Make-up artist, influencer James Charles, a new brand of mega-watt stardom

The 19-year-old, with his unbridled energy and colorful personality, has swept up hordes of Gen Z makeup enthusiasts with his online YouTube tutorials.
7:28 | 03/26/19

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Transcript for Make-up artist, influencer James Charles, a new brand of mega-watt stardom
It descending on a shopping mall just to catch a glimpse. They and can't help and I didn't use Intel let me. I. This is only into the new megawatts startled social media makeup artist James tomorrow. His fancy. Sisters play. This is sure that health system without the radio and how long attempt according called racist. Adding hot. The nineteen year old has swept off the lords of generations he make up enthusiasts which is online tutorials. Coming up a little of his club airbrushed used to go over to you I just what do you think it is how how you I don't. No I think it's just like I started doing made up an F sixteen on YouTube and answer him and I was working really really hard people dislike. Being around meanwhile to a content 'cause it's relatable but still really fun and inspires people. And clearly Charles bring something different to the seat being a young man can make up. He embraces his individuality. Uniqueness in YouTube videos highest sisters three goes for a fresh faced teenager particularly Amazon. Mermaid he considers his faced a human Kansas. He started out in high school outside of Albany new York and we about it. That's what it's about damn time giving basic makeup tips says mimic the halo effect we have and treating elaborate eye shadow design. And only months after entering the social media universe came aids legal weight problem likes followers and subscribers today reaching these. Millions on both YouTube and it's a Graham and active. This thing purportedly new generation where it seems like anything goes. He's one of those people who are. Traveling thing he's saying Hamel boy yeah I'm apply animal by the wears makeup and Mumbai that was feels and that's okay Yeltsin has the reinforcement of fifteen million fans that are kind of saying it's okay for you to be the way that you are we accept him. After taking social media he became covered girls first cup car pooling. The announcement made by Katie dairy wasn't like when you found out what. Your new role was going to be for the courage for so all I was shocked. I had to sort of working of that new manager at the time and she was like hey we've done enough to cover her office is like. Dire going to be a faith and covered up everybody was actually we like. All of this is I think a little bit of a bigger Italy would have anticipated do you have this kid is garnering millions of people that attention and. Like if your kind of legacy cosmetics brand why would you pay attention to the kind of next hot hopping and make. And Charles is ready to capitalize he's already launched his own line of sisters apparently. Each. Just in late last year his own and I shadow countless lives sold out in minutes. To put sad Dane Alan I want to go on and try Websense I went to kept getting currently outlets and style but I can't. And actually result this pouring ago or the fourth time and it's already gone so you can literally create. Any luck and optional whether he in super simple late Aaron a couple of rain. My on the town didn't wake up what are literally act crazy rainbow drive me a couple of. And in part because of influences like Charles city beauty industry is experiencing inside it's six. There this year in the industry do diversity and inclusion. In a way that's not happening and other industry is because. 'cause of influencers and because there is. You know audiences that can speak directly to. Their you know to these influences but these colors are ops is literally insane make it used to be something that you put on her special occasion. Then make every volleys into something new or every day and now make it really is something that people do a whole face and they just take it off. It's like playing dress left because you love is not about what are some of those common misconceptions ticket as a man who wears makeup sometimes. I think the biggest one of them transcend our own clothes thanks I'm not I'm competent myself and my gender identity and hopped in the blank. But at the same time I love makeup I have a full senate council all the time I'm done sharp looks wonderful wedding spot -- don't fall cementing about a woman for a few minutes. And I love it are you sick of people wanting to talk to you all the time about you know what you're not all I hope that one day. Within that. The new year and its future that it doesn't become a conversation they want the people just accept I wanna be a role model for everybody no matter what age size where they come from color and select. If that means talking about a ticket the word out there and to top it but it's okay to express yourself. I'll I'll I'll talk about all they long. Hi. See Charles and Bob Barr thank you to tell. James is parents Christy and skip Dickinson embrace their makeup wearing sun I think with a sense of humor I'm just holding my thing gently nearly. Movements face up this news that I'm trying to which can move in and around the earth but it wasn't always easy. Every parent wants to could be safe happy and healthy it was really really hard for a possible Pamela to go to but I understood at the whole time and a new. What they were doing it but it took a lot of trust for them think understand where I was torn province and how multifamily McMahon in the middle those are the perfect. And Burleson test. And James is uniqueness that so many love it also makes him the target of heat something that's difficult for small and dad. I'm grateful for all us fans that follow and protect him suits and support him because accuse me strength. To know that there's plenty of people out there and that it's don't feel the way those selected few do so. Clinton didn't know what they're really struck me using your dots are getting emotional now about your safety what are the negative Cummins who normally get and how do you mean to and I learned homeless salt. And car and multiple laughs and out that a player or I really regret comes at all anymore. No leaders here. Is carrying only. Join us we're very sweet meet meet in reading of sugar factory. Virginia he answered all the questions they wanted to know. Dolly wanted to note sort of how you deal. With bullies out there believe they'll want to always in real life for me I once had a very very thanks again I did get Blalock has flaw and. I personally does ignore that and I try really hard to not pay attention. And sometimes two and his importance in our personal until have a pop rock and they weren't expecting and had them they're like I see the game airplane. Hours poly high I spiraled. So Polly wants to not do that he other projects in the works we learn his Comerica eye shadow pallid Palmer had a lot of different things including. McIntyre. Yeah. Sometimes include only the average democratic popular animated music I wanna work on music are working insisted apparel whole lot you never know what products were collapsing as you know has joined national grasslands are you going going telling. I like my doubts had a one thing to accomplish one thing we're on to the maxed out just now that. Rob what the next eight next right now. And what ever is next for James Charles his sister we'll be watching. For Nightline I'm Matt you've really. Good for him. Pets are Nightline YouTube channel for our full Q&A with James Charles and his super fans.

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"The 19-year-old, with his unbridled energy and colorful personality, has swept up hordes of Gen Z makeup enthusiasts with his online YouTube tutorials. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"61945122","title":"Make-up artist, influencer James Charles, a new brand of mega-watt stardom","url":"/Nightline/video/make-artist-influencer-james-charles-brand-mega-watt-61945122"}