How this radio host went from rock-bottom debt to becoming a financial guru

Dave Ramsey, who gives financial advice to his millions of listeners, is one of the most listened to talk radio hosts in America.
7:40 | 08/03/18

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Transcript for How this radio host went from rock-bottom debt to becoming a financial guru
Reporter: This man is a mission. Half debt for a history de somebodylease sck me. Reporter: To get you out of B any means ssary. Youon't needouy a house,ou have 00,000 in student loan debt need to cleanhe path financial gurus, Dave ramseypositi the ldlyular radioost known for hill puhes, pop in the UT tn finances. Apartment with a jacuzzi a a skylight? Somebody ought sck you into next week. Repor tosef tough LE has made him one of host listed to hosts R 13 mlion listeners a week, trailing only rush mbaugh and hannity, broadcastio over 600 rad stations across the country, racking up ove views on houtube channel. Student debt does he 480. Good lord! Repr:re doles out his branf finance discly in need. Whyit that acans seem to haveuch a problem with debtbt's note problem, it's the symptom. Ishe result died, immature, buying Y can't afford to impress people the don't Rea like. Reporter: The average america has over in credit card.e grad $30,000 in student debt. In year that has historic Leve of household debt in the S., ramsas an anti-debt hislatform to help Americans become debt free.ou do need to be G ion, you do not need to be eatingou you to be on beans and beans. WHE do you think America is right now whent comes to finances? I don't think er them there's pockets that are doing worse. Ther pockets tt having the berls years of their lives. There's lots of good thingsening. All of us, particularly those of us in mee're experiencing and and king in this toxy that' out there too. I'm tired, I W hard,'ll call the mblance. We all work ha Rorter: Intoday's climate Ramsey isn't known for coddling his S worribout everybody's feelys. I make a livg hurng your feelin here's par of you T comes across as certainly finaial ru,preacher, drill instructor. You call and say, I need do dbthing, I need this dohis D thing. No, do this instead no I need to do thisum thing. I'm going toncrease the heat but is not for entertainment va I for the good of Pers. I don't through to them, they're ING tothat dumb thing. I had ay call me, her husband passed away. Mot drill instructor Repter: He dsn't hold back, dolg out thoughts on ourvernment's Fina. Ecause your government is stupid. We hav ad tontee loansor18-year-olds whoav no job no assets. Trum america.what does that mean? T polo trying to politicize what I'm doing. I'm ncial whisperer to ody who needs help. Support preside P? I support his policies, S with, I T supports behaviors. Ometimes H ti but it's -- some of the es, theax L away from all the trump part of it and y,ook at what has a small Busson, I'm able to hire a lot me PEOP. N this nation thams to vided now,ow would you bridge this nk it wod good idea forolk to start treating R peopleike they wa to be treated. If you didthat, I think you prably change af stuff. Reporter: That change fir cameftere and his wife hit roottom in th '80s.rey ter ling most of their money I borrowe money O ears, man. Out my Ells and erything else. So fn we out breathe. Reporter: After lecturing about fincial responsibility at his church, he tri HD at a local N, G financial advice. Grandma saidave moneyor a rainy day becauseetimes it rains. When you THR something like at, you have some- no matter what say, you know, used to do th but N mar what, I'm never doing that again, it hurt Ror best-selling book "The total moneymakeover" breaks down hisy toea baby steps, like save $1,000 cash emergencies, orep ur, invest 15% of your income in retirement. A philosophy rooted in rudimentary mhe but an ethos pulled straight from the word ogod. I Bel in god. Andelieve he says, don't borrow money. Way that borrowing money worked. Orter: Inhe suburbs of Nashville, antdee is expanding this is your home office,'re buding a new O? Yeahwe're scatred over about five buildings in a twle radius, inefficient. Expdi We're growio 750 people, 800 by the end of the year. Buss is good. Very good. One of the habitsn into T saves me Mon iseal planning. Reporter:eir apparent to the vast re, rlcr, maidenehelmsey. This really is a Fam're involved, your husband's evolved. Iis's a family business, but comparison to your fa's. I WOU say mytyle is more of, I'mourfriend I'llal beside you. My I see evyone's like fun-lo uncle B will get the truth. Repr: While T wallsre littered with success stories, some of the financial sere criticizera C expectations. There are critics who argue lo of sna oil salesmen, right, who promise this shortcut. How do you livhat space? Well, I am of those guys, if you asky critics. So -- that I'veped O poor ople selli books. Those poor people who gut of debt don't think I remember them off. We paid off $260,000 in debt. Reporr: After finish Robby and Juli found themselves Imming in er a quarter million doin debt. That was until juliatumbled acss book with Dave ra's face Found it at a yard sale for. Weead it verickly. The car within the firsuple of yes. Reporte motivate do more for their growingfamily the couple W after their home mortgapaying it within five years. Thanks, ey say, to Dave raey. That Bly the best dollar'v everpent. Reporter: Today Robby and Julia are at Ramsey headquarters do song called a debt-free zone. E'ee! Reporter: A tradition here, it's exactly what it sou likefree! Wow. That never gets pe don'have to worry abmoney. And he secretour success is, we've helped a bunch of next, how SeaWorld is saving

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"Dave Ramsey, who gives financial advice to his millions of listeners, is one of the most listened to talk radio hosts in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57006557","title":"How this radio host went from rock-bottom debt to becoming a financial guru","url":"/Nightline/video/radio-host-rock-bottom-debt-financial-guru-57006557"}