Mommy shaming: Mothers say they are being shamed for their parenting decisions

From the way they hold their children to leaving them unattended, moms say they are being shamed for choices they make as parents.
7:20 | 07/31/18

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Transcript for Mommy shaming: Mothers say they are being shamed for their parenting decisions
Reporter: Beyonce, attacke for having glass of wine while she may have been breast-ing andor what some thought was petition. Iah Carey, shared this moment with her twins in an instagrastn criticizedy those who thought her son wasldor a pacifier. Modehrissy Teigen heen called out fording H baby daithout appearing to support her head an for goi out to dinner shortly afr giving BIR to her daughter 2016.celebrity moms are slammed fo ts. But it doesn't end thing in the a of social media O make anyone feel is mommy shaming too re?eporter: More examples of reaming. 87% of momsheyl for how they parent and raiser kids. Mothers all over a being shamed for their parenting decisis. Mom shaming has bes much aart of parenting as dip night feedings, colit'sushing youhat grow to expectou're parent, you're going to be mom shamed. Repr: Eri Suter I contng editor of the nting . Socl media has provide aid apvery singl person in the world. So theyel voice ou heardnd it can be heard dly. 'Ve seen Tim and time again with moms all across entry, where they're celebrities oy moms. Reporter: Somhe shaming goeoffline. To reafe confrontat. R me in 20 when left her threeaughters I minivan within sight she grabbed some coffee saw the police officer walk to E card questioning mychildr ani thought .til my ks started to cry. At that point I Wald out of the staucks and isk officer what he was doin heurned O me and asked me where was. Reporter: Little did theficer knohis illins seniorender knew S had D thing illel. Justghed at him.he picked oe wro because I actually know my rits and now that I did not abandon my children. Soaughed at D I tdhim, yeah,ood luck gettd became I hn to know what the law D not Y leave M child in a position of danger. R she says the filed a complaint against her andhe received VI from child welfare services who tn interviewed her children and hadoctor them to make sure they hadn't been used. To have to go through, allecause I some police officer who had accused abaoning mychildren. A visit from child is a horriblehing for a pant. And that doesn't necessarily mean you get cha criminally. Eporter: Ilhe Koehler 19 a car. In that sfically E ateast 1 years old must accompany the children ik Koehler, keep tin T. Anfe states, only gulate the get W chtlo unsuperv. Maryland, where raffi and D met live-s one of them. The leavingny under age 8unsupervised illegal. Right here. Up overre. Reporter: Ravi and deva re walkingome from the park mtgomery coolice gave the kids, then 6 and 10, a swarnin hey made me feel annoyed and emassed. The police reported pctive threatened kids away. I said okay,hen I'll take my children realized they won't release my children. And parents are accused of cld neg kids T Walke alone from a park about a mile aw. Reporter: Sudde this dab in middle of a national debate about parenting. Even as theye doing things simply consideredal. Running, playing,ing the street. It's very busy. Reporr: Their parts trust them, giving them Tom T make mistakes away from their parent safetyt. A aroh known these N age-old trade. Was pare and the way that almost every parent I knows parented. Reporter: But theseay of letti their kids out letting one else get away with it. We were trying to undand like what is the ring THA ads people to perceiveo danger WHE there actual isn't atistically speaking. Reporter:sas a researere university of calorine who tied W people react leavintheir chiren unit kd and found some inconsistencies. We tend tongeur isral then wetartelieving T two things conflict. So whatas Chang seems to be social norms, moral judgments, THA children sd never be left alone andha a pa who leaves a childuseporter: Anwhile, Enge in iependent aiv like walking to outse, staying at home. Everybodyas their own every books theve read, thetever theveen, and thinks they're right. Reporter:nialked to a group of moms in New York who agreedany parents are too quick to I T we jump to the tree ind like let's go to store, if Thom if it's the kid the back yard go knock on the neighbor's door I Y're real concerned. Frances mother of threerom New York. Se like you n''s going to judge U and what you're doing. Ust W as Han beings judge aant basis. And then when we're I chargf another human Kate from an like, okay, they're in best they can. Defini Judd on that because we to his -- Reporter: Aheylld they judge themselves most all. When he' throwing and I'm like holding H thetreet look a fool and he's kicking and screaming I feel like everybody's starint mendnd judgeion't knowhat that's really the way it ihink mom are the biggest critics of eople Reay to consid the fact that being a parent is hard D do it perfectly. No perctly. And if you see a mom struggling you see a mom who you think is mak a badhoice thes a better waythan, you ow, harshly criting them or calling themeing cruel. Mom fr Chicago, told us that charges were ever pressed ainst her, a S there's a simple soluti. If you're worried that the kid in a car that H bee left tlong, how about just talking them? When did society stop talking each other? We're all Iner. D resort S call the Poli. Xt here, a husband's heartbreakaught

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"From the way they hold their children to leaving them unattended, moms say they are being shamed for choices they make as parents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56932045","title":"Mommy shaming: Mothers say they are being shamed for their parenting decisions","url":"/Nightline/video/mommy-shaming-mothers-shamed-parenting-decisions-56932045"}