Presenting, The Sarah Palin Channel

Former vice-presidential candidate is making waves again with her own subscription-based TV channel.
1:42 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Presenting, The Sarah Palin Channel
? ? Pretty much everybody's got an opinion about Sarah Palin. And now, if you're somebody who loves her, or loves to hate her, you have an option to see a whole lot more of her. Hello and welcome to a new project. This is a news channel that really is a lot more than news. This is a community. Sarah Palin, former vice presidential candidate, former half-term governor of Alaska, is adding a new line to her resume, proprietor of a brand new news channel. Are you tired of the media filters? Well, I am. I always have been. So we're going to do something about it. Reporter: Palin as you may remember famously struggled with mainstream media. We've got to keep an eye on Russia. They're our next-door neighbors. You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska. Reporter: She was mocked mercilessly for it on "Saturday night live." And I can see Russia from my house. I've just got to have to get back to Ya! Reporter: Now Palin is taking control of the new channel that will include interviews and more. We'll also share some of the fun that goes on in the Palin household. Reporter: But if you want 24/7 Palin, it will cost you. A subscription runs $99.95 a year. That is more than netflix, more than Amazon prime. No one has ever said that Sarah Palin lacked moxie. Really, make this your chance. Together, let's live life vibrantly, purposely, and boldly. Reporter: All for less than $100 a year. No word yet on how many people have actually signed up.

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{"id":24752818,"title":"Presenting, The Sarah Palin Channel","duration":"1:42","description":"Former vice-presidential candidate is making waves again with her own subscription-based TV channel.","url":"/Nightline/video/presenting-sarah-palin-channel-24752818","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}