps-turns-dangerous-56982428"}