Amy McGrath discusses trying to beat Mitch McConnell in red Kentucky

Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath talks with ABC News Live Prime Anchor Linsey Davis, saying, “Let’s elect someone who is going to put their country over party.”
3:58 | 10/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amy McGrath discusses trying to beat Mitch McConnell in red Kentucky
And turning out to the battle for the senate Amy McGrath is trying to do what six democratic candidates have not been able to do for the last 36 years defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. She joins us now thanks so much for your time especially during these busy last few days of the campaign. What we're working very hard idol are excited they can imagine so in 2016. President trump won Kentucky by thirty points. 538 gives a president a nine. 100 chance of winning this state again. How many charm supporters you need to win over in order to have a shot at beating Mitch McConnell. We know what my message has always then. Let's elect. Somebody who's gonna put this country about their political party and I am I will work with any president. To do what's right for Kentucky. So you know there are lot of people no matter who they're gonna vote for president recognized fit Mitch McConnell the senator McConnell has been there too long. That he is part of a dysfunctional system. That is so partisan and so polarized and so dysfunctional that it canning get anything done. For Kentucky in the middle of a national security crisis that we have right now with the but nineteen. And so that message is resonating it. You know it comes down to look you wanna during the slump you can't trends -- until you get rid of the guy that built. And that's mr. pop. But part of being there too long and he has been able to amass a lot of power right to what would you say don't Kentucky resident. Who enjoys having the most powerful Republican in congress representing them should voters give up having to top party leader from their seats for a new senator will have. Less influence. Well you know what my Philippine techies don't come up to me and say well senator McConnell power is really working for us. You know what people care about here right now. Folks can't afford their prescription medication. They can't pay the rent. We don't we're trying to get kids back in school and and feel lucky William Broad band so their kids have to get McDonald's. To do their homework. You know we have a health care problem here in this country 300000 Kentucky is a little hill health care the senator McConnell wants to take pick out here from people. So it's its bread and other it. Butter issues of what I say that folks is it's not about the power how do you tell you used that power. Senator McConnell uses his power for himself. Special interests the wealthiest 1% does not use it for Kentucky. And in fact. We get rid of him we can get lower prescription drug prices we can have their health care we can invest in knots because he's holding all of that operating. And Mitch McConnell has said that he considers a confirmation of justice Amy Connie Barrett a major accomplishment it cannot be on done. If you do get to the senate William back efforts from progressive Democrats to get rid of the filibuster or expand the Supreme Court. Well tell you I'm not it just didn't impact in courts right now I mean just didn't unpack in the senate. Because the reason we are in the position that we are in right now. It's because of senator Mitch McConnell he has polarized and destroyed this process from the very beginning. So the first step to getting our democracy back is getting rid of him. And I I would say that we have to fix this the new generation of leaders is going to happen to look at our democracy and fix it. Because senator McConnell has destroyed. It was once the greatest deliberative body on the on the plant. And now we can't even get us to aid that we. And to the Supreme Court nominee that he just rammed through its all out here. He couldn't take away if political care act legislatively for decades announced trying to do it in the courts. And you know people are tired so that's why they're gonna vote for change here and just. A few days. OK we thank you so much for your time really appreciate you coming on the show aiming the grants. Current good to talk with the.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath talks with ABC News Live Prime Anchor Linsey Davis, saying, “Let’s elect someone who is going to put their country over party.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73917232","title":"Amy McGrath discusses trying to beat Mitch McConnell in red Kentucky","url":"/Politics/video/amy-mcgrath-discusses-beat-mitch-mcconnell-red-kentucky-73917232"}