ABC News Live Update: President Biden's administration focusing on climate change

President Biden is set to sign a new round of executive orders aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plus, the latest on former President Trump's Senate impeachment trial.
8:01 | 01/27/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President Biden's administration focusing on climate change
And good morning I'm when Johnson in for Diane Maceda thanks so much for streaming with us. We are awaiting the first regularly planned briefing by the White House cove in nineteen response team and public health officials under the Biden administration. It is set to start any moment now and we'll bring that you'll live once it gets under way. In the meantime president Biden is set to sign another round of executive orders today focused on climate change. The orders will freeze new oil and gas leasing on federal land and kick off the president's ambitious agenda to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Presidential envoy for climate John Kerry will also join today's white house press briefing. Plus the senate is preparing for the second impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump senator Patrick Leahy. Was hospitalized last night out of quote abundance of caution. After not feeling well hours after being sworn in to preside over that trial. He's out back at home and says he looks forward to getting back to work. Early signs indicate that there won't be enough Republicans lining up to convict the former president 45 GOP senators voted yesterday. To dismiss the upcoming trial. As unconstitutional. As we surpassed 100 million cove in nineteen cases worldwide January is now the deadliest month. For the US since the corona virus pandemic began but there are some signs of hope. With 23 million shots administered out of the 44 million that have been distributed so far. Now the White House is vowing to buy 200 million more doses Eva pilgrim has the latest. Help is on the way president Biden announcing plans to ramp up the vaccine ever. We will increase overall weekly vaccination distributions starting next week. That's an increase of one point four million doses per week. The plan includes buying an additional 100 million doses of both the Pfizer and then turn of vaccines. Bringing the total available doses to 600 million enough to backs Nate 300 million Americans by the end of this summer. The bike administration also vowing to give local officials a supply forecast so that states can't prepare adequately. This is going to help make sure governors mayors and local leaders. Have greater certainty around supply so they can carry out their plans to vaccinated is many people as possible. There may be more hope on the her rise it Johnson & Johnson is expecting results on their single shot vaccine as early as next week. Putting them on schedule for possible emergency use authorization. By mid February. That would add an additional 100 million doses to the US arsenal by the end of June. Our thanks to you vote pilgrim for that reports now Wall Street where a new wave of independent investors is shaking up the stock market in taking on big hedge funds. Amateur day traders are sending stocks soaring to new heights but the big rewards come with high risk. Chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more. They're young Internet savvy stuck at home during a pandemic and looking to beat the odds no they aren't your typical wolf a ball street guys. At the tender age of. 42 I headed the only places to fit my high minded and the. You're kind of am Richard. Investors and we also have these platforms. That incurred sort of these weapons of mass training that creates. If you all this explosive upward effect Cameron public is a twenty year old Rutgers student who's been playing the stock market during the pandemic I remember how we got knocked it. You know first I do is go on Robin Hood and check out the using the Robin Hood gap where he trades as much as he wants without paying fees Cameron and others like him have taken the value of stocks in companies that traditional Wall Street investors are largely batting will fail. Like GameStop Blackberry and AMC entertainment to unthinkable heights I didn't hear you about which stocks to buy. All of this beyond the variables. Auto what people do is kept basically you know lawyer and honest he also gets ideas about which stocks to gamble on through a community on credit called Wall Street bats. Followed by nearly 2.4 million readers who spent 24/7. Talking about stocks of companies like GameStop the posts include everything from satire to strategies light but. Bankrupting institutional investors for dummies featuring games stop the hope is that they can drive up the price of a company and then cash out. Political and an auto. Our policy about it you know more people buying into everything into the work you know 220 dollars a share now I know mostly near where I AM on scene probably four or five games thoughts shut their doors. From the last year the Sox only worth the sponsor people might get us. Their efforts to game the system sometimes pay a Yury go GameStop was about four dollars a share. Yesterday it closed at nearly 150. Dollars after surging almost 100%. What you say I doubt you put this evening again. I rely on it while Cameron won't say how much money put in which he believes he made thousands of dollars on the trait. A lot of my friends and I know we do together you know cut holes began to me. All I want to be in Oregon seven and down obviously it. In the process Cameron in the army of people buying GameStop shares have caused serious losses for some traditional Wall Street speculators. Now a handful of industry leaders are calling for an investigation. Because of the angry mob it's formed against that. This gave perhaps as entertaining as it is risky. Why would approach at this. I'm where your perch are going into a casino and that is you're not investing their gambling and the history a bit people building. Economic security. Through this type of trading activity. It is pretty rare even though was playing seem to know the odds won't always be in their favor. I've seen people lose their life savings or college funds not be able to pay their loans all. You know I never like ourselves and that this should. This is not exactly the first time we've seen this kind of euphoria and individual stocks I'm reminded of the late nineties early two thousands. Back then as the Internet bubble would nearly burst. There was still read it or Robin Hood app what they're worried Yahoo! and AOL chat rooms. And back then you'd find people talking up individual stocks the frenzy inside of them could be dizzying. But we it for most. That didn't end well. When. That is for sure Rebecca Jarvis forsake you so much. That does it for this ABC news live update I'm way Johnson ABC news lives here for you all day long with the latest news contacts and analysis. I'll see you back here 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the break down until then remember we're waiting for that. Covad nineteen response team briefing from the White House any moment as soon as that comes on we'll bring it to you live. Have a great day. After all the buzz on the smooth for all the anticipation. Today we finally did get to see Apple's next big thing. CEO Steve Jobs took the wraps off the high pad and new color scheme isn't sentences concurrently they. After a wave of international hype. Apple chief Steve Jobs took the stage and played a ringleader this time with what he calls. The IdeaPad. We think. We got the goods. We think we've done it.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"President Biden is set to sign a new round of executive orders aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plus, the latest on former President Trump's Senate impeachment trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75517118","title":"ABC News Live Update: President Biden's administration focusing on climate change","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-live-update-president-bidens-administration-focusing-75517118"}