Behind the Scenes at a South Brazil Model Boot Camp for Kids

Part 2: Parents pay thousands to give their kids a chance to be signed by top modeling agents.
3:00 | 03/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the Scenes at a South Brazil Model Boot Camp for Kids
Test Text1 plain We're at a model casting event in the south of Brazil. Ever since global fashion icons Gisele and Alessandra were discovered here, this remote region has fallen into the grip of model mania. 9-year-old aline is enduring a two-day model boot camp along with over 100 kids from the region. Representing the agency way models, Alexander. Reporter: It culminates in a few fleeting but critical moments in front of Brazil's most influential agents. Good afternoon, my agency works absolutively in the international market. Reporter: Only seven years in the business so he's trying to make a name for himself with a big discovery. What do you look for in a girl? A combination of features. The height, the body proportions, symmetry in the in the face and personality, of course. Reporter: Everything. Everything. That's why it's so hard to find. Reporter: Not all are as pessimistic as he is. It's a blaesh to be here. I've been doing this/25 years and already discovered many famous models. Reporter: He runs one of the most respected agencies in Brazils, the walls of his office in Rio showcase his ability to develop new talent. This is Gisele. 14 at the time, looks so different. You can see -- this is the first phase of casting. And the candidates have a lot on the line. But the stakes are also high for these agents. Their credibility depends on being able to predict which of these young girls are worthy of a long-term investment. Being a model, you have to start young. Many girls like 16, 17, they come to my agents but they are already like spoiled. And that's one of the reasons that now we are choosing kids because we can maybe have time to shape them the way we want. Reporter: So do they see potential in young aline? Now in a back room the final evaluation. Agents meet face to face with the aspiring models. All those big, expensive dreams come down to this moment. Thanks. Reporter: Tony passes on a steady stream of girls. Thanks. Go to the next table. It's difficult. Like trying to find diamonds. Reporter: It only takes seconds to send them walking. She's cute. Very beautiful but she's too young. Not for me. Aline. Flat-out rejection from the first agent. But she still puts on a brave face. Reporter: Aline, you like but said maybe a bit of a cheek. Are your parents short or tall? Can I take a photo of you? Aline is a very cute girl. I like her face. She has potential. Reporter: Good news for aline. Tony selects her as a follow up girl even though she's too young to work, he hopes to groom her for a future career. How old are you? Nine. Reporter: He passes on aline. Right now, he only has eyes for one candidate. Who just made a big entrance. Guys, what a beauty. I'm totally in love. You are a top. You have to start thinking that way. I see a face like hers, she's very, very special. Reporter: This 14-year-old is hoping to land a lucrative modeling deal. Show me your tummy. Reporter: But she's starting to realize the sacrifices she'll have to make to get it. The agent tells her she has to take care of her body now or she'll keep gaining weight and turn into a whale. It's a lot of money to pay to come here and find out you don't have potential and no way you'll ever become a model. Do you feel bad for them, for their families at all? I can look in the mirror and see I don't have potential to be a model but they, some of them they don't. They need someone to tell them if they have or not potential. It's up to them to pay or not. Their decision. Reporter: In all four agencies select aline for follow-up but none offer her an actual modeling contract. Didn't win the contest, they told me go home, grow a little more. Reporter: Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio wasn't signed after her first casting either. A year later when I turned 15, they were like okay, let's see how you look, we want to work with you. Reporter: In the months since the event, agency interest in aline has waned but she and her mother haven't given up and they plan to attend another casting later this year. However, her chances for stardom may be fading. Lately it's fresh faces from new markets like eastern Europe and Asia that are dominating the runway. That means model hunters might soon lose interest in Brazil but for now, here in the south, business is still driving a dream. So, everybody is looking for the next Gisele. Yes. It's taking too long. Reporter: You're still looking.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Parents pay thousands to give their kids a chance to be signed by top modeling agents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23117557","title":"Behind the Scenes at a South Brazil Model Boot Camp for Kids","url":"/Nightline/video/scenes-south-brazil-model-boot-camp-kids-23117557"}