The Luxury, High-Security Vans of the Rich and Famous

Howard Becker tricks out vehicles with everything from jetliner technology to in-vehicle workout rooms.
3:31 | 04/14/15

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Transcript for The Luxury, High-Security Vans of the Rich and Famous
Finally tonight, name five things politicians and musicians have in common. We found one for you. Tricked out, high-end, spare-no-expense cars designed by the same guy. This is bling on four wheels and ABC's Rachel smith is about to take us inside. Reporter: Meet sdoob by. The secretive campaign van that Hillary Clinton is taking on a 1,000 mile trip from New York to Iowa on the first leg of her race for the white house. Aside from the groovy name, we don't know much about Hillary's presidential ride, but in Hollywood the stars are used to more pimped out vans like these. You get this treatment all the time? All the time. Reporter: Howard Becker is the go-to guru of luxury, high-security vehicles made just for the rich and powerful. He created custom rides for just about everyone on the global a-list from snoop dog, Ben aflex and even the king of Morocco. We get you special passes. Reporter: We wanted to look inside for ourselves. Think this is an ordinary van? Think again. Oh, my gosh. Howard says they are the ultimate in security and luxury. What does this do? This can basically run T western part of the united States. Reporter: It doesn't end there. See how comfortable we can get you. Reporter: I'm never getting out. This car seat is set to luxury recline that comes standard with, why not, a massage system. If that wasn't enough -- let's browse the movie library while I'm getting a massage. His customer's requests are limited only by their imagination. We get interesting requests. Reporter: Interesting is right. Everything from full media centers to custom-made workout rooms. This special van even has a built-in bathroom. Is it possible to feel like beyonce when you come out of the bathroom because I kind of did. I had an electric door as I'm leaving the bathroom. This is awesome! Bruce spring teen, Johnny Depp and the late king of pop Michael Jackson have been counted among Howard's customers. Michael was an early customer of ours that came in with more creativity and energy than you could believe. Reporter: We spotted a familiar name getting his customized ride. Dr. Dre raisin' the roof. Reporter: With the over-the-top amenities comes an over-the-top price tag. Our cadillac esv conversions vehicle start off as modest as 160,000 and some of our real expensive projects will go up past 400,000. And then armoring if you add that to it can go up beyond 500,000, with everything else included. Reporter: They only get bigg bigger, flashier and pricier from there. Forget the house. You can have a car, house, gym. Reporter: These custom cars may not be affordable anytime soon we can always enjoy them from a distance. I can learn to do luxury cars. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Rachel smith, on a massage chair in Los Angeles. Wow. I remember when an 8-track made your car special and the new fancy rides have names. The beast, lady gaga's rolls Royce bloody Mary does your car have a name? Thank you for watching ABC news. Tune in to good morning America

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Howard Becker tricks out vehicles with everything from jetliner technology to in-vehicle workout rooms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"30299273","title":"The Luxury, High-Security Vans of the Rich and Famous","url":"/Nightline/video/luxury-high-security-vans-rich-famous-30299273"}