Tiger Woods suffers serious injuries after flipping car in accident

The golf legend crashed Tuesday morning outside of Los Angeles. Woods’ record-setting performance on the green HAD been tainted by controversy in 2009 after another car crash and a DUI charge in 2017.
7:25 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for Tiger Woods suffers serious injuries after flipping car in accident
This mingled the SUV. One upside down brush. The aftermath of an accident involving one of the world's most well known humans. Tiger Woods and at 7:12 AM this morning outside Los Angeles would sit to a flipped his car meaning single vehicle accident. Was the only one in the Clark. We arrived on scene and discovered it. The sole vehicle collision. And the sole occupant was again Tiger Woods deputies. At the time they do not see any evidence of impairment anything that concern first responders on scene removing woods from the vehicle. Through the front windshield. It's either workers who met as some people use that record out the front of that vehicle he's completely accordion just. A massive hole. Alcohol addict who was his use for prying. And it adds. Was also used to pride to pursue free from the vehicle I asked him what his name as I'm you told me as famous tiger at that moment I immediately recognize them. I asked him if he knew where he was. What time a day just to make sure he was oriented and he seemed as though he was. Hussein and and calm I will say is very fortunate that mr. woods was able to come out of this life. In his statement posted to his Twitter tonight tigers team saying he is a week responsive and recovering in the hospital. After having surgery to fix open fractures affecting both bones in his lower right leg. Meeting a rock to stabilize and injuries to his foot and ankle. Required pains and school news. The time it made it crosses center divider to the point that arrested with several hundred feet away so obviously that indicates they were going. At a relatively. A greater. Speed than the normal. Authorities have sent out a press conference at apparently Tiger Woods going quite quickly and as he was going too late solution at a golf course was activity photos. It sounds like he was very lucky he wasn't hurt worse on multiple injuries to both play does not good not good for anyone in selling records are off. Woods was in Southern California as a host of last week's Genesis invitational golf tournament yesterday images on Twitter showed him giving lessons actor David Spade and former basketball player Dwyane Wade is parenthood shoot for golf digest and goals TV I say. The gold he's not come to Whitaker. But obviously become lawyers busy guy right here met these stature as a cultural icon both on the gulf course and off. Hard to measure and as news of the accident reverberated across Twitter messages from fans fellow athletes celebrities. Began pouring in. The accident could be yet another major setback. Innings storied career there. Tiger's life has been filled with the highest of highs winning the masters it just 21 years old. Youngest ever to do so. And before long he seemed to take over the sports world. Becoming the only player to win four consecutive major pro golf titles known now as the tiger slam. You have to remember that Tiger Woods is in the now. Usual business look at the numbers and Tiger Woods is playing and it's one of recruitment target would have not. The world's. Is an all her heart the words used. But all those highs also came with. Some of the lowest of loans rhetoric over the years tiger has become a bad news for what seemed self destructive behavior. Art. Wuertz as an it lot of episodes that have made T and TR. This squeaky clean image began to crack with this now infamous scene from 2009. And it turned out and that car accident on the way. On manager fire hydrant and tree. Man. Bizarre incident triggered a scandal the likes of which we rarely see sports. It set off a tidal wave of negative publicity for tiger. Who became embroiled in an infidelity scandal. Leading to his divorce and that was the sound. That's also produced a personal scandals. And it is marriage ends really threatened his family. And change the perception of tiger for many many people. While managing to mask the troubles through its triumphs tigers decline over the years became more apparent. He continues to accumulate injuries notably he's had four back surgeries in each one seemed to put his career in jeopardy. Then in 2019 after years of setbacks the comeback of a lifetime. This then allot the body of the game life is this all involves little you know moves forward. He went from being the guy that the country's immediate. And I that the country loved and doesn't mobile web. It was a comeback that seemed to transcend the sport. A father bracing his son on the course. Just as he had 22 years earlier seeing venue similar red shirt tiger the prodigy increased by his father. They only dome is death they saw all the tough times. And so they realize how much that golf. Mix it to me and in my life and all the good times because they'll a solvent than golf her. Hurt their but thankfully in the last couple years has certainly. Involved in changed and they've seen the joy that they give a golf brings me. People really appreciate. What they've seen out of him. In the last four prior years to see that he's let a lot of people win. Professional golfer and longtime friend Andy North says. This chapter with something to celebrate eastern great with the kids. He's done so many wonderful things I don't know the golf course for week or I think desolate cools things where we've seen him come from. Is early twenties and I'll into his forties the growth in the maturity that we seen. Maturing mentally but continuing to decline physically just last month tiger sharing he had undergone his fifth back surgery. Procedure to alleviate nerve pain in his lower back this past Sunday in an interview with CBS's Jim Nantz tiger revealed how his were culprit was going. Everybody wants to know how you're feeling what you're doing since you can watch your fifth back operation. Historic until five fell five move a stiff. We changed exchanged texts or couple weeks ago. After came out that you is the fifth back surgeries he's seeing that it really good place. He thought things are gone really well in his real excited to get back after. It is not clear if you'll have refused the legendary tiger war. Eighteenth hole at Augusta again. But if they ever learn anything about Tiger Woods it's don't bet against. Give up golf golf has nothing to do this anymore this is about a guy's life and living the rest of your life freaking. Costly if your kids and hopefully grandkids some day tigers are very very strong guy we all he will attack. This just like he has every other one of his surgeries. And both leading place in big golf. In the future but if he doesn't he's given us more than you get Everett's.

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"The golf legend crashed Tuesday morning outside of Los Angeles. Woods’ record-setting performance on the green HAD been tainted by controversy in 2009 after another car crash and a DUI charge in 2017.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"76081236","title":"Tiger Woods suffers serious injuries after flipping car in accident","url":"/Nightline/video/tiger-woods-suffers-injuries-flipping-car-accident-76081236"}