Teens Spend Big Money on Epic 'Prom-posals'

Before buying the dress or the tux, many high schoolers are going all out to ask the big prom question.
2:08 | 04/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teens Spend Big Money on Epic 'Prom-posals'
I would bet if you have a teenager in your life you already know that prom season is soon upon us. But you may be surprised to discover just how much cash kids these days are shelling out long before they pin a corsage on anybody. One, two, three, four! Reporter: Forget flowers or the dress. This year, your teen's biggest EXPEN expense, breaking the bank on the way to the dance of her dreams, not the limo or the rental tux. But instead that picture-perfect prom-posal. Prom-posals are over the top way of asking a girl or girls ask guys to go to prom with them. No longer are kids just asking after class, do you want to go to prom with me? Now they are twerking with things that say "Prom" on them. Reporter: Teens hoping for "Yes" are getting more and more creative. Choreographing flash mobs. Gift-filled scavenger hunts. Rowing their way to romance. Why not buy her a dress and ask her to be my date? There is a sense of wanting to outdo other kids. ? Go to prom with me ? Reporter: Bear nothing expense teens are shelling out big bucks to pop the question. This year the average prom-posal will cost a whopping $324. Some recruiting celebs to get in on the game. The New York jets giving this girl some muscle to help her ask her football-crazed friend to prom. Will you go to prom with Sarah? Reporter: Bryan Cranston breaking a seriously bad question to these promgoers last year. If you don't go to the prom with Stefan, maybe your best course of action would be to tread lightly. Reporter: ABC news even got in on the fun. Helping josh ask Sammy to prom live on "Gma." I want Sammy to be able to say, my prom-posal was the most over the top thing that ever happened to me. Reporter: An over the top trend turns teenagers into puddles everywhere.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Before buying the dress or the tux, many high schoolers are going all out to ask the big prom question.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"30078536","title":"Teens Spend Big Money on Epic 'Prom-posals'","url":"/Nightline/video/teens-spend-big-money-epic-prom-posals-30078536"}