'Queer Eye' cast talks impact of show and new season with Adam Rippon

ABC News contributor Rippon travels to Kansas City, Missouri, with the cast and talks with the Fab Five about the show's impact and how they rely and learn from each other on set.
6:03 | 03/09/19

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Transcript for 'Queer Eye' cast talks impact of show and new season with Adam Rippon
matters of style and the heart. I would not be able to focus because you are my very favorite. Can we interview you about what it is like to be the icon that you are? Yeah, we can go back and forth. I would so love that. Reporter: This is the fab five, the cast of Netflix's "Queer eye." They've strutted their way into our hearts and homes, transforming the lives of the people they've encountered along the way. And for one day they went from being the fab five to the spectacular six. My question is, can you show me how to blow dry my hair? You're doing great, sweetie. Reporter: On the show there's Antony, the chef, tan. You can rotate that. Reporter: A personal stylist. Bobby. Fingers crossed. Reporter: The interior designer. Caramo, the culture expert and Jonathan. This beard is wearing you. The makeover guru. You are not ready. ! Reporter: The captivating crew, uniting the world one makeover at a time. You guys have this undeniable chemistry. People always ask, what's behind the scenes? Do you all get along? I don't think you can fake this. I am no actor. Reporter: The emmy-award-winning show is now back for its third season. How do you think this group of gay men is changing America? Every single one of us has used us being thrust into the spotlight for a very positive way, and it makes me very proud. That is true, that is true. We work very hard. We do. We're inserting ourselves into the political conversation, that we are supporting young lgbt kids. When we come in, we're never pushed to sort of like force who we are. It just kind of comes up in an organic way. Reporter: Every episode features new characters who turn to the fab five for help. You are a strong, black, lesbian woman. Thank you. We are intent to learn as the hero is. You can be five gay guys going into the home of a white, trump-supporting cop in Georgia. Are you going to change each other's political views per se? No, but when you humanize groups that you're not familiar with you start to think about them more. Reporter: This year they're loading the car and heading straight to the heart of America, Kansas City, Missouri. I'm super excited to be in the car because I feel like in the show this is when some pretty big moments happen. I love the car. It's the placeki have the most intimate conversations sometimes. Especially for men, they're intimidated by one on one, direct eye contact and having those hard conversations. You guys are so amazing. You ride with us all the time. Yes, I can. Reporter: In Kansas City, we caught up with Jodi. She physically transforms but also emotionally transforms, and that is something that was really big for me. Reporter: She's a penitentiary officer and a former hairdresser. You work with the whole fab five, do you have a defining moment? My time with caramo and the things that he pulled out of my soul that I didn't even realize the rut I was in and the revelation of it. Reporter: Jodi's brother died in a tragic accident 25 years ago. Decades of heartbreak realized in one car ride. A lot of people have problems with deflecting compliments. When do you think that started? I would say that was probably close to after my brother died. And then after he died, I felt like I was never going to heal from it. Reporter: What did you tell I just wanted her to see what the rest of us are seeing and help her to realize that there was a moment that you stopped and understand why that moment happened and grow through it. Look at her now. Reporter: It's not just the people they help whose lives are transformed. The cast also deeply affected by the people they meet lean on each other when the cameras are off. I had to ugly cry for a moment. We all like the external attention and the spotlights coming right at us. Whenever I get overwhelmed I always like lean into the relationships and friendships that I have with these guys. Reporter: But don't worry, there's nothing that can hold the fab five down for long. I got to meet Michelle Kwan in my face. I cried. I cried harder, I cried hardest. I laughed. Then I cried again. Reporter: A full gamut of emotions? A full gamut. Reporter: Do you have a favorite experience? To work with these idiots. We truly have such a laugh. We do. Reporter: You're telling me that no, we can't hang out anymore. That is also true. Reporter: You know, what America? You heard it first. He is one of the hmm hmm hmmest boys. He will not hang out with you for past ten hours. Is that a thing? I think that's a thing. Who needs brakes, you know what I mean? Reporter: We all know what you mean? Let's home there are no breaks anytime soon from these fabulous friends. Caramo, I know when you look at me, you see a fully-formed human being at the highest level. It's all smoke and mirrors, and I'm trying to work on my self-esteem. What is your advice. A daily affirmation. Remind yourself that you are perfectly designed. That's it. Reporter: We can never have enough reminders to love ourselves. Oh, my god. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Adam Rippon in Kansas City, Missouri.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"ABC News contributor Rippon travels to Kansas City, Missouri, with the cast and talks with the Fab Five about the show's impact and how they rely and learn from each other on set.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"61574054","title":"'Queer Eye' cast talks impact of show and new season with Adam Rippon","url":"/Nightline/video/queer-eye-cast-talks-impact-show-season-adam-61574054"}