'Plastic Wives' Get Cosmetic Surgery for Free

Stars of TLC's new reality TV show are married to Hollywood plastic surgeons -- and their perks.
3:00 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for 'Plastic Wives' Get Cosmetic Surgery for Free
There is an old expression about the cobbler is kids having no shoes but that cannot be said for the wives of Hollywood's top plastic surgeons in a town. Where there is a medical intervention for every sag and every wrinkle the women married to the surgeons wielding the knives have easy access to the operating room. And ABC's Cecilia Vega shows us. The results. Here land of that famous Hollywood zip code -- -- a group of why it's. Sarah called the cost to fly its theory -- some of the most successful surgeons in Beverly Hills and they get all the perks that come with it. Breast augmentation who's -- -- -- -- everybody fortune hunting you win it right nighttime Botox -- -- it not. Ball well I -- athletics that was have -- them. From hair to him. But no amount of Botox can ward off aging and the pressure to stay perfect just ask Dana DeVon. A former entertainment news anchor and wife to doctor Brent mullah -- -- each other community in the world this makes absolutely no sense. But it's Hollywood -- -- it to continue working in television and fortunately you hit forty. You wanna continue working in TV there are some things that you've got to think about so -- -- husband to help. With everything from injections -- -- and topics I wasn't ready to hang it up yet. I wanted to extend my shelf life a little bit and when you look in the -- now. Now I'm happy now look it don't we -- -- still. But the excess about an -- -- arsenic but I think most winning do findings that they -- about the other members of this tight knit club me Veronica. My husband is talkative and Matlock and his the -- man. Alana at and my husband's office a lot I always see him in surgery doing people's teeth and -- like -- just pleased to my teeth and Francis. Come here I -- from. My had to become a -- They are proud of the work they've had. And quick to judge the work of others we don't like them we don't with the -- if you don't like them as a doctor and -- working out with that we're hanging out the way home. For them no appointment is necessary no payment required. They have unlimited access to the operating room whatever they want when ever they want to it's even a personal procedure room right at home. -- a little -- Or talk when the mood strikes us they are living billboards for their husbands steady hands I heard some advice along time ago that you're considering. A plastic surgeon look at his wife. And that's a perfect example of the kind of work he most likely does and there are new show plastic -- on TLC. Leaves little to the imagination about what life in and out of the operating room is really like are you ready for the public reaction. I'm gonna tell you right now people are gonna say you look overdone -- telling anybody they have to do this. I don't I'm all about like. Look here's what I did here's the information take nearly if you like it great if you don't great. No worries and the action -- and their husbands may try to say stop but they always seem to lose the battle. One way to get exactly. What I wanted to say I tell -- about it. Other doctor sell itself I. I did and that's the plastic surgeon's -- -- yet again I don't worry I'm into the sea sons and neglect no -- I'm not -- okay then. We have a culture that tried to fix every flaw. And to me that's unhealthy. Though plastic surgery is -- ten billion dollar a year industry in America. Doctor Lisa castle let's says shows like plastic -- send the wrong message about body image and cosmetic surgery it's. Our job to say no you look abnormal you cannot have more you have to hold -- patient back. -- for purely selfish reasons. I don't want a patient -- John -- sitting. MIA waiting area -- my other patience is what I do she often spends her days correcting surgeries that she says have gone too far. Working with patients like -- and Weisberg at one point and went to another plastic surgeon and she injected an entire syringe. Jupiter and my list and -- they were completely when it opened the door for the people would come at my house they laugh I -- face. It looked ridiculous an insider phrases Beverly Hills. So when people come men and their over done. I say that I'm sorry you're looking to Beverly Hills and that's when he stopped but some plastic -- simply can't stop anyone. In this group addicted to plastic surgery. I am kind of -- and I go there every day and it can make an and that is so many things come coming. You know so many new technologies -- -- -- fox -- feelers. Laser procedures and all that and I want to know -- Francis thought she had it all during her seven year marriage to doctor -- Stanton. That is until she says he left her they're still friends and they run his plastic surgery business together. Again the mid -- crisis and then he wants to be with a younger women half of my beach and knocked. So he left me from because of that so you left you for younger woman yeah he did. How -- I have everything -- to give myself young. He -- -- couldn't keep the man you know he -- Doctor and mrs. plastic surgeon. Their lives just like their faces are glamour -- scar free and Wallace. Aurora thinks they're calling us -- -- in the act with a lot of plastic surgery. But we don't look nothing like -- if current economic wood on it -- done. They are images of plastic -- faction. For Nightline I'm Cecilia -- got in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Stars of TLC's new reality TV show are married to Hollywood plastic surgeons -- and their perks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18298699","title":"'Plastic Wives' Get Cosmetic Surgery for Free","url":"/Nightline/video/plastic-wives-cosmetic-surgery-free-18298699"}